Everything Trump Touches Dies by Rick Wilson [Book Summary – Review]

After Trump becomes president, the damage to the policy of liberals in America is mentioned. This is maybe not surprising. But by many Republicans, they are asked themselves that “Why is everything dying when Trump touches?”.

This reason for the question is mentioned in this summary. If you harmonize yourself with Trump’s administration, you will abandon your principles to make an effort in favor of him. But there is more. The Republican Party, the conservative movement, and the whole nation were poisoned by Trump.

In the following sections, there will be taken a look by us at who has enabled Trump’s rise to power, why the Never Trump movement has kept Trump not becoming president, how Trump has changed the Republican Party negatively, and what should have happened if he was conservative and the movement wants a future. Rick Wilson who is a Republican strategist, is a good guide for the long-time.

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Chapter 1 – Abandoning President Trump behind, their principles and values were made concessions by Republicans and traditionalists.

Remember November 2016 with your mind. As a result of the US presidential election, it shocked not only the Republican candidate itself but also many people. By Donald Trump, it was somehow emerged as a pioneer in a crowded area of ​​Republicans, took the party’s nomination, and then continued to gain the presidency.

It’s not exciting about Trump that the voter base embraces his adoption of conspiracy theories and his departure from deep-rooted conservative principles. By the Republican Party leaders, too – The Great Old Party (GOP) has been chased after Trump, as if their long beliefs in financial conservatism, limited government, and constitutionalism have never been important.

No running away: GOP’s embrace of Trump placed the foundation for its death.

Conservative politicians have repeatedly blown up their principles. While supporting Trump, they put their parties and their wishes above the welfare of the nation. This will be expected from die-hard Trump fans like Congressman Steve King, but selling is a phenomenon that is currently driving the gamut of the Republican Party. There are opportunists like Senator Mitch McConnell; rationalists such as house speaker Paul Ryan; and the yellow belly swarms that are afraid of being harassed by Trump’s twitter followers.

Before 2016, the guy who is the poster child of modern Republican conservatism was Ryan. The purely limited government was concerned with fiscal conservatism and balanced budgets. Moreover, as the orator of the house, Ryan had the power to show other groups and party members what threats Trump’s Republican Party and agenda posed.

It was known by Ryan that if he were president, Trump was going to put Republican principles on the bonfire.

However, Ryan endured. Throughout the first three-quarters of Trump’s crusade, Trump’s behavior was rationalized by Ryan. He was delighted to tolerate Trump’s corruption when he thought there was a way to achieve conservative goals such as passing major corporate tax reductions and empowerment reforms. As a result, a Republican president would not be able to exercise his veto powers against a Republican legislature.

It was obvious that Ryan was too late to take a serious stand when a tape appeared during the campaign that caught Trump’s boasting of sexually abused women. He had already been sold himself. Trump’s criticism of his actions has no value.

However, not everything is lost. Trump’s age may have witnessed the Republicans defending what is fully understandable, but there is still hope for the nation. Although the GOP is broken, a solid conservative movement can still occur.

Chapter 2 – By the Never Trump movement is opposed to Trump’s authoritarian politics and emphasizes her weak presidential qualities.

In 2015, Rick Wilson, who is a writer, was part of the conservatives who wanted to hinder Trump from winning the Republican Party election for the presidency. They were named the Never Trump action.

By Wilson, Trump’s presidency from joining the conservative movement of corruption and poisoning it forever was tried to hinder.

The arguments of the Never Trump movement are simple: Trump hinders enough the qualifications necessary to become president and is a critical danger to both the Republican Party and the country as a whole. Good presidents have commendable peculiarities such as dignity and vision, concentration, and optimism, as well as the ability to cope with honesty and integrity. These properties do not find from Trump.

Let’s think about leadership. Good leaders require to be reliable. However, the person who is a pathological liar is Trump. Instead of taking an hour to solve the world’s problems, he chooses to waste everyone’s time by rejecting indisputable facts. Nothing can be trusted on a man who repeatedly lies about the size of the opening crowd. And it is known by everyone. Survey data show that two-thirds of Americans see Trump as unreliable.

Trump’s common use of executive power is also not extremely conservative. It smells of authoritarianism.

Let’s see bureaucratic irregularity. This is regarded by many Republicans as one of the Trump administration’s greatest achievements.

