The Metabolism Reset Diet by Alan Christianson [Book Summary – Review]

Are you exhausted of tiring diets that don’t work and never finish? Do you consider dieting a regular difficulty against cravings, hunger, and calories?

If that is the case, help yourself and stop tormenting yourself. Probably, your diet isn’t working and it may even be destroying your health. The majority of fad diets encourage unhealthy, short-term weight-loss by limiting the fuel as well as the nutrients that your body requires. These diets are counterproductive since they usually worsen the actual issue– your metabolism.

Fortunately, there’s a new means to improve your health and remove those unnecessary inches for good, and it doesn’t include counting calories or using hours at the gym daily. The secret is to revamp your metabolism by detoxing your liver in order for it to work well again..

Our contemporary, high-intake, extremely processed diets put so much stress on our livers. They have a tendency to become clogged with waste that hinders them from processing energy well. These book chapters talk about an easy program to wake up your liver’s natural healing powers and cleanse it of that whole mess.

This program is known as the Metabolic Reset Diet – it is the new, sensational diet cleanse formed by the famous physician Dr. Christianson and his team at Integrative Health. Based on proof from clinical trials comprising tens of thousands of participants, Dr. Christianson has formed a program that doesn’t just help you shed weight alone but also heal your liver and take back charge of your health.

Therefore, what are you waiting for? You have the ability to turn back the clock on aging, improve your health, and feel better than you’ve felt in years.

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Chapter 1 – A healthy metabolism is a secret to quick and sustained weight loss.

How is it possible that everybody you see around appears to consume a lot than you and still ends up very much slimmer? What is it those people are doing right that you’re not?

If you believe what diet fads and health media are preaching, you might believe that your difficulties with your weight as well as your own health are your own fault.

Unfortunately, people that are overweight usually get social messages that they’re not doing something right. These people are told: you eat a lot! You don’t work out well! You’re not attempting hard enough!

However, you’ve been directed to believe a lie. Individuals that are naturally thin are not more disciplined than you, neither do they consume than you. Their edge is not superior will-power – it’s their metabolism.

The term metabolism gets thrown around so much; however, what does it actually mean?

It’s really very easy. Metabolism only means the manner way your body reacts to incoming fuel –this means your main calorie sources like fats and carbohydrates.

If your metabolism is healthy, incoming fuel either becomes burned instantly for energy, or it’s converted into short-term storage to be used later on. Our metabolism is extremely beneficial since we never use precisely the right quantity of fuel at any one time. By storing additional fuel at mealtimes, and burning it afterward, our metabolisms smooth the release of energy al through the day.

When your metabolism isn’t functioning well, your body is not able to utilize incoming fuel for energy and is obliged to put it into long-term storage –meaning body fat. That signifies that you’ll gain weight; however, it also signifies that you’ll suffer from chronic fatigue as well as other health illnesses since your body isn’t receiving energy from the fuel you consume.

This the reason why diets that focus only on limiting calorie consumption miss the actual issue– the manner your body handles those calories. It doesn’t mean if you consume a high-calorie diet if your body is able to burn the majority of it for energy.

However, what can be done about your metabolism? It is either you are born with a good metabolism or a bad metabolism, right?

That is not true! This is another myth about weight loss. As a matter of fact, your metabolism isn’t set, and there are some easy steps to take in order to encourage it to get more active again.

The solution isn’t an extreme, self-denying diet. The solution is in the liver. In order to understand the reason why let’s examine this remarkable organ.

Chapter 2 – The liver is essential to our health.

The liver is an organ that is unjustly underrated. We wonder at the ability of the brain; we’re zealous about the heart, but the liver? We barely give think twice. Still, behind the scenes, the liver’s running the entire show.

As a matter of fact, no other organ is as vital for your body’s health. The reason is that the liver is far from a one-trick pony – it has so many various functions and plays a part in the majority of your body’s vital systems like the circulatory, immune and digestive. The liver affects all things such as blood pressure, metabolism, muscle strength, and body weight, to mention only a few.

Therefore, when your liver is in poor health, you’re going to feel it.

The four most vital roles that the liver does are filtration, protection, storage, and conversion. Let’s examine the reason why these are very vital for our health.

First of all, the liver is the body’s filter. Similar to the filter in an aquarium, the liver controls the fluid in our bodies to make sure our insides stay an optimal surrounding for life to flourish. That entails cleaning the blood of toxins and providing it with vital nutrients that our organs require.

Averagely, the liver cleanses the body’s whole supply of blood nearly once a minute. Also, if it slacked off even a bit, it would make the brain to stop working as a result of over-toxicity – which can occur, unfortunately, to individuals with extreme liver disease. 

However, don’t worry. The liver is a really robust organ and well accustomed to guard us against toxins and other undesirable invaders that go into the body via the foods we consume. The liver is enclosed in special immune cells known as Kupffer cells, which engulf pathogens and chemical debris, neutralize them, and convey warning signs to the remaining of the immune system. 

