The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy [Book Summary]

Visualize an iceberg floating along in the Arctic. Although you can notice parts of it above the surface of the water, most of it is concealed underneath. The same thing applies to your mind: the part we know of – the conscious mind – is noticeable and recognized by us, whereas the other part, and at least equally huge, partly forms our subconscious. Therefore, how do we tap into that kind of huge and apparently unreachable part of our minds? 

That is precisely what we will explore in these book chapters of a famous book from the early 1960s. You will learn about how to release the potential that is concealed in your subconscious to handle a wide range of difficulties and problems, emerging at the other end feeling both happier and smarter.

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Chapter 1 – The subconscious mind is susceptible to suggestion, which you can make the most of.

Do you recall when you first learned how to ride a bike? It most likely needed extreme concentration and attention conscious mind. However, a while after, your subconscious possibly began to used to things and, very soon, riding a bike became natural, nearly an automatic think.

This is a good illustration of conscious to unconscious learning, a remarkable tool you have within your reach. Making use of it just needs harnessing the power of your subconscious mind with the repetition of positive thought.

Consider the Italian opera tenor named Enrico Caruso. During the late nineteenth century, he did a performance at the popular opera houses all through Europe and the United States. But, he formerly had throat spasms and would see himself soaked in sweat minutes before he was meant to sing.

Why is this so?

Well, his mind was occupied with negative thoughts; he usually visualized the multitude laughing at him on the stage or jeering a poor performance. However, he got over this stage fright by saying to his “small me,” also known as a conscious mind, to stop meddling with his “big me,” or subconscious mind. By doing this meditative practice repeatedly, he ultimately provided his subconscious mind the capacity to disregard his fears, releasing more energy for his strong voice box.

Meaning, the subconscious mind is extremely powerful. As a matter of fact, it can engross and make any idea that you suggest to it visible.

For example, psychologists have conducted some experiments where a seasoned hypnotist sets his students into a hypnotic state before suggesting to his students that they are cats. Afterward, the students then carry on to perform the part with complete genuineness; their subconscious minds basically accept anything that their conscious minds believe to be real.

Or think of Dr. James Esdaille, the Scottish surgeon. Between the years 1843 and 1846, he did some 400 operations, as well as amputations, just before the creation of anesthesia. The death rate for his procedures was extremely low, at only about 2-3%, and this was all thanks to his method of hypnotically suggesting to his patients that they wouldn’t get an infection. This hypnotic tool was adequate to incite reaction on the part of their subconscious minds as well as their bodies.

Chapter 2 – Your dreams can be achieved with the power of positive thinking and visualization.

Back then, during the eighteenth century, priests would cure the sick by assuring them that God would make them feel well. Amazingly, this method usually worked. However, that wasn’t due to the work of some mysterious god; the actual healer was the subconscious mind.

This apparently supernatural effect can be clarified by the fact that positive thoughts provide your subconscious with the ability to heal diseases. For instance, after one of the relatives of the author got tuberculosis, the son of his relative was resolute to heal him. He said to his father that he bought across from a monk who recently went to a healing shrine in Europe –however, as a matter of fact, it was only a piece of wood he took from the sidewalk.

He mentioned that just touching the cross had already healed numerous people. Therefore, his father held on to the wood, praying with it in his hand as he slept off. The following morning, he was totally healed.

As a matter of fact, the father was really convinced that the cross healed him that no one ever mentioned the truth to him; breaking this delusion would most likely have made the disease to reappear.

In a similar manner, basically visualizing a thing you want can assist make it a reality. A great illustration here is from the author’s teachings at the Church of Divine Science, which turned into a weekly radio show with millions of people listening.

In a part of this show, the author talked about the mental movie technique while guiding people about the process of selling their houses. In this technique, imagination is used to form and hold a mental depiction until the subconscious mind makes it become real.

For a home seller in the illustration mentioned above, the first thing to do was to build confidence that she had set a sensible price. Afterward, while in a sleepy state, she would imagine rejoicing the day the sale eventually sealed. As she slept off, having this image in her head, her subconscious mind would link her with the buyer.

This process was really effective that a number of listeners wrote letters to the author appreciating him for assisting them to sell their homes.

Chapter 3 – Visualization and passion can assist you to accomplish great outcomes.

Now you understand how visualization can assist you to sell your home–however, that’s only the start. This powerful tool can do a lot more. It can as well assist attract money and, for it to do that, you only require to imagine your desired outcome and depend on your subconscious to make it a reality.

Consider the story of an Australian boy who imagined becoming a doctor and a surgeon, in spite of not having the money he required to begin on the path to achieving this dream. Each night for months, before he slept, he would visual a medical diploma hanging on his wall with his name on the diploma.

Ultimately, a doctor that knew the boy noticed potential in him and taught him to sterilize instruments, how to give injections and ultimately paid for his medical school fee.

A different means that your subconscious can assist you is by defeating envy, a feeling of inferiority that can hinder your way to riches. For instance, seeing someone cash a big check might make you feel envious; however, you can conquer this reaction easily.

The key is to wish more wealth upon others, which will indicate to your subconscious that you deserve the same thing for yourself. But, if you instead stay envious, you’ll only prevent your own potential wealth.

And lastly, you can reap great advantages by pairing visualization with passion. For example, the author was aware of a young pharmacist who loved his work and usually dreamed of getting his own pharmacy.

