The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard [Book Summary – Review]

Why do we wake up every morning? What drives us to welcome the new day and live a satisfying life?

That is the motivation. The ability to do the things that you want in life is motivation. To achieve something, you need to be inspired, from basic everyday goals to lifetime dreams. Deeply motivated individuals are often influential, they achieve their own goals and inspire others.

This overview shows you how you too can become both motivated and a strong influencer, but you are not going to find just another feel-good inspirational argument here. This is a manifesto-a challenge to make a real contribution to seeking a concentrated goal and doing the things you enjoy.

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Chapter 1 – The most basic guiding forces of humanity are yearning for freedom and the burden of terror.

Do you ever feel that a thing is preventing you from being free?

You’re not the only one. When we feel like our independence is disrupted, we all feel irritated.

So, why do we feel like that?

Without individual liberty, as a person or as a community, we can’t find out our capacity. And life easily loses all its power and drive as we stop expecting the freedom we deserve, and we become slaves to others’ desires and aspirations.

The loss of freedom will quickly spin out of control, causing significant harm not only to individuals but to entire communities. Think about atrocities like the Holocaust where people stand silently in terror while their rights were cruelly ripped away from them by thousands.

Many of us still feel oppressed today, concerned about what others say and afraid to seek what we truly want out of life.

And how can you achieve your goals to get new levels of satisfaction and fulfillment?

Overcoming anxiety is the best way to gain personal liberation. Fear is a strong aspect of the human mind. Fear guided us well in our past as a protection from danger.

How come fear is beneficial for us today?

You can hear people say, “Fear is normal,” or “Fear allows you to work more.” Of course, this may be right for some occasions. Yet it isn’t, in most situations.

In reality, it’s kind of like having a wolf as a pet to pretend that fear is our companion. This wild animal is going to eat us alive sooner or later!

Chapter 2 – To burn bright, inspiration requires fire. It is in your resources to protect the frames!

If you meet someone filled with vitality, full of intention and life you might think they were created like that but this is false.

By first focusing on our real goals, we can keep our inspirations alive.

Ambition is the choice, by more practice or higher accomplishment, to search for something better in life. Your life, without ambition, is nothing but a sail, sailing aimlessly across an endless sea. So you should set goals with an ambition that you just want to achieve.

How do you wake your ambition, then? You always should ask questions to yourself. “For instance, if you have been working hard at a job for too long, ask yourself, “Is this the best job option I could have? Or if you are stuck in a toxic relationship, ask yourself, “Is this the best relationship I can have?”

Asking questions to yourself will attract your attention to goals that you can normally neglect.

It’s also significant to mention that having ambition is different from having an expectation, this is a matter of expectancy. But what exactly does that mean?

Tell that you dream of finishing a triathlon. While overwhelming, you’ve always wanted to get in good shape to accomplish it one day. But you’re never going to make it with this vision.

You have to imagine yourself in the pool, riding your bike, in your new athletic shoes, actually competing, and finally reaching the final corner. Optimism is simply not enough.

You should believe that you are going to achieve. This is the flame of motivation you need.

But you should keep the fire once you’ve reawakened your motivation. How do you do this?

Motivation requires energy, and a constant commitment is that energy. Everyone has days where we’d like to lay down in bed and do nothing. But you would be able to get out of bed and into your walking shoes by establishing good habits and surrounding yourself with powerful support structures, even though you would rather press the pause button.

Chapter 3 – Stop thinking about what happened in the past. Focus and practice enjoyment on what’s today.

Children stay in the present, taking every moment to experiment and play and break limits, seeing the world as it is. It is a life viewpoint that is mesmerizing and liberating!

But, when we become adults, to view the world in this manner is sometimes forgotten.

There are so many of us living with the memory. Some people still look to the past as what they thought was a better time, saying, “If only my life could be like that again, I would be happier.”

Those who see the past as the source of all the issues of today waste hours saying, “If that hadn’t just occurred, I would have been happier.”

The current moment is contaminated by the sorrow of what should have been with this mindset. The fascination with the past destroys our motivation.

Then, how can you get rid of this circle of pain and regret?

