Mr Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue [Book Summary – Review]

Everybody experienced this: meeting somebody who appears to be excellent and dating for one or two times which was like a dream. Everything is awesome, your chemistry is perfect, and you are already making plans regarding Christmas! You have certainly discovered your special guy.

However, all of a sudden, he vanishes, making you painfully analyze anything you said or did to make him leave you alone. In the following, you will understand that these types of actions are emotionally unavailable males’ main characteristics. These guys are mercurial, promise big things not possible for them to keep, and always leave you in an unsettled state.

How they behave is not because of you, you cannot do something to transform their actions. However, fortunately, you may transform how you will act. Why would you find emotionally unavailable males’ irregular bits of love enough although you could bend the rules and meet with another person who would like you unconditionally?

Finding the way to let this happen would not just transform your intercourses, that would transform how you live.

Throughout the following lines, we will understand

  • the reasons for a guy who is crying are not associated with what he feels;
  • the way Natalie understood the way to let go of her dependence on toxic relationships;
  • the reasons for you not to mix up emotional intimacy with sex.

Chapter 1 – A girl named Natalie Lue found out that she was constantly attracting unavailable guys.

The writer, Natalie Lue, had been unfortunate in intimate relationships – or as she considered herself. In her 10-year date history, she was always with guys who were shilly-shallying, following her intensely, and disappearing at the end.

She realized everything one day at the time she was dating her boyfriend who was a married guy around London. All of a sudden, she was breathless, panicking. Rather than supporting her, the married guy made her go by train while he was returning home with his wife.

At the time she was left alone was the check for the truth. The writer recognized that the married boyfriend prioritize his wife and would not leave her for the writer. The writer also recognized that all of her bad relationships were because of her misfortune.  She had been the common character inside all.

The main thing here has been: The writer recognized that she had turned into an attractor of unavailable guys.

She was very hopeless for attestation that she could content herself with men that do not behave or care properly. She was the “Fallback Girl”, the girl men could come closer for her shoulder to let their pains go, or to sex, with no commitment from them.

What was the reason she retained her relationships with those people? She was dependent on the dramatization. She has always been thinking that these people would change if she would give them sufficient love.

Rather than spending her time working on pursuing this delusion, the writer determined to investigate strictly the reason for her ongoing undervaluation. What was the reason she was obsessed with the things others desired, rather than prioritizing herself?

She understood she needed to put effort into advancing self-esteem, scratch powerful frontiers, and understand the way to transmit those. That had been a hard way, however, the outcome was heartfelt. Initially in this life, the writer sensed peace and strength in her mind. This advanced her health both mentally and physically.

Near to her realization, the writer encountered a handsome, emotionally available guy. Rather than denying him because he was “extremely nice”, the writer accepted the intercourse and enjoyed being bolstered up initially in this life. Currently, they have a happy family having 2 daughters.

She has disseminated what she had learned to lots of females, assisting them to transform their intercourse motives by instructing them the way to realize if a guy is not available emotionally.

Chapter 2 – Men who are not available emotionally are oscillating, and they act as if it is complying with their conditions.

Did you experience a great date with an individual and afterward lose that person as he has vanished?

A very big misunderstanding of us related to unavailable guys has been that they are not available all the time. However, these people are perplexing since their actions are not consistent.

They may have excellent dates with you, let their mothers know you, and give you support at the time you argue with your bestie. Those intimate behaviors would make you think that intercourse is in another milestone now. However, automatically, this proximity would not continue. Mr. Unavailable would rapidly step back at the time anything is too intimate, making you think about your actions and find out the point you caused this.

The reality is that there is nothing you did. Being inconsistent is the main signal of these unavailable guys emotionally. They cannot deal with true intimacy, therefore, they step back at the time anything is getting more intimate by vanishing all of a sudden or denying your phone calls. When you, in response, reply by being far away, or by frightening to finish the intercourse, you would discover that an exceptional change happens: these guys all of a sudden come closer again and begins to be similar to Romeo.

At the time you eventually pity and let yourself become nearer to those people, these guys would begin stepping back – and this vicious circle goes on. That rollercoaster of things is extremely tiring since you would not know your place and the things you might face. You act if conditions are okay to these men and as rapidly as they want to be, and life is flipped for you with their unpredictability and despondency.

