See You at the Top by Zig Ziglar [Book Summary – Review]

By most human-beings, it is thought that achievement is something that occurs to those with inborn skills. By them, it is blamed for their failures an exact talent or lack of natural ability. This is what is described as a loser’s limp by the writer – a pretext that is caused to prevent acquired on reaching their complete potential by many people.

If this kind of thought has not been experienced previously, it will comfort you to discover that you already have everything you need for achievement. Whatever your situation, it is never too late to fix your mindset. This summary helps you to find out six steps you require to take to accomplish high progress and live an enriching living.

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Chapter 1 – This is what causes to self-defeating attitude is a weak self-image.

Well, by you, it is determined that it’s time to switch your ways and begin targeting the summit. Where is it being started by you?

Evaluating your image, that is, how you see yourself, is the first step on the ladder of success. What is a fundamental construction block for achievement is self-imagination, because it decides how you act.

The self-image problems found in many people can go back to childhood. Let’s assume that your son by mistake falls a plate; without thinking, you say him that you are the most unskillful child you have ever seen. Even if you don’t want your judgment to be evil, unprepared explanations like this by many children can lead to an inferiority complex. When it is implied by parents, teachers, or friends that a child is incompetent, it can be believed by the child that he does not deserve great things in life, like love or achievement.

On the different side, think about how you sense if you get a phone call from someone who requires to say you how magnificent you are. Even if you are a doctor, a student, or an athlete, this raise in self-confidence is going to likely provide better performance. In case, the link between a positive self-image and huge performance has a demonstrated track record – in elite sports, by athletes, it is imagined that they achieved themselves to achieve in actual life. For instance, the best golfers “recognize” that they dip their golf-balls in the glass before they blow up.

However, improving a positive self-image can be difficult. This is particularly valid for kids who are not only criticized by parents and teachers but also sense the weight of the community to emphasize presentation. Multiple polls found that over 95 percent of young Americans chose to change some aspects of their physical appearance. In the advancing years, because of this dissatisfaction, it is usually led to an unhealthy obsession with material assets and body looking.

Also, what is to affecting your attitude in your professional life is owning a negative feeling about yourself.

Let’s consider that a seller with a negative self-image. The person who lives with stable fear of rejection just can be made himself happy with a person by this mindset. This not only threatens the talent to sell but also the want to be admitted by coworkers prevents him from adopting leadership abilities that will help him improve to management.

If he cannot discover a path to switch his self-image, the seller is going never to imagine achievement on his own, personally or professionally level.

Chapter 2 – Getting dressed and assisting others to develop your self-image.

Has it ever been suffered by you because of a negative self-image? If your answer is yes, the great news is that there are several ways to develop it.

Don’t forget that your self-image begins and finishes with you. Other people cannot sense bad about yourself unless you permit it.

are. After all, there’s only one you! And whether you feel his presence or not, God has a plan for everyone.

It may not seem clear, but when you spend your time thinking, you are going to realize how unique you are. After all, there is just one! Even if you sense it or not, by God it has been found a plan for all individuals.

But by no one, it can be denied that appearance has a tremendous effect on our self-image. Well, a practical place to begin developing your self-image is to improve your look.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can do wonders about how you see yourself with new haircuts or clothes; just let’s consider how women look when they exit a beauty salon. Equipped with a new haircut or make-up, women gain an immediate increase in confidence as they hold them. And although men cannot want to accept this, wearing a new suit has an equal impact.

However, developing your self-image is not only about looking after yourself better but also about how you value others. Spending time assisting human-beings in want creates an instant sense of satisfaction and can act as a prompt to feel grace. This improves the path you look at yourself. For the Red Cross, you can experience it voluntarily, by visiting someone with a disability or disease, or simply by helping children cross the street.

If you require some more inspiration, reading biographies or autobiographies of achievement human-beings who contribute to the well-being of others is tried. The thing that is a magnificent way to inspire you to discover the achievement of altruism is to learn from Martin Luther King, Jr, Abraham Lincoln, or Booker T. Washington.

By you, it is tried to read or hear the works of motivational speakers or preachers, like Mamie McCullough or John Maxwell, both of whom have devoted their lives to the best inspiration for other human beings.

First-hand experience of the writer’s power to look at other people’s tales for inspiration. In a particularly challenging period, when he was a challenging seller, the Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale was read. Thanks to this book, it is helped him look that improving his condition depends on him. Then, he devoted his life to assisting others to admit themselves on their journey to achieve.

Chapter 3 – Enhance your relationships by watching for the best in others, involving your partner.

