Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman [Book Summary – Review]

Too many diet books, that said which nutrient must be consumed or which one is not proper for consumption, are found in booksellers. When one side of the book tells us that carbohydrates are harmful to our health but proteins are eatable to consume, there are found other side to say opposite thinking of the previous sentence and it means other side tells us that you must take off protein intake during your daily diet and carbohydrates are the key.

Well, which idea is correct? Which one must we believe?

In this summary, you will see nourishment that is full of important nourishing components or called as “superfood”, instead of dealing with carbohydrates and fats.

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Chapter 1 – According to an antique opinion, healthy feeding recovers your body, but the opinion is still valid today.

Hippocrates who was the pioneer of contemporary medicine and a versatile old smart man gave a bit of advice to say that “Let food be your drug.” From old years to date, people have regarded the recovery power of exact nourishments.

Using calming herbals and rehabilitative directions to recover flu are shown in historical papers and used by the Egyptians and old Greeks. We can decide which certain food is used to help our wellness, thanks to improvements in biology.

The situation is related to the chemicals named phytochemicals that exist in some specific plants. Phytochemicals are used to provide durability and development in vegetables. They are so important for people. For this reason, to continue the immune system running, we must eat phytochemicals.

One of the amazing therapeutic is phytochemicals. According to some articles, phytochemicals are said to decrease the possibility of getting AID in people with good wellness and feeding. Nowadays, people are threatening because of sickness and viruses. So, phytochemicals are considered to be an important piece of humans’ diet. However, the matter is not like that.

What is likely is that almost everything made with white flour, animal goods, refined foods, and cold cereals is an important part of current lifestyles. Up to 10 % of a normal American eating lifestyle consists of greens, beans, fruits, seeds, and nuts. However, the percentage number is not showing the exact consumption ratio of phytochemicals because half of 10% includes white potato that is the distance from the wealthy in phytochemicals. As a result, immune structures are struggling.

Well, if people cannot trust the nourishments for better wellness, how can people keep alive? The answer must be that; with a never-before-seen obsession with drug care. Of course, today’s medicine is much better to place than ever before. However, should we trust the medicine or not? Let’s discover it in the following section.

CChapter 2 – Instead of tackling the reason for sickness, modern medicine cures the symptoms of it.

If you know that you were to be in a serious car accident tomorrow, you would have a high chance of survival thanks to medical developments in the past decades, and it is comforting to know. Besides these crisis incidents, contemporary medicine is retrograde. What is the reason? The answer is that; the symptoms are recovered but not the reasons for illness.

Let’s see insulin-resistant diabetes (type 2) as an example. This is a disease in which doctors fight prescription drugs. Research of more than 90000 individuals struggling with insulin-resistant diabetes shows that the 2 most prevalent drugs given to cure this disease raise the possibility of congestive problems in the heart. The result of the statistic is outrageous, when we think about the disadvantages of the pills, we cannot be surprised too much.

The thing that is caused by lack of movement and taking too many calories with malnutrition is type 2 diabetes mellitus that includes many other health matters. The reason cannot be treated by drugs, only symptoms of this disease can be. Moreover, due to appetite is increased by taking diabetes drugs, making changes is quite difficult for people.

Like the drug, inoculation is considered a major leap in medicine. However, are vaccines as functional as we are said? If you ask the writer, this is quite suspicious.

Bigger than six months must be acquired universal influenza inoculation, according to CDC. Patients are encouraged to take these flu vaccines annually to refrain from dissipating the disease and getting infected by many doctors. However, inoculation has several important problems.

Imagine that influenza can be the cause of various 200 viruses. Flu inoculations can affect only 10 % of these viruses, therefore, cannot supply adequate conservation. More on that, each flu inoculation contains thimerosal-containing toxic mercury in twenty-five micrograms. Therefore, getting vaccinated every year raises the possibility of mercury damage in the nervous system and brain.

The truth is, keeping healthy is not as simple as getting a prescription and vaccination. The more dynamic means must be adopted.  However, how must be the approach? With super nourishments!

Chapter 3 – As superfoods might not only inhibit cancer but also, they can provide to make us more resistant to cold.  

Well, what completely are superfoods? They are found at all intervals. The interval starts from mushrooms to greens and vegetables. There is one common thing for superfoods: a great number of phytochemicals and nutrients that helps our bodies recover.

