Own the Day, Own Your Life by Aubrey Marcus [Book Summary – Review]

Each one of us wants to be in a good form, consume nutritious food, be good at intercourse, and usually have an amazing life; however, the everyday drudgeries may appear to impede accomplishing all that. How can one deal with his employment that covers an important amount of his time while making sure one eats alimentary, nutritive foods, and does physical exercises? Sexual intercourse aside, do you even have time to relax?

Having not enough energy and time is the hindrance in your way to make most of your day, however, fortunately, there are methods of fighting them.

Marcus gives several life hacks, which are straightforward to undertake and don’t consume much time to perform, giving you the chance to create the best out of yourself. He points out to easy, standard things harmful to your well-being and everyday performance of which you might be cognizant and tells you with what other options you can substitute these harmful habits.

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Chapter 1 – Start your day with a glass of water rather than coffee

What do you do after you wake up? Many take a shower first or drink some coffee to activate their brains. But what you need to do to begin your day perfectly is actually to drink water since you lose water as you sleep.

When you have a good rest in your sleep, which means at least seven hours of sleep where you are not hydrated. If your place of residence is in a hot and dry region, went to the gym yesterday, or consumed some alcoholic drinks the previous night, then you would have undergone dehydration before sleeping!

When sleeping, generally, almost half a liter of water is wasted because of sweating. Even in its mild forms, staying dehydrated can cause headaches, nervousness, and peevishness, none of which are the best things to start your day with.

What is the way of regaining water for ourselves in the best most productive manner when you get out of your bed? Take some water, not coffee.

Upon your consumption of coffee without eating anything before, caffeine affects your blood circulation quite rapidly. Thus, stress hormones are discharged to impel you to fight or flight mode. In other words, taking in caffein when you open your eyes in the morning makes your body respond as if a lion is running after you!

Rather, you should have some water and in it, there should be fresh lemon and a small quantity of salt, no more than you can keep between your finger and thumb. You will regain water and at the same time take in vital nutrients and minerals like potassium, calcium, and zinc, which means there is a wonderful day ahead of you.

Chapter 2 -Simple carbohydrates alter the sugar levels in our blood, due to which there is a risk of destructive outcomes.

While you’re in the breakfast section of the local supermarket, what does capture your eye? You’ll probably see such foods as croissants, waffles and toaster pastries, all of which, however, are proper things to eat in breakfast– they are bombs with sugar.

In a quintessential American breakfast, there are usually cereal, white bread, and packaged juices, none of which is nutritious for our bodies.

Such nutritions are simple carbohydrates, indicating that they usually include lots of refined sugar and too little fiber. Simple carbohydrates quickly increase the blood sugar levels, and when there is too much sugar, it is toxic for cells in our body. This is where the hormone insulin steps in and balances the sugar levels in the blood. However, after insulin enters your blood circulation, you become sluggish and irascible, and with time, can be inflicted with such grave health issues as heart and vein diseases, and diabetes.

The effect of a breakfast where there are simple carbohydrates can have serious repercussions for the entire society.

A study conducted in Israel in 2011 showed prisoners had a much better chance of acquiring parole if judges had given their decision soon after their breakfast or lunch, which is when their blood sugar levels were increasing. If they are to decide about two hours after breakfast or lunch, which means decreasing sugar levels in bloodstreams, the prisoners could seldom acquire parole. Described in basic terms, that the judges were not so merciful as when the sugar levels in their bloodstream were high, emphasizes the significance of a mixed diet when the concern is about making decisions on the level of society.

Chapter 3 -We don’t live our lives as our ancestors used to do, however, supplements can assist.

Suppose that you live ten millennia ago, gathered near a fire, or enjoying the summer sun. Your dinnertime diet would be compromised of a newly hunted animal, sought plants and leafy vegetation. Perhaps this won’t seem like the tastiest meal, but you might be astonished to know that our diets are not as good for people’s health as our ancestors’ were.

Due to the way we live our lives, we are deprived of plenty of minerals, nutrients, and beneficial bacteria of which our ancestors’ diets used to consist.

People who lived in prehistoric times fed on animals that subsisted on nutritious, wild vegetation. Having eaten those animals, they took in the vegetable nutrients which those animals had eaten. The products you take nowadays like beef, dairy, and eggs, are of animals fed on corn, which is nutrient-deficient. Animals having a nutrient-deficient diet is equal to nutrient-deficient food for you.

Moreover, our forefathers ate plants that grew in soil that is abundant of minerals and in which there is no artificial fertilizer. Due to being the victim of excessive farming and thus now devoid of nutrients, arable land today doesn’t provide the crops with crucial minerals, which in turn affects you.

Notwithstanding the differences over the years, it is possible to have a wholesome diet thanks to supplements.