However, the liver does beyond just protecting us from toxins. Assuming the body was a house, the liver is its pantry then. The whole nutrients that come from the food we consume, like fuel, minerals, vitamins as well as other valuable substances, get repackaged and stored in the liver for later on.

But, we can’t get the whole nutrients our bodies require from the food we consume. Luckily, the liver saves us once again. The liver doubles as a factory that develops the nutrients we can’t derive from our food, like a lot of essential amino acids.

Because the liver plays a role in a lot of the body’s essential functions, illnesses of the liver are usually the root cause of several other chronic diseases. Therefore, keeping a healthy liver isn’t only about shedding weight; it’s about maintaining a generally healthy body.

Chapter 3 – A clogged liver causes a slow metabolism.

The majority of the diet fads entail removing a key food group from your diet that is supposedly the source of your entire issues. Normally, this food group is one of your calorie sources – fats, proteins, ketones, or carbs– all of which, at one point or the other, has been chosen as the villain in the narrative. 

However, there’s an explanation as to why diet fads don’t work. It’s simple to see the reason when you think that your body eventually breaks down all calorie sources into the exact thing – acetyl – which is the most basic fuel that the body burns for energy.

If your body requires energy, then it’ll burn this acetyl instantly. If the body wished to store the fuel for later on, then it’ll keep it in the liver and muscles.

If it then gets stored in the liver, it’ll be repackaged into either one of two kinds of fat: glycogen or triglycerides. Both glycogens, as well as triglycerides, are short-term fats. They’re essentially fats in purgatory; they’re waiting to either be burned for energy immediately or sent off to be kept long-term as body fat.

Therefore, here’s the key distinction between a healthy and an unhealthy liver: A healthy liver will burn the majority of these short-term fats for energy, whereas an unhealthy liver will keep the majority of it as body fat, leading to weight gain.

However, how does a liver get unhealthy?

Well, consider that a healthy liver requires a good quantity of both glycogen and triglycerides. The reason is that, in order to regain energy from triglycerides, the liver has to burn some glycogen. Consider triglycerides as blocks of wood and glycogen as a tinder that assists to start the fire.

The issue is, it’s very much easier for the liver to make triglycerides than glycogen. When we constantly consume a high-fuel diet, the liver can become clogged up with triglycerides, leaving no space for glycogen. Because the liver requires glycogen to burn triglycerides, the liver loses the capacity to rid itself of the backlog of triglyceride fat.

This causes what’s known as a fatty liver syndrome. This signifies that the liver is really loaded with fat, that when new fuel goes in for processing, the liver is enforced to send it out to be kept as body fat.

This is efficiently the meaning of slow metabolism. Your body is not able to use the fuel you utilize for energy and is enforced to keep it into long-term storage.

In this situation, it doesn’t mean how few calories you eat– you’re going to have so many problems shedding losing weight. However, fortunately, the liver can be repaired. We’ll examine how in the following chapter.

Chapter 4 – You can aid encourage your liver’s natural ability of regeneration.

The liver’s significance to our health is shown in our language. The term liver derives from the exact root as the term life. This is not a coincidence. For a very long time, the liver has been respected for one amazing feature – its power to regenerate.

Extraordinarily, about 80% of the liver can regrow if it gets damaged. All thanks to this ability, people that are healthy can donate more than two-thirds of their liver to a person in need, and the remaining will grow back in a situation of months!

This should give you hope. Provided the appropriate conditions, your liver can heal itself. The Metabolism Reset Diet is made to offer those conditions.

The first thing that can be done to assist in minimizing the stress that our high-fuel diets put on the liver.

The actual cause of why a fatty liver finds it hard to clean itself is that we eat new fuel faster than the liver can break down old fuel. This is the reason why, on the Metabolism Reset Diet, restricting calorie intake is really vital. The liver can just process a lot in one day; therefore, it’s vital that we reduce additional work for the liver so it has an opportunity to deal with its backlog.

Provided this jives with other calorie-restriction diets. However, this isn’t sufficient. Also, your liver requires nutrients to do its processes. You may possess a lot of energy in store in the form of body fat; however, your body can’t essentially access it if it doesn’t possess the tools to do that.

Sadly, individuals who partake in extremely restrictive diets can deny their liver of the nutrients that it requires. This entails that although they’re barely eating and feel starved, they can add on weight since their body is not able to utilize their fat storages for energy.

The solution is to consume a lot of the foods that give the nutrients your liver requires. That entails providing the body with healthy quantities of micronutrients, fiber, protein, and phytonutrients, which all help liver function.

The following foods are particularly rich in liver-aiding nutrients: soy, fish, grapes, papaya, turmeric, radishes, onions, garlic, and tomatoes. They all have an abundance of nutrients that assist the liver break down its stores of fat.

However, how are you meant to consume a nutrient-rich diet and minimize fuel consumption? In the following chapter, you’ll know how the Metabolic Reset Diet defeats this struggle.

Chapter 5 – A meal replacement is more efficient compared to food-group restriction.

Different from most diets, the Metabolic Reset Diet doesn’t need the restriction of any certain food group. As a matter of fact, consuming a variety of foods is healthy, because it provides your body with various types of nutrients. 