At new studies, superfoods have shown that adding to meals may bring low cancer cases. So how can it be possible? Cancer depends on the methylation process in which a methyl cluster involving 3 hydrogens and 1 carbon atom is attached to the genetic code. This methylated genetic code parafunction and because of it, the structure of cell splitting can be affected, so cells can grow until explosive rate. The thing that causes cancer is it.

These methylated ones enable them with a cancer-defeating skill, can be disabled by superfoods. Collard greens, broccoli, kale, and cauliflower have particularly good properties. Isothiocyanates (ITCs) are found in superfoods. The thing that gives immune systems a supplement backup and further preserves people from cancer are these compounds.

Superfoods are not similar to other vegetable types. According to the studies in public health at Harvard, it was shown the way a 20 % rise in herbal foods led to a 20 % drop in cancer percentages, meanwhile, a 20 % raise in cruciferous herbs caused a 40 % drop in cancer percentages.

Superfoods are not used to support only against cancer. As we consume a higher number of superfoods, viruses like influenza also lose much more time to make us ill. According to studies, ITCs found in cruciferous herbs warn our immunity to battle bacteria and viruses by increasing defensive and cell-killing skills. Even at times, antibiotics cannot preserve us, ITCs can. ITCs that are with antimicrobial effects, increase our natural defending the entrance at times your body faces medicine-resistant bacteria. 

Chapter 4 – Some fast fixes could make more damage than benefits, and these are antibiotics and cold drugs.

Antibiotics appear to be a big reaction to disturbing diseases – at least, several pharmacists and doctors describe them. Although antibiotics have an influence contrary to bacteria, they are not effective for viruses. Still, viruses induce 95 % of acute sickness, including the widespread cold. For this reason, antibiotics are worthless in these most instances. However, it is getting worse.

If antibiotics are taken without any reason, they kill a lot of the essential bacteria, which are found in gastrointestinal systems and host to 70% of our immunity. As a consequence of damaged intestine bacteria, painful digestive disorders and immunity malfunction has occurred.

Another therapeutic “fast-recover” like antibiotics that do more destruction than healing is cold medicines. Without-prescription catarrh drugs like Robitussin, Dimetapp, and NyQuil are useless to make your catarrh go away. They can hold you sick for longer, by compressing the symptoms of catarrh.

One of the most significant treatment mechanisms of our body is coughing. Thanks to cough, our body is provided to clean mucous, virus grains, and dead cells in our respiratory structure. If suppressors were effective on cough and this function was discontinued, viral diseases would switch into longer and more serious illnesses like pneumonia. Behind this, our sleeping circulation and our digestive system are affected badly because of many coughs and catarrh drugs.

Instead of trusting antibiotics and drugs, we must keep a balanced diet to protect our health. However, do you know the correct nutrition for the body?

Chapter 5 – Many nutrients and cleverly selected fats, carbohydrates, and proteins contain a wholesome diet.

The way to select what to feed? Looking at numerous diet books in the market, it charms to concentrate on carbohydrates, proteins, or fats at the time of deciding only the foods suit us. However, there is much more to them in a wellness diet.

A lot of nutrition and fewer calories must be found in a wellness diet. The nutrition that counts as nutrient-wealthy assists us fulfill people’s bodies’ requirements with minerals, vitamins, fiber; and phytochemicals are colorful vegetables, and especially greens are the example of this kind of food.

In contrast, there are foods such as pasta and bread with too many calories, however, with very little nutrients. Sure enough, when such foods are consumed, waste products collect in cells. As a result of this accumulation, it causes increased sensitivity to illness and heart malfunctions as well as early aging.

So, what about carbohydrates? A certain signal of a destructive diet, right? No. There are many healthy, nutrient-rich, and delicious carbohydrates, and for example; Carbohydrates from tomatoes, peas, beans, and fruits to zucchini, potatoes, wild rice, and quinoa can be counted.

Similarly, we don’t need to be afraid of having fat in meals. The fact is that getting lower than 10 % fat in daily diets is not good for wellness. For this reason, an eating lifestyle involving 15 – 30 % fat may be accepted as healthy if you are taking the nutrition you require!

Lastly, we should rethink what we think we know regarding proteins. We may earn protein from plants and animals. However, as proteins taken from vegetables increase our wellness, a lot of animal protein causes cancer, reduces immunity, and accelerates aging.

To be magnificently healthy, having a nutrient-full eating habit is significant. Even if we can earn nutrition, we require from food resources, supplement vitamins are getting more famous. However, regarding supplements, you should understand footnotes! Discover the reasons in the following section.

Chapter 6 – Although vitamin extensions are beneficial in theory if you select the correct ones.