He concentrated his mind on conjuring images of himself giving out prescriptions and, one day started a new work at a major chain store, where he worked with the desire he had imagined all the time. Ultimately, he was made the manager and, four years later, he had saved up enough money to start his own pharmacy. With passion and visualization, he progressed through the industry and was able to accomplish his goals.

Chapter 4 – Make use of your subconscious to direct your decisions and attract the type of partner you desire.

Are you aware that humans use a full third of our lives asleep?

However, that doesn’t mean is all lost time. As a matter of fact, so many things occur while you are asleep; your body renews its energy, heals faster and digests well. With your physical body really active while resting, you better trust that your subconscious is functioning all through the night too, trying to safeguard you.

Remarkable, these intuitive powers of your subconscious can assist guide you. Think of a woman from Los Angeles who was one the author’s Church of Divine Science radio show listeners. She was given a job in New York City two times her present pay; however, she couldn’t choose if she should take the job or not. Eventually, she solicited direction from her subconscious, believing that the solution would come to her while sleeping.

As she slept off, she practiced meditation and the following morning she got a strong feeling that she shouldn’t accept the work. After some months, her decision was confirmed when the company filed for bankruptcy. Her subconscious mind’s intuition had directed her to the right choice.

Also, that isn’t the only thing subconscious can do for you while sleeping; it might even be capable to find you your dream spouse by basically concentrating on the features that you want in a partner.

For example, the author was aware that of teacher that had three ex-husbands, where all of them were passive and weak, in spite of her attraction to the opposite features. What was going on?

Her masculine, dominant nature had subconsciously enticed submissive spouses. But, by mentally making her perfect husband each night, she broke the pattern well. She worked in a doctor’s office as a receptionist and instantly recognized that the physician was the successful, healthy man she had been thinking of. In a nutshell, they got married and lived a happy life together.

Chapter 5 – You can decide to be happy, and let go of the negative thoughts that are hindering you.

Just about everybody has known the happiness you can feel upon getting a great deal at a flea market or a $20 note on the street. However, we are also aware that such kind of happiness is fleeting. Fortunately, there are means to bring more happiness into your life. It starts by altering your thoughts.

For you to be happy, you have to pick happiness. For instance, one time, a salesman inquired the author’s advice since, in spite of doing better than his colleagues all the time, he had never gotten any credit for his work.

He put the blame on a belief that the sales manager did not like him and hence treated him badly. His mind was filled with anger and anger toward his boss and, ultimately, these thoughts started to hinder his progress.

But, he got to know that he had the ability to pick happiness rather than changing to a positive mindset. He started wishing success and health upon his boss and he practiced imagining his manager commending him, going in for a friendly handshake and giving him a smile.

On one occasion, his boss called him and he promoted him to the sales manager, offering him a big increment in the process.

The lesson here is that negative thoughts are extremely harmful and can hinder you from having peace of mind too. Consider one of the author’s associates, who worked daily until one in the morning, abandoning his wife and two sons and making himself have high blood pressure.

What was the reason why he was such a workaholic?

Well, it wasn’t obvious instantly. However, when he dug a bit deeper, he discovered that he felt guilty for not treating his late brother right, who had died several years ago. Since he was racked by such remorse, he was punishing himself by working endlessly and hindering himself from spending time with his family.

To eventually put a stop to this misery and heal himself, he needed to forgive himself first. At the moment, he creates a lot of time for his family and works normal hours.

 Chapter 6 – Change your fears with positive thoughts to defeat obstacles and remaining young.

When you were still a child, were you afraid of monsters hiding underneath the bed?

If you were scared, just like a lot of kids are, you most likely recall that feeling of ease when your mom switched the light on, showing that everything was safe. The reality is, all fears are built upon such untrue thoughts and fear can be released by countering them.

Failure and powerlessness are some of the most popular fear. Consider the story of Mr. Jones, who couldn’t control his desire to drink too much. At times, he would stay drunk for two weeks consecutively.

His usual failure to stop drinking had made him feel powerless, and the fear that he would fail once again made him surrender trying. Eventually, just after the loss of his family did he choose to confront these fears. He set himself into a calm state and visualized his daughter commending him for becoming sober.  With this process, he was able to progressively quit drinking and ultimately reunite with his family.

Aging is another popular fear, which can as well be conquered by changing your thought processes. Nevertheless, you age only when you don’t dream anymore and learning new skills, which signifies that remaining young is essentially about remaining active.

Think of an executive who stayed close to the author. At the age of 65, he retired after using the huge majority of his life studying and working. Instead of fearing of his later years, he considered his retirement as a chance to follow the things he had usually desired to; he attended photography classes, traveled around the globe taking pictures and ultimately became a lecturer on the subject.

His basic enthusiasm for this interest pushed him to keep on learning, making him young at heart and inciting his mind and body to follow suit.

Or consider the author’s father who at the age of 65, learned French and turned into a specialist on the language at the age of 70. Afterward, he studied Gaelic, and he taught the language until he died at the old age of 99.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, Ian McMahan Book Review

Your subconscious mind is at work all the time, and you can harness its power for your own good. This hidden force can assist you to handle any problem in your life, enhancing the manner you feel both emotionally and physically. Eventually, this whole process depends on visualizing success and driving out negative thoughts.

Use an easy method for defeating fear.

If you battle with fear, regardless of what it is, attempt a simple method to defeat it. Use five or ten minutes, three times daily, to sit down and visualize doing the thing you’re scared of. Vividly imagine the experience as a happy one, with people praising you. By mentally learning to defeat your fear in this manner, the idea will grow in your subconscious mind, even when you’re not visualizing it, and ultimately the fear will vanish.

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