Tell yourself, “Is there anything that I can concentrate on to be vigorous and thankful in my life today?” Don’t do it only one time, make it a habit you practice. The more you take this issue into account, the better it will be to genuinely live in the present.

Being satisfied is something you should work on with this strategy. If you want to live a happy life, then you must practice being happy and excited!

Happiness is not a thing that “just happens,” a situation beyond the reach of you. This way, reasoning drives you towards dissatisfaction or dark emotions that can be infectious.

Nevertheless, negativity is not the only thing that is infectious; happiness is also infectious.

Think of a time you had an evening surrounded by kids playing. You can’t find better teachers of enjoyment. “Begin asking: “What if I wanted to view the world with a child’s interest and existence every day? ”

Chapter 4 – A tiny bit of modest faith will assist you in destroying your inner demons. That little careless inspiration helps massively, too.

Everyone has inner demons. In the depths of our brains where they hide, stopping us from doing what we wish.

Thankfully, these beasts can be defeated. The correct tools are what we need.

You can ask when beginning a new task, “Is this a good idea? Or maybe, “Can I handle this?” Our motivation will fade if we allow uncertainty to take over.

The only solution is available: faith. Not an institutionalized belief, but a modest kind of belief that, when you experience uncertainty, encourages you. Tell yourself, “When I work hard and commit all my energy to my project, I will accomplish my goals in time.”

You can find it much easier to work consistently against your targets by maintaining confidence in yourself and forming your thoughts.

And what if the targets sound unrealistic, maybe even a little ridiculous? Try to remember that, by following an easier path, no big discovery has ever come about. Often we should be a little careless and maybe a little bit insane to be beneficial to the planet.

But the kind of carelessness you desire, the kind that would better help you, is the ability to doubt what you already have and to try to look for something very new.

You should know that you will have the ability to turn truth into your will to achieve this. Your life is not stone-carved. You can change it if you commit yourself.

Brave men and women have taken their inspiration from this amazing understanding for decades!

A perfect example is the U.S. moon mission in the 1960s. Sending a man to the moon at that time appeared unlikely, if not risky. Yet the project was a victory, and since then, the world’s conception of what is achievable has changed.

Chapter 5 – “Fine” is not appropriate. Aim for the fantastic, to live in your world, and to encourage others to follow.

It is not just the satisfaction that develops as you do what you enjoy. You will radiate positive energies as well, and you will also inspire others.

Everybody can become a spark of hope for others and this position is a thing you should aspire for. So how are you going to do this?

It’s easy. Do what you love to do.

 When you are asked about how you feel, do you often say, “I’m fine?”  But is okay the maximum you can do?  Why aren’t you fantastic, amazing, or brilliant?

If you have the opportunity to do the stuff you truly love and help you feel good about yourself, you would be able to live a life that better than “just fine.”

Begin to ask yourself if the people nearest to you, your relatives, friends, and coworkers, aware of your interests? If they are not, it usually means that you too, are not aware of who you are inside.

Do not allow what others want you to do to control your life! Your reputation and honesty will fade away if you allow others to lead you and separate you from your passions. If something is against your passions, no matter what it costs, you should say “no”.

The modern world is full of violence and poverty. And, pessimism is common at the same time. Ours is a planet in urgent need of role models and encouraging leaders. Then why do we look for others to make things right?

We have to remember that we can all take that role; we can motivate others.

But, maybe you don’t think you’re that kind of a boss or you can tell people what to do. Consider this: good leaders don’t say other people what to do; they encourage them to find their direction.

The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard Book Review

If you want to keep the lessons from chapters in your mind, remember the six F’s of motivation: Forget what happened in the past, Fuel the fire of your motivation, have faith in you, and aim for fantastic, don’t forget that the primary motivators are Freedom and Fear.

Actionable advice:

Energy and inspiration can be exhausted by being impatient. Try to remind yourself when you are frustrated: “What can I do now to calm myself down?” or “Why does something like this make me impatient?” Or ask yourself, “How am I going to deal with a problem like this next time?” Breathe deeply, and you can once again experience good energies rushing in!

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