Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale and Stan Redding (Book Summary)

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Do you prefer to be a pilot? Fly everywhere throughout the world and acquire a huge amount of cash? It is difficult; turning into a pilot takes long stretches of study and preparing. 

Be that as it may, consider the possibility that there was a superior way. Consider the possibility that you just purchased a uniform and professed to be a pilot. 

As insane as it may sound, that is the thing that Frank Abagnale did during the 1960s. He needed to venture to the far corners of the planet for nothing, so he faked his way into Pan Am; he needed a great deal of money, so he discovered approaches to cheat banks. To put it plainly, Frank Abagnale was a specialist rascal. 

But how could he do it and pull off it for such a long time? Since the beginning, Frank pulled the fleece over everybody’s eyes, cheating, imagining and raking in huge profits en route. These squints demonstrate to you how for a considerable length of time no one could get him – that is until they did. 

1 – Frank’s initial life was honest until his preference for ladies touched off his criminal impulses.

Frank W. Abagnale Jr. came to the world in Bronxville, New York, to a wealthy family in 1948. His dad ran a stationery store in New York City, so the family was monetarily secure, and Frank’s initial adolescence was upbeat. 

Yet, things began to disentangle when Frank turned into a youngster. 

His dad got him an old Ford when the kid was 15 – a blessing from heaven for any teenaged kid. 

Normally, young ladies began seeing Frank on account of his vehicle, striking the flash that lighted what turned into Frank’s long-lasting hobby – pursuing delightful ladies. 

Filling in as low maintenance stockroom representative, be that as it may, didn’t give the sort of salary Frank required for gas and to take young ladies out to supper. So he did what numerous a youngster would do – he approached Dad for a Visa to cover vehicle costs. 

His believing father gave Frank his own Mobil card, however, disclosed to him that, while he would enable him to out sensibly speaking, the vast majority of the weight of satisfying the obligation on the card would be Frank’s duty. 

Frank planned to be straightforward and do the mindful thing until he found that he could charge things other than gas to the card. He could buy another arrangement of tires, for instance, or pay for different administrations. That disclosure drove Frank to conspire his way into “procuring” $3,400 more than a quarter of a year in a progression of tricks. 

How could he do this? Frank would charge an administration on the card, yet as opposed to purchasing tires or new windshield wipers, he’d persuade the service station orderly to hand over the estimation of the buy-in real money. 

At the point when his dad, at last, got the bill and Frank’s plans became known, his mom sent him away to a young men’s change school. 

The family’s fortunes had endured an awful inversion when Frank returned home. His dad had lost his business and was currently functioning as a postal representative. Even though Frank’s dad appeared to be content in his new position, it was a hit to Frank to see his family’s fortunes pulverized. 

So at 16 years old, Frank fled from home to set off alone. 

2 – Frank’s first plans included getting the money for false checks and claiming to be an aircraft pilot.

You may think the vocation choices for a 16-year-old boy who ran away from home may be constrained. However, Frank was never one to let anything hinder getting what he needed. 

Yet, what did this young person need? Frank wanted after a mix of extravagance and experience. 

Frank set off for New York City where he before long found that as a secondary school dropout, choices for well-paying occupations were practically nothing with $200 in his financial records. 

While the best work he could get with his certifications was as a truck driver’s aide at $2.75 every hour, Frank before long found that liquidating fake checks was a simpler and progressively worthwhile approach to profit. 

Once more, Frank’s preference for ladies roused his initial criminal plans. To draw in increasingly female consideration, Frank asked himself: Which job is high-winning and overwhelming to the women? Very quickly he imagined a tall, attractive and formally dressed aircraft pilot. Fortunately, Frank had found at an opportune time that his stature made individuals think he was a lot more seasoned than he was. 

So Frank chose the normal strategy is turned into a carrier pilot – or if nothing else claim to be one. 

He assumed that a pilot could never be associated with being a lawbreaker or swindler. Significantly all the more engaging was the way that expert pilots could fly anyplace for nothing, a helpful advantage in avoiding the law as he sought after other cheating ventures. 

So Frank got himself a pilot’s uniform and, in the next months, concentrated to sharpen the “abilities” required for his new profession decision. 

Claiming to be an understudy doing a school report on future callings, Frank reached a genuine pilot and siphoned him for a wide range of insider data. Frank additionally considered library books and visited airplane terminals, sticking around other industry experts to get characteristics and expert language. 

Following a couple of long stretches of planning, he put on his suit and answered to “work.” 

3 – Remiss guidelines and the ability for perception (in addition to a liberal part of karma) empowered Frank to keep up his con game.

It’s doubtful that Frank could have pulled off such a con game as effectively today as he did during the 1960s, given the expanded degrees of security and the abundance of digitized data now accessible. 

We should investigate the conditions that helped him pull off his trick for such a long time. 

Careless airplane terminal strategies worked to support Frank at the time. Sometime before fear-based oppressor hijackings were a risk, security at air terminals was insignificant for the two travelers and experts. 

Frank planned to profess to be a Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) pilot and deadhead around the globe. Deadheading was an industry practice that enabled pilots to stroll on to practically any flight, guaranteeing the need to touch base at a specific goal for work. 

Uncommon seats on flights were saved explicitly for this reason. Frank strolled on to many flights in this design, going far and wide. 

He additionally utilized his way of life as an expert pilot to remain at lodgings that carriers saved for staff. He’d simply send the bill to his “manager,” Pan Am! 