At the time you accost them related to their unavailability and moods, you would see that these people would be shielding, or even antagonistic. They would blame you for “living the past” and would like you to connive them by resetting everything, to act like nothing bad has occurred in the past.

This may influence you in the way that you doubt whether the things happened as you remember, and you lose your lines. These guys’ availability seems okay. You cannot see the things you desire and, most significantly, deserve. You have been confining yourself to irrelevant intercourse at the time the thing you need to have has been somebody lovely and caring – anytime.

Chapter 3 – Guys that move very rapidly generally will not be around you in the long term.

In romantic comedies, it is a usual tale that a man and a woman find themselves in a romantic whirlwind. 2 of them sit for a cup of coffee, and the following thing is a scene of extremely cute dancing under the golden leaves in autumn – finally, they got married straight away.

According to movies, that’s what is called true love. The man and woman cannot do without one another, they cannot stand being far away from each other, cannot even go back to their homes to get their toothbrushes! However, the reality is not like that; meeting with somebody who acts very hot on you can be the alert that tells you that this person is an emotionally unavailable partner.

Several guys would tell that they love you in your 2nd meeting, and let their mom know you in the 3rd. That is moving too fast. In this fast hot blow, Mr. Unavailable can make you fly – therefore, disturb you from questions related to him. Generally, those kinds of men like the excitement of running after and the deepness of the initial phases of relationships. However, they cannot develop something that would continue.

Guys that act such deeply initially frequently draw pink images of your tomorrow in which they do not intend to be inside – this is their strategy of faking the future. People believe that guys that fear committing to a woman would not mention the future. However, that is not correct. Men who are faking the future might mention your children on the initial date, or persist in going with them next year in Rome.

The issue here is – like the old saying explains – talking is very cheap. At the time everything is real, these men highly possibly vanish, let you think about your scars and try to understand what occurred. Is any of your behavior scared him? Absolutely no! When you investigate the past of this guy’s intercourses meticulously, you would nearly absolutely discover a lot of women that experienced similar things from him.

That is brutally irresponsible to lead individuals and promise things one cannot fulfill. When you suspect you face a guy who is faking the future, the sole thing to be done is to run into your way out of that intercourse.

Chapter 4 – The unavailable guys love to hang you inside unspecified intercourses.

Is it casual? Is our intercourse committed? Are he and I just peers for getting a benefit, or do we feel more? He would make you inquire about those types of inquiries every time he is around you.

He likes grays and obscurity since it is equal to not being responsible to tell you what is going on. He enjoys rendezvous and “causal” intercourses in which he could have sex freely without committing.

When there is sexual intercourse with Mr. Unavailable, you may want to go with it further. You can explain to yourself that you would like casual intercourse as well, and there is nothing harmful. However, a sexual relationship makes everything complicated. It is okay to enjoy however, you should define according to whose terms. Is the unavailable guy controlling everything? Do you fool yourself by thinking that it is okay since you cannot stand losing that person?

The issue has been that he cannot perform anything – including ending your relationship. He would not start the intercourse and he will not finish it as well. Preferably, he would like to make you in a place he may get in touch with you whenever he would like to. Therefore, if you end the relationship or do not get in touch, he would work for putting himself back in your life. These types of guys ask for becoming peers, or look at your Insta, and send messages about working and being certain that you will not fail to remember them.

This might seem like a real fondness, however, that is not. That is, in reality, just a great thick ego blow. He just would like to reprove to himself that you are under his reach. Maybe he would like to utilize your desire to be peers with him for evidence to others that his actions were not bad in this relationship. At the time he is certain again related to what he likes, he would vanish once more to find another person.

These unavailable guys would throw little bits of affection and commitment to you. At the time you are opposing him related to his disappointing or evasive actions, he would oppose you by making you recall the roses he gave to you or another thoughtful thing. You would work on considering those are sufficient, however, they are not. If you are not an ant, little pieces of bread would not fulfill you. You can get a whole loaf of bread.

Chapter 5 – Emotionally unavailable guys would shed crocodile tears, however, they do not have emotional maturity.