Let’s talk about it: we are not able to eat a magnificent wellness diet each day. Unhappily, this means that if we do not take, we requirement amount, we will suffer from the minerals and vitamins we require will be deficient. Supplements are a useful road to feed your body at whole times. But be careful!

Vital minerals and vitamins that are difficult to retain at an adequate level are Vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc, and iodine. To demonstrate, if we consume a lower amount of salt, iodine intake naturally diminishes, and it is difficult to source vitamin B12 and zinc in foods if you do not feed meat. Vitamin D deficiency has been finding in many people because people start to have less time under the sun.

For this reason, supplements can appear like a quite good solution. Frequently, people feel like withdraw to nourish with multivitamins like a one-take. Unhappily, in multivitamins, other vitamins which make more harm to your body than good, can be found. For instance, vitamin A is one of them.

Beta-carotene, which is turned into vitamin A, was previously accepted as a reliable supplement. However, recent researches have shown that taking it in pill form may increase the possibility of cancer. Further to that, it is vitamin A, which is due to the loss of calcium causing osteoporosis.

Folic acid has a similar tale to it. Folic acid has been frequently mixed with the folate belonging to the B vitamins group. Moreover, it is set in natural herbs and is necessary for women who carry a baby.

Different from folate, synthetically made is folic acid, and it is not contained in natural nutrients. Moreover, it causes breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and cardiac birth malfunctions; respectively in women, men, and children. Big amounts of folate can be found in greens, therefore, folic acid pills are not completely necessary.

Chapter 7 – You should restrict eating salt and eat more fatty omega-3 acids for retaining the body in balance.

alty snacks are loved by everyone. Who would not like it? The human body is attracted to eating salt. We crave salty foods, for example, sardines or potato chips. And what’s more, any kitchen cannot feel full with no salt for spices. However, there was no added salt in human diets for long years.

Although we require sodium provided by table salt, a lot of salt may be unhealthful. Nowadays, people eat about 3500 milligrams every day. However, our ancestors faced consuming about 600 – 800 mg. each day. Because of enhanced intake, we are put at risk for heart attack, osteoporosis, and cancer in the stomach.

In research, it is shown to have a powerful relationship between higher blood pressure and too much salt consumption. The leading reason for 62% of stroke and 49% of heart sickness is blood pressure. Older individuals who live in remote or rural areas, generally do not have the symptoms of too much blood pressure, as other people who live in suburbs and cities have. Well, what is the reason? Because of salt intake. The former does not consume added salt daily.

Even if salt has a highly negative effect on people, there exist nutriments with equally magnificent advantages. As an example, let’s look at fatty omega-3 acids. Although fatty acids cannot be produced themselves in our bodies, we require them to reduce inflammation, preserve the brain, and prohibit cancer. So, the compounds must be found in the nutrients that we eat.

Starting from chia seeds, hemp, walnuts, to greens and fish, a plenitude of wealthy foods these acids, are found. Moreover, fatty acids are found in processed nutrition, but processed foods are a type that is not beneficial for people. 

Increment the input of omega-3 via the help of supplements is also a good opinion. Though fish pills are renowned, it should be noticed that they may include the toxicity of mercury when they are not correctly stored or cleaned. There is also found a safer choice that is good quality pills produced from algae raised indoors inside a bright and checked environment.

To enhance your wellness in the long term, you should add fatty omega-3 acids to your diet while decreasing your salt intake, and these are only 2 of a lot of roads for improving your health. For this reason, if you don’t think as healthy as you desire, you can take a glance at your eating lifestyle considering these sections in mind. It’s time to make a trial of fresh cooking directions!

Super Immunity: The Essential Nutrition Guide for Boosting Your Body’s Defenses to Live Longer, Stronger, and Disease Free by Joel Fuhrman Book Review

Quick-fix drugs cannot enrich your wellness and immunity. If you desire to increase your systems’ health, you can increase by consuming phytochemicals and foods that have a rich nutrient ratio. From old history, nourishments are used as a perfect reformative, and foods are measured up as a healer.

Make mixing!

Is it necessary for a simple and tasty description to start eating healthy? Well, what do you think about transforming salad into some stimulus smoothie? So, to make it, you are going to require a cored and grated apple, ½ glass of pomegranate water, 3 glasses of collard, ¼ glass of walnuts, ¼ glass of water (maybe ice as well), and one glass of lettuce, and later on, mix all ingredients until to getting smooth and that’s it! Your smoothie is ready to be drunk!

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