Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh [Book Summary – Review]

In life as well as in business, you will win some and you will lose some; however, what is really significant is discovering that one thing you are passionate about.

Understanding your passion is significant since it makes every choice that follows simple. Since you usually understand what you are targeting, your crucial goal. 

For example, if you are aware that you are passionate about having your own business, and you love the fulfillment as well as the satisfaction it brings to you, the choice to reject an offer to sell it for a huge price of money becomes a thing that is easier to make.

Doing, making, and creating things that you are passionate about is more vital than making lots of cash doing things you can’t withstand. Before you proceed any further, you have to choose if you are going to be real to yourself and, “stop running after the money and begin running after the passion.”

One means to know your passion is by attempting numerous things to know what works. Along the line, you might discover that one thing with the process of elimination, by understanding what it is you don’t want to do.

The more you remove things from your list, the easier it gets to discover your actual passion. Also, the closer you get to discovering your passion, the less likely it will be for you to end up going after the wrong dreams.

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Chapter 1 – Take things very slow. Growing fast can be counterproductive if the wrong individuals are employed.

Fast growth for your company can be thrilling, acquiring investment dollars, and employing new workers each week. However, be cautious of hypergrowth and take it as a warning indication. Growing really fast and employing the wrong individuals can weaken your company’s culture.

Regardless of the number of positions you believe have to be filled, take the time regularly to carefully think through each new hire. You need to make sure that each person on your team shares the same vision with you and wishes to become part of the company culture you’ve formed.

One the other hand, making fast hires can be extremely destructive to company culture if they are out only for personal gain as well as career growth. Make these hiring errors, and you are bound to wake up one morning understanding that you no longer enjoy your place of work anymore and the individuals in it.

This is precisely what occurred to Tony Hsieh and his first company, LinkExchange when they started growing so fast that he understood he didn’t even know the people in his own workplace. Absorbed in the rush and excitement of the company’s success, the company culture suffered, since the new people they employed weren’t passionate about LinkExchange’s mission. They were only concerned about making lots of cash and retire.

Eventually, Tony learned the important lesson that it’s better to grow a company slowly to cautiously observe the hiring process and make sure that everybody on board is adding to the culture you wish to form. Short-term sacrifices to keep company culture and abide by the core values are a long-term advantage.

Chapter 2 – The success of your company is closely connected to your culture; therefore, concentrate on making one that you are certain of.

One of the most significant features of a company is its culture. Your culture is your brand and your workers are your brand ambassadors.

Therefore, make sure that every new hire joins the team for more than just the skills as well as experience mentioned on their CV. Just employ individuals you would gladly go out for drinks with.

Connectedness, as well as feeling like part of a tribe make individuals happy and forms a sense of fulfillment. Both are strong motivators. When a group of individuals feels connected, just like a family, there is a strong sense of responsibility to the entire team, to work harder and treat one another better.

But, just feeling connected is not sufficient. Also, your team needs to have a shared goal and common passions. Only employ people who imitate, live, and breathe your core values.

If your company has a strong company culture, created by people who have a shared goal, your company’s core values will form naturally.

Company culture is even more significant than customer service since if the culture is right, 

great customer service will obviously arise from it.

For Tony Hsieh, the process of looking for a good culture comprised of a lot of trial and error; however, mostly boiled down to using time with each other as a team outside the office. When the whole Zappos team relocated to Las Vegas together, it required them to depend on each other and grow closer.

A team doesn’t have to relocate to another city in order to achieve that; however, it assisted Tony as well as the Zappos team hunker down and ponder on what was collectively significant to them, and from this, they got their core values.  

Chapter 3 – Attempt to be learning all the time, and make it a priority for your workers too.

In order to form a great company, you need to chase growth and learning. Constant growth has to be a goal for your whole business and for the entire individuals are part of it.

Form a culture that promotes both personal as well as professional growth. Build an office library, provide classes for acquiring new skills. Workers have to feel like their work is part of a greater good, and that learning, as well as growth, are not just allowed but appreciated too.

It profits your business to regularly present the entire workers with new challenges and chances to develop. They won’t feel stagnant but can grow and dealing with more tasks as well as duties as they develop with you.   

