The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz [Book Summary – Review]

Society, which was an antique community of craftsmen and scientists who studied the spiritual information of progenitors living in central Mexico ere the Aztecs converted the ruling group and saved them, was the Toltecs. Thanks to having a deep training convention, their knowledge passed on from descendants to descendants.

Similar to most antique civilizations, their faith system was about the way the globe ran and the individuals that host it. Although, what can you tell about thanks to these teachings, nowadays?

The thing that we will discover is that. It will be discovered by us as to how Toltec’s opinions and concepts can assist us in transforming who we are, and put aside the chains that prevent us from apprehending our entire potential, having joy from liberty, and getting peace with ourselves.

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Chapter 1 – While being children, we are taught stern rules that we push ourselves to follow as grown-ups.

Although their mother tongue cannot be selected by anyone, what is not the single thing community forces on us is the language we raise. What even determines the content and shape of our images is sociable standards.

For example, what is found from everyone is both personal dreams and there is also a collective dream. This is the planetoid’s dream. The people who taught us rules that describe this gathered dream are mothers and fathers, schools, dyne, and other impact forces. Thanks to this training, we find out what the right action is, what we must consider, and the distinction between good and evil.

But, no one from us selected these laws and alliances. What is taming is to admit such rules unquestionably.

Even if we rioted as kids, grown-ups were stronger than us. They can defeat our opposition and castigate us if we oppose them. Not a single that, but we’ve been motivated with the award provided that we are obeying their beliefs and rules. Consequently, the huge majority of human beings yielded.

Now imagine how many parents say their kids are “great” when they obey the laws and “wrong” when they don’t. According to this process, what is the caution of fathers and mothers, teachers, and relatives is the initial award for appropriate action.

Normally, it is an excellent sense to receive such an award, and it is found out by us to obey these laws to take that advantage. We are afraid of denial and often act to be different from who we are.

Consequently, at an exact dot, it is not essential for anyone to check us since entire these faiths are strongly surrounded in us. In different terms, we are tamed on our own. An excellent self-image is created by us, and we beat, judge, and criticize ourselves while we don’t behave following it.

However, a distinctive form is found. It can be gotten rid of this construction by us by making novel arrangements in which we will find out everything in the next sections.

Chapter 2 – The first deal is to be perfect in your speech and never utilize it opposite yourself or others.

Did you comprehend that the vocable “impeccable (or named perfect)” comes from Latin, describing “without sin”? In this context, being perfect with your tongue describes never utilizing it to contrast yourself because any evil done to yourself is debated as an eviler.

What can come in the shape of self-judgment or accusation is such damages. It may be thought of by you as you are too obese or stupid. Just by considering these ideas, it is used by you, your vocables against yourself, and is not judged. Rather than doing this, it can be persisted on confirming again how good you are and how much you like yourself.

Therefore, it is important to recall that the vocables you handle are strong and can free or thirl you and other human beings. Thus, although a vocab may appear like a random sound confusion, it is much more.

What permits you to interact with others and state yourself is your word, but also changes the way you consider it. In this context, thanks to your words, it can be created opinions in your brain, form your feeling of reality, and influence the ideas of others.

Only think about this tale.

An intelligent and good-kindly woman had a girl whom she admired wholeheartedly. One day it came house wanting to be alone for a while by the woman. But her girl was singing cheerfully.

Her girl was yelled at by the woman who lost control for a moment, that “Your sound is so stupid! Rest your neck!”

For this reason, after this experience, the girl considered what her mother told and accepted that her sound was disgusting and disturbing. A song was not sung by her for an extended period and even had trouble talking to individuals.

It just indicates how vocabs can control our getting us slaves. Consider how often you tell yourself you’re not great adequately. Whenever you do this, it is made by you like a deal, and select to stick with it.

So, the initial deal is not to utilize the vocab toward yourself. Following, it will be learned the second by you: not taking anything individually.

Chapter 3 – Providing that you have a powerful perception of yourself, it isn’t needed to get it individually.

Do you recollect the last time someone was mean to you and got it individually? It probably wasn’t long ago and that’s an issue.

All in all, as soon as it is interpreted personally, it is involuntarily started by you to accept and take on it, even though it has nothing to make with you. Away from that, the people who are caught in a situation where they consider what is named individual significance is about them are individuals who take things individually.

This is a consequence of the tamability process you found out previously. It completely trains human-beings to make everything individually.

However, in actuality, nothing human beings tell or get to make you relate to you. It’s totally about them.

At all humanity, dreams are found and live concerning their agreements. When you are told as fat by someone, it’s not only about your own body, but also more about the problems, ideas, and faiths they’re handling.

This defines that as when someone is felicitous, they can say to you that you are the greatest, but also when they are mad, they can tell you the demon.

Comprehend who you are to deal with this problem. Because then you don’t have to take other individuals’ criticisms individually. Once you get to comprehend yourself, it is not necessary for exploring this knowledge from others or seeking their approval by you. Consequently, nothing they tell will impress you.

It also assists you to understand that all human beings observe the globe from a distinct view and you need to get to know your point of view.

Assume that someone is saying to you that your vocabs are offending. It is not your vocabs that offend them, but what is suffered by them as a result of their agreement is the wounds. Likewise, when you are angry with something that someone else has said, it comes from your horror, and this makes it necessary to handle such feelings.