By Wilson, this opinion is not shared. The pressure for deregulation was driven by the agendas of Trump’s closest fans, especially donators. The conservative freedom ideas for jobs has found no place.

Beyond that, there is no legal basis for regulatory cuts. Trump just shook the wand of the executive order, which describes that the next president can easily undo everything.

Most of the government changes that came into force by Trump were ordered to be executed. Whether you are challenging the agenda or the presidential order, trade tariffs, or coal subsidies, your policy form is authoritarian state control.

Chapter 3 – Trump was brought to power with the help of a group of republicans and a conservative insider.

If Trump is as evil as alleged by Wilson, how could be a political stranger like Trump selected in the first place?

It is simple to show lobbyists, donors, and media with your finger, and of course, they have certainly been involved in Trump’s uptrend. But the money is conservative inside. These are those are charge of how the Republicans and voting Americans rolled into Trump in general.

To be clear, the Trump base was groomed by the Republican Party, “Make America Great Again”.

It started in 2010. After successful midterm elections, Republican strategists, the writer included too, looked to the party’s right-wing Tea Party voters to increase party backing.

The impression was created that these voters were motivated by deep conservative values. But they were not a “motion”. They were only partially led by Fox News, as there was a group of angry people. It was felt politically powerless by these new Republicans, and people who were distinct from them or even looked newer were disliked.

The powerful man they were looking for was Trump, and they were flocked to him. With the almost unhidden dog whistle policy gave a clear message: it would become whiter, flatter, and more abstractive thanks to Trump’s America.

What was clear is the queue of events. By the Republican Party, the Tea Party was fed and Trump was there to collect their job.

However, this error is not entirely due to GOP strategists. The possibility of a Trump White House has become more digestible thanks to conservative leaders who abandon their principles and aid normalize Trump.

Let’s look at Senator Ted Cruz as an example. In 2016, he also searched for his presidential candidacy, working as a conservative purebred. However, when he discovered that the fight had disappeared, he transferred his backing to Trump and suddenly his conservative beliefs disappeared.

By Cruz, Fox News was contacted, and Trump’s jibes were challenged, possibly due to a future potential post in a Trump administration. While Cruz was there, “I think it’s awesome, I think brash, I think he speaks the truth” only a statement was made to normalize Trump’s candidacy for Republican voters.

Also, the American Conservative Union is found. Trump was first invited to talk at the yearly Conservative Political Action Conference in 2011. Until 2013, Trump had the best time slots that gave him longer talk time than Paul Ryan and Senator Marco Rubio, who also ran for presidential candidacy.

Even by conservative think-tanks like the Heritage Foundation, it was delighted to support Trump’s nationalist populism as if its agendas were somewhat interconnected.

Chapter 4 – According to Trump, the statist was the GOP, which became flashy for fiscal and a facilitator of white nationalist populism.

The patterns of obedience that emerged when Trump ran as president is continued.

The damage is obvious. Trump gave not only damage the Republican Party heritage but also endangered the whole conservative motions.

The GOP was for the little government. Henceforth.

By Trump, the federal government has been greatly expanded. Over and over again, a massive infrastructure draft was requested and, of course, insisted on building a border wall with Mexico. This cannot make boundaries the government; it promotes the national populist order of the day based on government intervention.

Previous to Trump, the one who were advocates of financial integrity as well as debt and deficiency awareness was Republicans. By Trump, this reliability was destroyed. The fact is that under the Trump budget, federal spending is expected to rise by 55 percent between 2017 and 2028.

This indicates that the financial mind and responsibility baton has transferred to the Democratic Party.

However, these complaints are a little roast in comparison to Trump’s side with white superiority and xenophobia.

In particular, by Trump, the keys of the White House were given to the right-bottom brutalities. His first chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was the person who poisoned every aspect of his right-wing ideology White House policy. They are crawling out of their holes for anti-immigration rhetoric and relatives, fascists and far-right citizens for their sympathy below.

The best example here is the Merge to the Right meeting held in Charlottesville in August 2017. There, white supremacist militia landed in town. There were observed numerous lacerations and a counter-protester was killed in an intentional attack. By signing, armed neo-Nazis, white nationalists, and neo-Confederations were not condemned by Trump.

We need hardly mention that, by Trump, African-American and Spanish voters have been alienated, and they will not return soon to promote the Republicans. Already in 2017, Democratic candidates were defended by African American voters with unique numbers.