The Zappos team has a goal of assisting workers to unveil their potential by regularly dealing with new challenges. The whole business is regularly going through new challenges; therefore, it profits both them as well as the company if workers are dealing with new responsibilities and acquiring new skills to handle whatever problems Zappos encounters. They learned that the best skill a person could bring to the team is a skill to adapt, grow, and learn and they target to provide workers the liberty to chase new challenges as they feel ready to handle them.

One Zappos worker, motivated by her freedom in the company to suggest new ideas and pursue more challenging projects when she felt prepared, became really confident that she began talking about Zappos at conferences. Also, the development carried over to her personal life as well, motivating her to follow more reading and a healthier way of life. Basically, a happier, more contented life!

Chapter 4 – Pick a thing you want your organization to be the greatest at and concentrate on that thing.

Having a thing your company targets to be the greatest at is beneficial since it lets you concentrate and specialize, and hence become very great at something instead of being just adequate or good at numerous things.

Tony as well as the Zappos team chose that customer satisfaction and making a WOW experience for their customers was that thing they wanted to be greatest at. They wanted to concentrate on amazing customer service, and on providing gladness to people with great service.

Because a company’s culture as well its customer service are closely connected together, providing great customer service as well as making your customers glad is possible only if you begin by treating your workers well and making them pleased. Happy workers will be passionate about their jobs and they will make customers happy too through great service.

Tony Hsieh’s most vital piece of advice is to never outsource the one thing you want your company to be the greatest at. From Tony’s experience with his previous company, eLogistics, he learned that if there’s a thing you want your business to be a leader in, it has to spread all through the company. It can’t be up to only a department.

A radical method that Zappos abided to their commitment to amazing customer service was by changing their headquarters to Las Vegas, where they wanted to establish their customer support call center. It was their means of making customer support their top priority, as a whole team.

Chapter 5 – Don’t concentrate on creating buzz around your brand; instead, build engagement and trust by treating people well.

Trying to build buzz around your brand is counterproductive when you could only be putting your energy into doing something you do best. Rather than stressing over how to get media attention, concentrate on providing a great customer experience as well as service. The remaining will come after, and your buzz will self generate.

The aim of your customer service has to be to form positive emotional relationships with your brand. Each communication with your customers is a chance to further your brand. Great customer service develops your brand and encourages word of mouth advertising. Allow devoted customers to do the marketing for you.

When you’re doing a thing that naturally forms fascinating stories, people will want to get in on the action and discuss it. Word of mouth is a strong thing. Press will come after.

Zappos has formed the following thanks to great customer service communications over the phone, particularly. Having a great impression over the phone will not just bring about word of mouth advertising from the customer; however, it will grow the lifetime value of the customer as well.

Rather, Zappos makes use of the money they would have used on traditional advertising to give back into their customer experience. That signifies that customer perks like free shipping on each order, a 365-day return policy, sudden following day shipping for customers, and genuine communications on the phone when customers call for help. Since Zappos goes above and beyond to wow their customers in these approaches, the buzz has naturally formed around their brand, and they have gotten a lot of media attention for it.

Chapter 6 – Have a vision of a higher purpose so that your ultimate outcome will be happiness.

Having a vision of a greater goal entails being about something larger than whatever it is you are selling. It entails having a goal that is beyond earning profits and growing a company.

Although Zappos is a shoe business by technicality, that’s not the actual thing they’re selling. There’s a greater goal– that is, making individuals happy. By providing great customer service. WOWing individuals by going beyond and more than their expectations. Whether this entails surprising a customer by upgrading their shipping or giving free return shipping, Zappos has the longer-term goal in mind all the time which is beyond making a profit.

Having those kinds of long term goals, in life, as well as in business, entails questioning yourself the reason why you are doing something. Also, understanding you do what you do for a greater purpose will make you happier.

This is the point where everything comes together. For Tony Hsieh, the entire purpose of creating a company based on customer satisfaction, of having a culture he and his workers believe in–is happiness, both for workers and customers.

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh Book Review

Company culture, as well as customer service, are the secrets to a successful business. Eventually, happiness is what everybody is searching for in life, and a company can be successful by looking for means to make its workers, customers, as well as partners happy. This is accomplished through remarkable customer service as well as a company culture that is exceptional, one that workers trust in.

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