Chapter 4 – Inquire rather than beginning to assume.

Have you ever thought there was a serious problem in one of your relations just because the other individual didn’t tell “hello” once? Alike things occur to everyone and are just one instance of how problematic these assumptions are.

All in all, as you make assumptions, you consider your ideas must be right and sense deceived when they are not. This is an important issue as most hypotheses have almost no foundation. They look actual in your fancy vision.

Therefore, when you have trouble conceding something, it is assumed by you like you comprehend what that defines. After that, when the fact is getting obvious, it is seen by you that it truly has a distinct purpose.

Assume that you are walking in a town when a wonderful individual grabs your eye and throws a bright smile at you. It can be immediately assumed by you that the individual loves you and is drawn into a dream that finishes with the two of you getting coupled.

Because human beings often presume, they comprehend what their spouse is considering, these types of out-of-control hypotheses can cause critical issues in relations. Consequently, it is believed by human beings that their spouse will make what they desire, and if they don’t, they will be disappointed and mad.

However, you’re probably making hypotheses about yourself. It may be thought by you that you can make something and when you come to grief, you may feel bad for exaggerating, whereas, in actuality, it may be needed to inquire by you to be successful.

Therefore, hypotheses hurt. Alternatively, it should be replaced with bold questions by you. Although it is hard to inquire, it is the single way to counter hypotheses.

If a friend doesn’t greet you instead of pretending something is false, it is inquired by you “What’s the game??” The most significant thing to hold in mind here is open communication. This defines asking as many problems as you have to give the topic complete clarity. By asking questions, it will be getting close to the fact and not sense the urge for the hypothesis by you.

These are the top three deals. It will be soon learned by you the fourth one, which will assist you to set the original three into the move.

Chapter 5 – Even though it’s continually switching, all-time, make your best.

Recollect when your mother and father and teachers said you to make your most beneficial as a child? It’s quite a solid view and it should always be done your most trustworthy, no matter what that defines in a given context.

The reason that making your best all-time relies on the circumstances you’re in, and as long as it is given everything you own, you won’t have to criticize or assess yourself. Making the most beneficial switches day by day. While on some days, your most trustworthy is entirely gorgeous, other days it shall not be that excellent.

Imagine how distinctive you are in the energetic mornings as opposed to the posteriorly times of the night when you are tired after a long day.

You have to hold this in mind as provided that you try your best at any given moment, it will eventually run out and wear you out. Normally, what defines it will take longer for you to arrive at your target is wearing yourself down, however doing your best will get you prone to trials, reproof, crime, and disappointment.

Therefore, do everything for their well-being to get your most suitable. You have to handle it hard since it makes you felicitous, not because of some outside motive.

For that, there is a good example and wage can be said for it. It can never be done your most beneficial provided that your single motivation is your paycheck. Jobs are done only for money by most human beings, not because they enjoy it. Consequently, tough, joyful, and inflicted jobs are owned by most individuals. This dissatisfaction defines individuals who are required to be distracted with less than partying, drinking, and useful movements on weekends.

On the distinctive side of the coin, providing that doing your best defines working hard because you like the duty at hand, it will be performed better by you and your job will start to make sense effortlessly. Thus, and so, the last deal – to all-time make your best – will raise the strength of whole other deals and assist you to free yourself.

Chapter 6 – Give up your old deals and discover your liberty.

Presently that you own an idea of ​​how your old deals are hurting you, here are three roads to get rid of them and get yourself liberty.

The initial depends on the image you are currently experiencing, which is named the image of original caution ever since individuals handled your weest childhood caution to make it up. However, you are no longer a kid, and you can begin the day by switching your dream and thinking in whatever you desire.

You also have the advantage of starting to realize that something you found out as a kid is not the only fact. Therefore, you can change your image, choose your faiths, and build what has named the image of the second attention.

To do this, start by discerning the horror-relied faiths that induce your sadness. After that, cut them separate, placing them with novel faiths such as the Four Agreements.

Toltec’s faith that it is a parasitic organism that dominates our brain is the second way to be free to write to each other. To get rid of this weight, it must be practiced by you as mercy, which pulls off the parasite’s nutrition supply.

Presume that getting up energetically in the morning. After that, you go into a discussion with your spouse and you quickly sense completely exhausted, caught in negative feelings. Because of these emotions, your energy is drained and makes it tough for you or anyone else to switch your vita.

Not only that, however, what feeds the parasite, inducing more negativity is your anger.  It must be mercy by you for those who hurt you, involving yourself to end this wicked circle.

And ultimately, living every day as if it was your latest is the third step to take liberty for yourself. By performing so, it will be permitted you to comprehend that you don’t need anything that doesn’t breathe right now. You take a more obvious vision of how you desire to live. This is named the beginning of the dead and it suggests, “Do you desire to spend this incredible moment wondering what other human beings consider of you?”

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Miguel Ruiz Book Review

Community adapts us to its own rules from the second we exist, thus blocking us from understanding our correct selves. However, it is probable to get around these established rules by substituting them with the Four Agreements from antique Toltec sagacity.

Begin subduing deals with you.

Even if not thousands, it is lived by most human beings with the arrangements. Take a second to break someone up right away. Perhaps it is told to you by you that you can’t sing. To ruin this deal, just tell your heart and assume someone clapping your show. By following this process, you can replace your entire contracts with novel ones that set you at liberty.

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