If the request of the Republicans is to dispose of the disgusting stain brought by Trump’s conservative movement, the single answer can be to make regulation.

Chapter 5 – By conservatives, the relations with the media require to re-evaluate critically.

A complaint that all conservatives in the United States are used to; The media is not just with them. However, it doesn’t take you anywhere to grumble about the mainstream media’s preferred Barack Obama treatment during the presidency.

The conservative movement’s media outlets and the general involvement in the media require to be reassessed clearly and logically.

Of course, there is also an irony that blames the media for Trump’s mistakes, since mainstream media first helped choose Trump. With the help of American press and cable networks like CNN, he was given the constant scope he needed to upgrade his profile.

And when he got the opportunity, he got available coverage to yell “fake news”.

Wilson is also concerned that he has not used Trump’s platform to defend conservative ideas. It never makes a consistent claim that supports conservative ideology. Whether Edmund Burke, Friedrich Hayek, or Milton Friedman, there are many conservative pioneers to channel. The modern Republican Party must be a channel for its noble ideas, but Trump’s speech leaves no room for them.

However, there is no denying that Trump dominates the airwaves even while doing these attacks on the media. And it can be understood why these platforms make a rail for it: they take advantage of it. In 2016, CNN’s profits were the highest in its 36-year asset that showed how famous Trump’s coverage was.

When it comes to Wilson, building their conservative media is the best solution for conservatives. It is best not to speak of the content spread by the Gateway Pundit and Breitbart News, other right-hand sub-media posts. They just watch racism, conspiracy theories, and cultural battle fantasies.

Thanks to these websites, a conspiracy theory that was popularized in the lower right media in 2016 was bought by many Republican voters. The discharged story was told like be run a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington DC by Hillary Clinton.

Unnecessary to say, there is no future if the conservative movement continues to connect itself to the outlets that broadcast like garbage. By GOP leaders, these sites should be rejected and be tried to create conservative media based on real value.

However, creating a new media to be rescued from Trump’s stain is not the only solution that GOP should apply to. For some needs, some major reforms should be found. Let’s look at them now.

Chapter 6 – If the conservative movement will have a future, by the GOP, it requires to be looked in the mirror and be corrected what it sees.

Because of Trump, the reputation of the Republican Party was injured. However, the good news is that the damage can be still removed.

Nevertheless, if the conservative movement is to be rescued, Trump and his fanatic base should not be left in his hand. By the Republican Party, it should be needed to be thought the reform initiation from inside.

Beginning of all, the GOP’s need is a strict set of ethical rules. If members break the rules, they should be punished and face the results of their motions.

For example, congress members should be prohibited from lobbying after leaving Congress. Besides, they should not benefit financially from the votes they cast while on duty. This can be accomplished by mandatory disclosure of finances and difficult sanctions.

Over the course of many years, by GOP, it has been playing host to lobbying and public forms of corruption. It was even before Trump began this business.

Therefore, the correction of the party’s reputation depends on saving itself from the deep decay of crony capitalism.

Beyond the structural change, the Republican Party requires to be rescued from the idiots attached to it. It is in anyone’s best concern to permit Charlottesville protesters and other far-right ideologists to line up themselves with the party. Rather than promoting an ideological monoculture, the party should be diversified and more tolerant.

To demonstrate, the desire of GOP is African American voters. And there is no way to lure them unless they leave the racists.

Diversification also describes that Republican candidates must strive to represent their country’s worth ​​and benefits. Fox News, that is the source of the party’s current ideological monoculture, should not be parroted by them. As a result, the GOP wants to actively research African-American and Spanish candidates to defend the party and bring fresh views.

Wilson’s rallying cry is very open. Nothing can be accomplished by grumbling about the liberals and accusing others. Once again, the conservative worth ​​that should be at the top of the GOP agenda must be kindness, humanity, and tolerance.

Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever by Rick Wilson Book Review

Trump, who is the worst president in the USA, has a racist, incoherent, and unacceptable attitude from his authoritarian politics. On the side of the conservative leaders, Trump was promoted to power, and his damage to the country and the conservative movement is still being tolerated. If it is purified by the Republican Party from inhuman and intolerant individuals who flocked to it during the Trump period, there may still be a possibility to generate a different platform and preserve itself for the welfare of America in the future. 

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