Frank’s sharp eye for detail and capacity to gain rapidly from what he saw were fundamental to his prosperity. 

For example, he kept a journal that contained industry-insider phrases, specialized information, names and foundations of aircraft individuals he had met, telephone numbers and different various data. 

Such random data was significant in propping Frank’s con up. The way that he knew the fuel utilization every hour of a 707 aircraft or that planes flying west do as such at even-numbered height levels while planes flying east journey at odd-numbered levels, amplified his convincingness as a genuine pilot. 

Frank noted names and insights regarding different pilots, as well. On the off chance that he was deadheading on a trip with three pilots from transporter National Airlines, for instance, he’d sneak a look at his scratchpad and after that ask, “How’s that Irishman Tom Cooper doing? One of you must know him!” 

They would. Such trades fortified the legitimacy of his status and kept Frank free as he proceeded with his game. 

4 – Frank faked being a pilot as well as an attorney, an educator and even a specialist.

Frank didn’t restrain himself to only one job; he was assorted in his pantomimes and figured out how to persuade the vast majority in every one of his cons. 

Frank acted like a clinic specialist in Georgia, however, how that it unfolded was somewhat of an accident. When rounding out an application for a condo in a costly, select neighborhood, he recorded “restorative specialist” as his calling. 

A meddlesome neighbor who likewise happened to be a specialist discovered they “shared” a calling and needed to become a close acquaintance with Frank, which constrained Frank to proceed with the con. 

It wasn’t well before the neighbor inquired as to whether he would help him out and accept a situation as a transitory move manager at a medical clinic while the executives searched for somebody changeless. Reluctantly, Frank concurred. Be that as it may, to his joy, he discovered he could pull off doing essentially nothing at the clinic. 

Frank would give the obligation to one of the numerous enthusiastic assistants at whatever point there was a crisis, who worshiped Frank since they inclined that they were getting genuine experience! 

In the wake of playing specialist for about a year, Frank took a stab at being both a legal counselor and an educator. 

Frank faked a transcript from Harvard University and took the Louisiana law oriented test while acting as a pilot. Having gotten through the lawyer’s exam, he found work in the Louisiana State Attorney General’s office. 

Sadly for Frank, this con reached an end after a partner who had moved on from Harvard continued squeezing Frank about his time at the college. Forthcoming needed to surrender the demonstration and proceed onward. 

Presently in Utah, Frank connected to be a late spring instructor at a nearby college, professing to have been a human science educator at the City College of New York. Again with faked transcripts and letters of suggestion, he landed the position. 

Similarly, as he’d been venerated as a specialist, his understudies cherished him as an instructor. He would essentially peruse one part early, and address his understudies on cultural issues and wrongdoings – in light of his connecting with encounters. 

At the point when the late spring term finished, the school’s teachers were intrigued to such an extent that they revealed to him they’d attempt to draw him back for a stable situation! 

5 – Following quite a while of energizing and rewarding con occupations, Frank was at last gotten and imprisoned.

To what extent could Frank keep up these wild experiences, conning his way into a huge number of dollars and carrying on with the high life? He chose to resign in Montpellier, France at the age of 20. 

However, Frank’s arrangements went poorly he anticipated. 

Not long after in the wake of settling himself in the southern French city, the French police caught him. 

It worked out that law requirement everywhere throughout the world had been on Frank’s trail for a considerable length of time. While he didn’t know about the degree to which he was being followed, Frank, in any case, kept progressing, changing his name and area regularly as an approach to ensure himself. 

At the point when the French police at long last discovered him, he was sent to jail in Perpignan for one year. 

While a solitary year in the slammer may seem like a little cost to pay for a considerable length of time of criminal behavior, the jail in Perpignan was practically medieval. Frank sat in isolation, his cell close to five feet toward every path. No light, no bed – his latrine only a basin. 

Frank continued his life on bread and water. The cell floor before long wound up canvassed in excrement as his corrections officers would just exhaust out the basin at regular intervals. His wellbeing started to decay, his arms and legs created injuries and scabs. He was likewise seriously malnourished. 

In time, Frank was removed to Sweden on isolated charges. There, be that as it may, the police treated him all the more altruistically and in the wake of doing time in Sweden, he was in the long run removed to the United States to deal with indictments at home. 

In the years following, Frank had his good and bad times, his straight life an insignificant shadow of the high life he’d once in the past driven. When he’d served his sentence in the United States, his criminal record made finding and holding down occupation a battle. 

Even though he pondered coming back to the con game, Frank rather chose to approach a bank and offered to tell workers the best way to recognize false checks – an aptitude he had aced in his adolescents. 

Bit by bit, Frank ended up known as a salaried wrongdoing pro. His abilities and direct information were soon sought after by banks, aircraft and other high-chance organizations. 

Today, Frank Abagnale instructs at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, an inquisitive “end” to a profession of double-dealing; preparing future specialists how to distinguish and capture swindlers such as himself.

Catch Me If You Can: The True Story of a Real Fake by Frank Abagnale and Stan Redding Book Review

Frank Abagnale was a con artist during the 1960s whose dumbfounding ability at duplicity nearly resists conviction. By carefully watching and contemplating the conditions and individuals around him, Frank went through years acting like a pilot, specialist, and legal advisor, until he was in the end gotten and imprisoned. He presently goes through his days a transformed man, preparing FBI representatives in how to catch swindlers such as himself.

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