A vitamin D supplement might be a good start. We can produce Vitamin D, on the condition that we are outside and exposed to the sun. Since our lives are today overly busy and necessitate many of us to work inside and carry suits and long-sleeved shirts, this might be hard to handle. It would be more straightforward to have plenty of time our forefathers used to have to spend basking in the sun, however, humans of modern times are in need of supplements.

Chapter 4 -Scientific proof shows that naps increase productivity.

Have you experienced the phenomenon in which you feel lethargy after lunch? When you return to your desk but feel drained of power and the capacity to focus. Many find the solution for it in coffee or an energy drink. But you can maintain your prelunch wide-awakedness with a more wholesome method and end the day.

When you become torpid following lunch, it means your body indicating you should have a rest, and scientific evidence shows that short naps are helpful.

Research has demonstrated that naps are considerably more helpful for cognitive and motor performance than the huge consumption of caffeine. When you take a nap, your reaction time will be better, logical reasoning will develop, and immune system function will enhance.

A 2008 experiment conducted in Britain made a comparison of a nap, a cup of coffee, and more sleep at night to understand which would yield the perfect outcome for human subjects’ post-lunch energy and alertness. Which one did win? A nap!

Science aside, important people in history and contemporary companies have also realized the importance of taking a nap.

Prolific people like Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Albert Einstein, and Napoleon took naps routinely. Several of them even spared time to take a nap in their agendas!

The value of napping still exists today, with such tech firms as Google and Uber urging their staff to nap when it is pause time or within work hours.

Chapter 5 -Have training objectives aiming at overall well-being rather than only one group of muscles.

Imagine there is a drug that can help you lose some kilos, ease anxiety, develop muscles, lengthen your lifetime, have a good sleep, and fight depression? You don’t need to imagine as it is right there – we know it as ”exercise”.

Although exercise is a useful means against things afflicting us, %80 of the American population don’t do the suggested amount of physical exercise for each week. We don’t do the training because our objectives are not wholesome and this leads to exasperation and has painful consequences.

Some people who sign up for the gym has a short-term objective of developing their muscles on their chests, which results in the overdevelopment of their pectoral muscles while the muscles in their backs remain underdeveloped. With this limited focus, they will wind up having excessively huge pecs that cause high pressure on the shoulders, injuring the rotator cuffs and front deltoids in the shoulders. When they become middle-aged, they will possibly have hurt their shoulders so much that they even won’t be able to pull a push-up, which will cause exasperation, signing off from the gym, and ignoring their health.

Fortunately, you can make sure that you can develop a long-term, continual habit with one method: just see it as a means of increasing your overall well-being, not only as a means of making your appearance better.

Are you not motivated? Then keep in mind that we find healthy people charming. It’s true – healthy is sexy. When you look for that special person, your objective should be to be more healthy with training, as a result of which your attractiveness will increase!

Chapter 6 -Sex is healthy, and the way to have more sex is to increase your testosterone levels.

Sex is omnipresent and is part of various things, which range from car market to laundry detergent market. What does make it so common in advertising? An enormously huge number of people who are desirous of it. Why would they not be so? Sex is good for us, after all, and people should have it more frequently.

Apart from explicit pleasure advantages, regular sex is beneficial to your health.

New research revealed that regular sex can be beneficial for depression, aging, prostate health, recovery of injuries, and resistance to pain. It discovered that the possibility of erectile dysfunction among men having sex no more than once a week doubled.

Therefore, regular sex is beneficial. What is the way to have more sex? If you are in committed relationships, the important thing is to stir the sex urges. Increasing your testosterone levels is one method for it.

The hormone testosterone makes you want to have sex and not only men but also women have it. But, with aging, testosterone levels decrease.

To boost them, and hence your sex urges, work out to increase fat in your diet. You need to have a sufficient quantity of saturated fats and cholesterol to have these hormones. In one research, it was discovered that human subjects’ levels of testosterone dwindled seriously when their diet is low in terms of fat. Later, their diets changed to a high-fat one; as a result, their testosterone levels improved.

Sex is an enjoyable, free, and wholesome thing, so amass some healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, and wild salmon and have some pleasant experience!

Own the Day, Own Your Life: Optimised Practices for Waking, Working, Learning, Eating, Training, Playing, Sleeping and Sex by Aubrey Marcus Book Review

For your well-being, success, enhancement in your life, drink water each morning to stay hydrated, use supplements, and stay away from simple carbohydrates. Don’t forget to take naps to increase productivity, aim for your overall well-being by doing exercises, and increase your testosterone hormones, thanks to which sex is a much more pleasing activity.

Nap for 20 minutes to replenish your energy.

A 20-minute-long nap is the best in terms of efficiency. Thus, arrange a calm, serene place to relax and arrange your alarm before activating airplane mode on your smartphone. When you’re in your own house, nap either on your bed or couch. If you can find a tranquil space in your workplace to nap, spare 20 minutes, which will help you go back to your desk with your energy replenished and overflowing.

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