The man you began meeting may tell you a distressingly sad tale related to his previous instances. Maybe his mother and father did not provide him with attention and love at a young age. Or his previous partner cheated. While he is talking, he would be so sad that he would cry. You would sense terribly and become the shoulder for crying. You would demonstrate to him that he could be loved, and he could believe in love once more.

When a man cries, it looks like he is filled with feelings. Sadly, for Mr. Unavailable, those are crocodile tears. Those tears do not show being mature emotionally. Rather, those are well-structured techniques for manipulating emotionally. Mr. Unavailable explains sad tales to you since they give suitable means to refrain from being committed and responsible for the things he does.

When you demand emotional availability or commitment at further stages in your intercourse, this is his free pass. He utilizes those past traumas for vindicating his phobia of committing. Rather than accepting his previous traumas and seeking help, this guy selects to lie around and charge others – such as you – with the duty of “mending” him. When you cannot fulfill this non-viable duty, he would turnabout and act like this is your fault for not having a nice relationship.

That is the main piece in emotionally unavailable guys’ screenplay. He has been the expert on excuses and putting his failures to others. For instance, rather than accepting that he has a phobia of commitment, he could say that he would like everything to be perfect, only expecting his perfect female. He puts unattainable qualities and adopts a scoring system in his mind and by using that, depreciates your value with any possible noncompliance. Brutally enough, this guy would even consider the reality that you are dealing with his meaningless actions as proof of not sufficiently perfect according to his standards.

These emotionally unavailable guys would act however they would like to act for refraining from running away from being committed to you because of their behaviors. No matter whether it is guarding against you or being aggressive when you challenge them, charming you, or crying crocodile tears, you will see the same outcome: he would be concerned for nothing.

In other words, you are lacking a true guy who would accept his failures and give effort to solving those. Emotionally unavailable people would not think about whether you or your relationship are good or not. Eventually, he only cares for one thing: himself.

Chapter 6 – Rather than being obsessed with emotionally unavailable guys, one should concentrate on oneself.

Females spend a lot of time understanding emotionally unavailable guys – thinking about each detail of their texts and dates, and putting effort to discover the thing that is faulty in their intercourse.

That is an inherent response in trying to analyze a person that’s actions are irregular and ostensibly unexplainable. However, inquiring about the reason an unavailable guy is like the way he is similar to inquiring about the number of stars in the universe. You cannot discover the answer. He might be like that because of his previous traumas, or maybe he is narcissistic, or just does not want to commit a relationship with you.

You have never been the reason for the actions of the unavailable guy. You can be sure that this guy has always had a phobia for commitment way before meeting you – thus he will follow you, making hearts wounded all through the way he passes.

Although you cannot grasp the reason for him to act as he acts, you may begin investigating your actions. What is the reason you are finding guys who are misbehaving you? What are the reasons for you to believe their meaningless promises although you observed that they will not be real? And what is the reason for you to waste lots of time working on rescuing hurt guys rather than putting your wellness and health at the top place?

Those question marks have been more argumentative and hard – however, you should answer them if you would like to end the toxic intercourse trends you have been experiencing. That is not only your unluckiness that you encounter bummers. You are looking for unavailable guys inside your subconsciousness and deep in your brain.

For beginning to grasp your sensitive trends, you should look back on your experiences. Frequently, we unknowingly perform the same intercourse patterns we experienced with our mom and dad again. Do you think your dad had been unavailable emotionally and your mom stayed with him no matter what? Were your mom and dad absent, critical, or further, insulting? Certainly, we transfer our luggage from past intercourses to new intercourses as well.

Females also highly encounter old-brained media messages that consider success for a woman as “retaining a male”. It is not surprising that females turn out as Fallback Girls, thinking that women should do anything for making men delighted.

Chapter 7 – Mr. Unavailable’s misbehavior is endured by Fallback Girls repeatedly.

Fallback Girls can be seen in various types and varieties. However, these girls have one thing in common: these girls tolerate and allow emotionally unavailable guys’ detrimental actions from various means. Listen to some of the examples of different kinds of Fallback Girls.

To exemplify, many Fallback Girls think that it is normal for their partners to act inconsistently and disconnectedly. This type can be named “Yo-yo”; they accept all the conditions and terms of unavailable guys and accommodate since they fear the sharpness of the end of their intercourse.