That’s why assisting others is very significant to strengthen your self-image. However, what about the human beings who are cared about most by you? Improving your relationships is the second level on your journey to achievement.

According to the writer, you can accomplish anything you desire if you spend time and effort to assist other people. The thing that is with how you perceive starts and it keeps going to treat people around you.

Regardless of whether they are aware or not, others are treated by how they see them. And in some situations, your attitude towards an individual can profoundly affect their future.

In an experiment conducted by Dr. Robert Rosenthal who is at Harvard University, two groups of students were given two separate instructors. By the first teacher, was said that their groups come from medium backgrounds and have a medium level of intellect. By the second teacher, was said that their groups occurred of geniuses. As it is understood, both groups of students were medium students. However, at the end of the year, students, who were treated like geniuses, finished a school year in front of the other group.

Like with most items in life, when the topic comes to relationships, you get what you plant. Since you need to behave according to how you desire people to be treated, being nice to other people is the most useful strategy for improving relationships.

Ironically, while many people behave foreigners kindly, in one of their most significant relationships – they make sudden and hurtful comments in their marriage. However, with an easy change in mentality, it’s simpler than you think to maintain this relationship.

Let’s consider that your husband or wife as a victim, even though you have been already in a marriage. By practicing the mentality, you have while dating your partner, you will have a simpler time memorizing the reason for marrying them in the first time.

However, many practical things you can do to strengthen your marriage are found. With remembering why your love for your partner, start a day. In the middle of the day, if the programs allow, they can be surprised by you calling for a few minutes or sending a love letter. He or she will appreciate the movement, particularly if it is unexpected!

Chapter 4 – Set definite targets that can be devoted to daily increases.

A powerful device to get what you desire out of life is to create targets. Still, most people cannot use it because of how it goes. Defining aims – the third step to achieving – requires hard work and focus. How to do this is described below.

Being as specific as likely is the primary thing you require to do. Uncertain purposes such as desiring to lose weight or gaining a lot of money rarely occur. So, you require to measure your purposes: How much weight do you require to lose? How much cash do you require to make?

To give yourself a long enough timeline to take into account the inevitable obstacles is the second on the list. Let’s say you give yourself a year instead of giving two months to gain a million dollars. With the right mindset, you can achieve it even after encountering a major setback like a disease.

Begin typing your purposes with these two warnings in mind. Analyze your financial and career targets and your physical, mental, spiritual, personal, and family purposes. Ideally, you should try to accomplish an aim in every section of your life to feel balanced. But if setting goals is novel for you, beginning with just one sounds good for you.

To achieve your targets, divide them into actionable increases that you can apply daily. This assisted when the writer realized that he desired to reduce the 202-pound figure. The writer decided to lose 165 kilos in the next ten months. In case, even it was written in a book to add an extra incentive by him since it was published within a month.

As soon as the writer made a decision that he required to lose weight, he began to run every morning with the sound of his alarm clock. It started with a block every day and progressed step by step his way up to five miles and a little further. Later, some gymnastics were added by him, and soon the results showed clear.

On average, by the writer, 1.9 ounces a day was lost only. But ten months later, 37 pounds were lost by him! While achieving his goal for a long time, he improved healthy habits and thus maintained weight loss well.

Chapter 5 – Escape the idea of ​​ “thinking badly” by adopting an affirmative behavior.

If by you, it is made the effort to approach your targets, because of life, you will see often bring unexpected obstacles to your road. Although it can’t be stopped by you these situations from occurring, your answers to them can be controlled by you.

Adopting a positive attitude leads us to the fourth step of the ladder to accomplishment. Unlike your self-image, which is related to your opinion of yourself, what is your approximation to the rest of the world is your behavior.

In a Harvard University study, 85 percent of our successes can be attached to the behavior, while just 15 percent stems from a technical specialty. Nevertheless, it often sabotages 85 percent of those who are involved in inefficient thinking or smelling ‘thinking’ as the writer says.

The issue that the little league baseball team in San Antonio, Texas had during a line lost in the 1930s is stinking ‘thinking’. Rather than working collectively, by players, it was started to blame individually others for their mistakes. So later a particularly humiliating failure against the weak-battered Dallas team, by Josh O’Reilly, who was San Antonio’s manager, it was gone to discover a solution.

It was said to players by O’Reilly that he asked a faith healer called Slater to bless two of their bats so they would gain the streamer in the Texas League series. By the idea, the team was inspired and had 22 runs and 37 hits in its next match before it started winning streamer.