What the Reset actually needs is meal replacement. That implies substituting some of your solid meals with protein shakes.

This is what your day-day meal plan would appear like on the diet: you would drink a protein shake for breakfast and drink another protein shake for lunch, for your dinner you’ll eat a hearty meal, and in between, you can consume as much veggie snacks as you want. That’s it! It’s that easy.

Therefore, why should you replace meals with protein shakes?

As a matter of fact, the weight of proof in support of the two-shake-a-day diet is, honestly, staggering. Likened to standard food-restriction diets, the two-shake diet has been confirmed to yield faster weight-loss and a more decline in liver fat. A research of 90 obese adults discovered that individuals on the two-shake diet lost nearly double as much weight as individuals eating three solid meals per day.

The reason protein-shake diets are really effective is that they make it really simple to get big amounts of protein while lessening other calorie sources.

This is vital since, of the whole calorie sources, protein has the utmost positive impact on helping the liver and enhancing metabolism. Protein has the actual beneficial capacity to act in place of glycogen to aid burn triglyceride fats. Protein as well contains essential amino acids that further help the liver in breaking down fats.

Apart from protein, the other vital food group that plays a huge role in the Reset is resistant starch in foods such as potatoes, legumes, and bananas. Resistant starch is a kind of carbohydrate that’s difficult for your body to digest. That’s good since your body eventually ends us absorbing just nearly 50% of the calories you eat from resistant starch, which implies less stress on your liver.

Resistant starch is good for the Reset diet since it assists to burn body fat, stabilize energy levels, and help digestive health by feeding good bacteria in your gut.

The last part of the diet is the limitless veggie snacking. That’s correct; there’s no boundary on how much vegetables you can consume. The reason is that vegetables give high levels of nutrients to your body and phytonutrients for your gut flora while having small quantities of fuel.

The good thing about the Metabolic Reset Diet is that you just have to follow it for four weeks. After that, you can continue with a normal diet of solid food and maintain your reduced weight and increased energy with quite a small effort.

Chapter 6 – Sleep as well as exercise helps the liver recover during the cleanse.

It’s not only your diet that has an effect on the health of your liver. Sleep as well as exercise play a huge role also. By making a few basic adjustments to your sleep and exercise routines, you can strengthen the outcomes of the diet cleanse.

Let’s start with your sleep routines. Sleep isn’t frequently talked about in relation to weight loss, still, a lot of experts believe that sleep affects your shape much more than diet as well as exercise do.

When you’re sleeping, your liver actually gets a hard-earned rest; however, it definitely doesn’t go off. During times of a long deep sleep, your liver is preoccupied with rebuilding the glycogen supply that it burned in the day, and also keep on to burn stored fat. 

Also, sleep assists to minimize your stress levels. Proof suggests that stress as well has an effect on your metabolism since the stress hormone cortisol prevents your liver from burning fat. Sleep hinders your body from releasing cortisol – which is the way your body compensates you for having adequate rest.

Due to these reasons, and for your own well-being, it’s vital to attempt and have a full night’s sleep each night. That implies getting about seven to eight hours – no excuses.

Exercise is vital for your metabolism as well. That definitely doesn’t come as a surprise to you. However, what might come as a surprise to you is that it’s possible to do a lot of exercises.

Studies reveal that for individuals with sluggish metabolisms, a lot of exercises can be counterproductive since it puts additional strain on the liver, which needs to process the whole additional fuel your body burns. If your liver is already finding it hard to provide the whole energy you require, this additional stress can make situations worse.

Yet, some exercise is vital. If you do not do any workout, then it is possible for your body to tap into your muscle tissue as a source of fuel. You don’t wish for this to occur since, although you might she weight, it hinders your body from burning body fat. By doing some light workout, you can boost your liver to produce glycogen and essentially recruit your muscles as an additional spot to store fuel.

Therefore, while on the cleanse, you must make an attempt to find a balance between light workout and rest. A good method to accomplish that balance is by going on regular short walks or doing day-day micro-workouts, like short five- to ten-minute stretching or cardio exercises.

The Metabolism Reset Diet: Repair Your Liver, Stop Storing Fat and Lose Weight Naturally by Alan Christianson Book Review

Your liver is the core of your health since it affects all the other organs in your body. The liver cleans your blood, builds and keeps the nutrients that your other organs require, and protects your body against illness. Also, it’s directly accountable for your metabolism, which affects your weight as well as your energy levels. Therefore, if you wish to look and feel better, then accept this easy formula: a healthy liver implies an active metabolism, which eventually, leads to a healthy body overall.

Develop a meal plan.

Therefore, you’ve been told the science behind the diet, you could do with a metabolism boost, and you want to try it out now. Now what? Now, you have to develop a meal plan for the following four weeks. Don’t stress; the entire hard work has been done for you already. All you need to do is go to the website to discover an excess of resources like progress trackers, recipes, grocery lists, and more. There, you will as well find an active community of like-minded individuals who’ll be glad to offer you any additional advice or support that you require.

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