The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren [Book Summary – Review]

Being a Christian reveals what exactly? What mission God has given you? Perhaps you belong to a group of people who were immersed in their childhood, committed to attend Sunday school and had faith in a generous, wise God. Yet, while you advance in age, you don’t see God in your beliefs and actions in any way, which puts you in a hole of emptiness.

Perhaps you wasted a lot of time and effort attempting to madly satisfy that emptiness, building some unnatural aim for your existence. Yet, in fact, since you’ve been born, the aim of your existence has been prosperous. This summary illustrates the five aims of existence for a Christian.

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Chapter 1 – Allow God in your world to find your aim.

Clichéd as it appears, each one of us has looked at the stars in the sky and wondered about the sense of existence. And as justified – that sense of existence is among the hardest topics encountered by humans. Eventually, Why do we live?

The religious response to this issue is familiar: God brought us here to obey him. Yet, how can you and I do this exactly?

Okay, first, let’s get one issue explained: God was not compelled to make you. Rather, he gladly picked you! The straight truth about your living is God’s pleasure. You were not made by chance. You were made intentionally, and for a purpose. This fact connects to each field in your life: all your skills and qualifications that shape your personality, the same way goes for the people whom you care about. As you think of it, God formed each one of us for our single department to him. And this leads us to the first aim of the five aims of Christian’s existence: to figure out this department in God’s divine system and adopt it.

This what you need to remember in the time to come when you think you are not important in life. If you think as even you’re encompassed by chaos, it often assists to search for God to enable you to understand things. It’s the same approach that Andrei Bitov, a Russian novelist, found.

He spent years living in despondency. Known as an atheist, he thought of life as not making sense at all. It was the only way to see it. Would another way exist? In normal situations when Bitov was taking the metro, a sentence came to his mind: “Without God, life makes no sense”.

Bitov shows how in surprise everything turned in the light. Going out of the metro station to the street surface, he was amazed. His suffering faded away and he decided to devote his life to God.

Bitov is one of the people who serve God every day through religious practices towards him and his creatures. But, not all people worship with honesty. Worshipping God is not easy like following a procedure. “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is made up only of rules taught by men”, (Matthew 15:8). Meaning, you should be truthful and allow your deepest urge to glow in serving God.

It appears that we have many paths to praise god other than just chanting hymns: scripture reading, confession, reflecting on a sermon or even appreciating a wonderful natural sight are different paths of pray. Explore the way in the sections to come to have the best sense of such practices.

Chapter 2 – Also, minutes in a day present chances to express our passion for God.

Another aim in the existence of each Christian is to praise God to satisfy him.

And praising God doesn’t necessarily occur in the church. It needs to be the string that joins the time of your day and the days of your week. Yet, in such a hectic life, it might look as if there isn’t enough time to commit to God during our rapidly routine.

Not certainly! Worship is a matter of being thankful for everything you have. It starts when you wake up in the morning and expose yourself and your house to the sun welcoming a new day and ends with your precious time when you feel the passion towards your family at the supper table. Still, the most ordinary life duties give the chance to appreciate God in your own way.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment.” (Matthew 22:37) By bearing this in mind, chances to express your passion to God will jump in your way suddenly. Such behaviors will assist you in sustaining good energy to float through your daily and weekly cadences.

Surely, it’s simple to sustain your dedication when everything is in motion. Yet, if a problem comes in the way, affliction, and difficulty? In times when you think that it doesn’t deserve holding your belief, you must clinch harder to it. 

Think of Noah’s legend. When he spent more than one century and tough work in building his grand ship. Not forgetting his people who mocked and teased him all that time. Yet, when the time came and the flood happened, it was all worth it. Noah’s legend demonstrates the critical and stable manner in which a real belief is.

Chapter 3 – Restore your belief through accompanying friends who believe.

Till now, we’ve investigated the purpose of faith in our personal lives. Yet, Christianity is more than a solo track to follow – with no hope.

At the time our mothers gave birth to us, we came to our families first. And as Christians, we have a second common aim of life is to join God’s family in the same manner, by raising our belief in Jesus Christ and making bonds with God’s community. What’s in it for you when you seek God’s community? Okay, you’ll guarantee your path to remain eternally with God. you’ll have chances to know how to live just like Christ did. You’ll see yourself in a useful part of society. Lastly, you’ll feel yourself nearer to Christ than before.