A different type can be named “Other”. Everybody knows the tale. You encounter an excellent man, however, he has a relationship with another woman. These men promises repeatedly that they will end the relationship – however, they never do. The “Other” types are deceived by considering their tale has been very extraordinary, the love between them is perfect, and their guy would quit anything for them.

A few men may end their previous relationships at the time of your meeting, however, they would still be involved in the previous girl emotionally. When you meet with them you would turn out to be the “Buffer”. You would let the unavailable guy alleviate their pain with no commitment to you.

Fallback Girls named “Florence” and “Renovator” frequently find vulnerable and bruised men because of their previous relationship or any previous bad occurrence attractive. At the time you would like to have a relationship with the unavailable guy since you would like to mend, transform, or rescue him, you would be destined to fail since you cannot change a person, individuals would not transform. You would put in meaningless energy for something that cannot be achieved.

Many unavailable guys can be present physically, however, entirely off emotionally. You might marry him and give birth to many kids with him, however, he would stay closed, not giving any bit of sincerity or love. Fallback Girls selecting to remain in those marriages can be named “Flogger”. These girls accommodate themselves into a life of devotion and suffering.

The final kind can be named “Miss Independent”. These girls probably are hurt because of past experiences, and currently, they are guarding up. They accept the thought of involving in casual intercourses. However, the thing begins as a powerful selection may turn out a snare with an unavailable guy’s benefiting from this casual condition for refraining from possible responsibilities.

Currently, we learned many classic kinds of Fallback Girls. However, only since you have been acting similar to these Fallback Girls previously is not equal to being one of them for the rest of this life. You may stop this to be happening and adopt courses that are satisfying your wants.

Chapter 8 – To transform the type of intercourse you encounter, you should initially transform yourself.

We learned regarding the way to find out if a guy is unavailable, now it may seem like our selection of guys is filled more by those terrible kinds of guys. However, the great news has been that a lot of guys are available emotionally and can commit with no problem.

The sole reason you could not see an available guy until now has been you being unavailable emotionally. That might seem shocking. Did not you severely follow the unavailable guy and do anything for continuing with him in your intercourse?

The issue has been that you were in the pursuit of following useless intercourses and expecting the unavailable guy to demonstrate a little bit of interest in you so deep that you could not open a space for an authentically available man in your life to enter. The reality has been that you possibly could not realize one of those men although one of them would stand in front of you!

To open up some space for fresh, proper intercourse, you should initially find out the person you are. Try to find out your deep beliefs and values, and the thing you consider significant in intercourse. The things you give value would provide the foundation for your borders. To exemplify, if you think monogamy is one of the main things you value, you would understand that in intercourse, you cannot tolerate cheating.

At the time you have set up your borders, you should be comfortable with communicating with them. When others understand your place from earlier times, you would have more possibilities in discovering the one you would be authentically suitable with. By being harmonic with your borders, you can fix your faith in yourself and your self-confidence.

Furthermore, you should listen to your instincts and senses, and understand the ways to reject your mind’s tendency in rationalizing and making ridiculous excuses. Do you feel bad about an occurrence? The global reality has been that when your relationship goes well, this relationship feels great. When you sense weak, disregarded, or without a link to yourself, this relationship cannot be a good one.

A very good means to prepare yourself for a favorable, fresh relationship has been concentrating your power on creating a life, giving you fulfillment. Catch up with your previous peers, build up fresh interests, care for yourself, and travel. By discovering lots of wells of alimentation, you can be free and independent further – although you are starting fresh intercourse.

Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl by Natalie Lue Book Review

Unavailable guys disseminate complicated signals to their partners, act volatile and indecisive, and make them jammed in toxic relationships. When you encounter a guy like that, you should not try to be his hero and consider that you may transform that guy! Although you can never make them commit to your relationship, fortunately, you may transform your actions. Rather than finding guys who have a phobia of commitment attractive, you may learn to be attracted to individuals who would love you as you do, and who would be ready to have true relationships.

Change your actions.

Repeating the same actions again and again and wanting another outcome cannot function. When you would like to find another type of man, you need to discover other means to meet people. Rather than going out with your same peers each weekend, find out another interest, and get involved with another team. You may also think of your blind date. Although you may not instantly discover your real one, encountering other people from other social groups may be refreshing for you.

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