If by you, it is desired a game-winning view, you don’t have to expect someone else to encourage you. Wholly you need to do is begin the day with a positive mindset. Rather than grumbling about getting out of bed when you wake up in the morning, route the thanksgiving and enthusiasm for during the day.

Unluckily, we live in a negative community, coated because of a half-empty mindset. However, by you, the language, that you use, can be checked, and instead of using negative words, positive words can be chosen – even if that involves making up for them. Next time, when you wait at an intersection to drive home from work, decide to refer a “stoplight” as “go light”.

Even if it is needed to be explained your novel vocabulary to human-beings from you, you will enjoy a productive approach that will delight in these little positive changes and support for the rest of your life.

Chapter 6 – That what is the main component of accomplishment is a changeless work ethic.

Have you ever heard that by an expert, it is made a name for herself by running home as soon as the clock hits five?

Seemingly not. They are awaited to do more than differentiate flourishing people from average people. So, understanding that achievement takes operose work is the fifth step of our journey.

Strangely, in rare cases when someone takes a big break from working for it, the happiness of winning converts into agonizing disappointment.

On September 4, 1994, a program about millions of dollars of lottery champions was published by John Stossel on ABC News. A year later their fortunate draw, by him, it was found that most of these lottery winners were more unhappy than people who were paralyzed after a serious injury.

In case, in a study of television exam winners in the 1960s discovered that in seven years, those who gained more than $ 75,000 from game shows were not better than financially winning.

As it is said, “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, you will feed him for life.” It is known by flourishing people that there is no free lunch if you desire to go to the top. Instead of waiting for them to come to work or waiting for their big break, they practice their positive behavior and try to perfect their professional lives each day.

If by you, it is desired to make it large, be ready to work more than the normal 40-hour working week.

This does not certainly mean that the results will be seen quickly. In case, by many people, it is given up the first sign of failure to start their career. An inescapable part of the achievement journey of failure is what people do not realize.

Before you name it in politics, let’s think President Harry S. Truman, who failed both in the oil industry and in the clothing industry. After a failed effort, the future president is already broken. But what Truman knows is that he takes a positive behavior and if you keep going to work hard even when projects fail, you will be awarded in the end.

It’s simpler to say, however, discovering imaginative ways to convert your failures into achievement can be the key to a career you haven’t even dreamed of for yourself.

Chapter 7 – What is significant to succeed is a burning wanting and intelligent agnosy.

It may be wondered what encourages flourishing people to be overly achievement, by you. Of course, the significant thing is to have great behavior and a positive self-image. But, by the most achievement people, it is embodied the sixth and final step of our mission – a burning passion for excel.

In many cases, desire can provide you the talent to gain against the worst probabilities. That’s how by the American boxer Billy Miske, it was done. After being hospitalized for kidney failure in 1923, Miske was diagnosed with the Bright disease. By him, it was known he had less than a year to live and had to give his family one last Merry Christmas.

However, Miske was broken. In November of this year, he persuaded Jack Reddy, who was his supervisor, to allow him to fight for the last time.

Since Miske had no physical power to exercise, he needed to stay home until the big day. That day, he went to Omaha in Nebraska, where it would be faced Bill Brennan, who passed prime minister but was still a tough opponent, by him.

After all, by Miske, it was beaten Brennen in four rounds. By force of his burning desire to gain, he could receive $ 2,400 for his family just a few weeks before his death.

People like Miske can overcome possibilities and accomplish unusual achievements, as the writer describes smart ignorance. By these human-beings, it has been had like a powerful passion that they do not understand what they cannot accomplish, and they discover a way to achieve even in the most unbelievable situations.

Sure, the achievement is not guaranteed by intelligent ignorance and desire. However, even if you do not reach your goal, when you put whole your efforts into one effort, you may encounter failure knowing that you are giving it. Besides, your experience of showing great behavior despite losing will increase your opportunities for achievement next time.

This proves that desire is only part of your path to achievement. If you do not have a positive personal image, healthy relationships, good behavior, focus targets, and a permanent work ethic, this will make little sense.

Although it is not maybe a shortcut to achievement, do not discourage it. As it is well known, whatever is needed!

See You at the Top: 25th Anniversary Edition by Zig Ziglar Book Review

If you desire to be thriving, six levels, that you require to take, are found: develop your self-image, empower your relationships, define specific targets, adopt a positive behavior, work hard and steer with a burning desire. While one of these steps to the top cannot be skipped by you, you can be sure that everything you require to get begun is already inside.

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