Then, in what way you can enter God’s family? By going to church always. Accompanying believer friends, you’ll restore your belief and your capacity to sustain the true path. Time is priceless, but our life is full of temptations that make us use time lavishly, for example, when you go to bars on holidays. For what reason? For it’s the normal behavior of your friends.

Yet, how about you have a fellow who told you about the fabulous teachings he got at last weekend? Maybe you’d favor visiting the church with him on Sunday as well.

Chapter 4 – Live with an aim you have by expanding your faith, yet, watch out for jealousy.

During all the centuries, Christian preachers have devoted themselves to expand the lessons of Jesus Christ. It’s not a simple mission! Nonetheless, God’s will is for you to be a preacher, as well. And this is a new aim of the five which God brings to you.

It’s not like ancient peachers who wandered the globe! Instead, to be a preacher is to start with believing your part as a spokesperson of Christ. Pease among humans, males, and females in the universe is the first target of God – and he can do it with your assistance:

“God uses us to persuade men and women to drop their differences and enter into God’s work of making things right between them. We’re speaking for Christ himself now: Become friends with God”, (2 Corinthians 5:20-21). Through that, engaging your faith in an endless world with people is the core of your role as a Christian.

With disciplines of daily worship, a society of believer friends and a role, you’re good on your path to have a life of aim. Sadly, you’ll have one struggle that usually comes in your path.

That’s only the envy. Envy has sat a string to the aimful life since God created humans: In Ecclesiastes, the wise King Solomon says: “I observed all the work and ambition motivated by envy. What a waste!” (Ecclesiastes 4:4).

Solomon’s saying is yet more appropriate now: consider all the individuals who pay huge efforts on a daily basis, urgent to possess a new brand vehicle, a big home, and a great balance at the bank just like their friends. Yet, not any of such desires – and precisely not the fake feeling of power upon people who make you feel like that – will make sense or achieve satisfaction in your life. Your desire is strongly directed towards growing to be like Christ. Explore the reason in the last section.

Chapter 5 – The Holy Spirit and your own heart will assist you to follow Jesus in his way of living.

The Bible narrates the story of God and how he made us look like him. From the beginning, we were found on this planet to be like his Son, Jesus Christ. And that is, however, another aim of the five major aims of the life of each Christian. Despite its hardness, with a full heart, you can acquire to embrace the best features of Jesus in how you behave and live. And the Holy Spirit will be there to guide you.

Have you ever examined a critical position in which you surprisingly understand your ability and power to correct issues only by doing one certain thing? Sometimes you find it difficult to realize what is the correct action to do, yet, you would find one time when you instinctively realize the most suitable decision to make.

If you rescued a lost kid and brought her to her family knowing that this will delay you for a conference you had or passed your working hours at the office to help a tired colleague, such behaviors illustrate the ability of the Holy Spirit to push us smoothly in the correct path.

Certainly, we must invest time and effort in ourselves, as well. Our characters are made of nothing but a set of behaviors. The matter that we can enhance our characters by just gathering good behaviors and getting rid of the bad ones. 

At last, observe the people whom you keep around yourself. How do they look? Do you act the same way they do? Our traditions tell our idea of a normal life, and we adjust ourselves to them until we blend in. yet, you must be careful that you don’t “become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking”, (Romans 12:2).

Rather, consider your behaviors and people’s as well all the time. Are these behaviors what Christ would have wished for? Through time, the solution to that will be more obvious. With your awareness focusing on God, you’ll realize when people around you are blocking you from acting maturely and aim-wise in your life.

The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for? by Rick Warren Review

Being created on the earth doesn’t happen by chance. God decided to grant your life, thus, why don’t you appreciate him by revealing and expanding your passion to him? By filling your daily life with worships and the Christian community, you’ll acquire the ability to allow your good skills glow, keep on the correct path and, on top of that, examine the actual aim of your existence.

Trial for making instinctive decisions in a week! 

Take a risk and let your gut choices to assist you in this week. Register the outcomes and watch carefully for your measure of satisfaction. Odds are what will be fit while not expected! With your trust in your instinct, you can restore your relationship with the Holy Spirit and his supervising vigor.

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