The Secret by Rhonda Byrne [Book Summary – Review]

It is said that things you eat define who you are, but as stated in the secret, what makes you yourself is your thoughts. You can be whatever you desire to be, as you possess the skill and you’ll learn the way to succeed in becoming whatever you want to be through the secret. You’ll find out that the cosmos operates in compliance with the law of attraction and the way you’ll be able to utilize that information in your favor in your effort to become what you desire to be in life.

In this summary, you will also learn the reason behind negative thoughts being an obstacle in front of you and that it is possible to build a positive atmosphere through three fundamental steps.

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Chapter 1 – The secret to life is the law of attraction.

In the olden days, the writer, Rhonda Byrne, was downcast and exhausted. She believed that a better way of living had to exist.

And that was correct. Having found old books like The Science of Getting Rich, penned in 1910, Byrne found out that a secret law at the helm of the system of the universe existed.

As her research carried on, Byrne noticed such poets as Ralph Waldo Emerson and William Blake, and such philosophers as Goethe and Plato, and all religions with huge crowds of followers referred to one solid law: the law of attraction.

Actually, this law is the foremost effective one in the cosmos; it illuminates each facet of your life. The law of attraction declares that you’ll get what you give to the cosmos. Thus, should you feel full of exasperation, rage, and other negative ideas and feelings, as stated in the law of attraction, the cosmos will give you more annoying stuff to feel mad and irascible about.

On the other hand, should you present the cosmos with love, appreciation, and praise, the cosmos will present you in return with positive things. Anything you are inclined to have in mind and feel is what you’ll get in return.

Moreover, this secret – the law of attraction – has an effect on your life at the moment. The amount of negativity or positivity that you send into the cosmos can be gauged by thinking about how you presently feel.

The thing that keeps your mind busy most will affect how you feel the most. Should you kill most of your time having in mind things that annoy, upset, or disappoint you, those thoughts will begin to be associated with your personality. So, when you kill much of the time feeling uneasy due to debts, you will almost certainly never be able to clear your debts.

Fortunately for you, though, you possess the ability to transform it,– furthermore, it is possible to begin right away!

Chapter 2 – The law of attraction works in compliance with the principles of quantum mechanics, not with the “don’ts”.

The principal cause that people don’t take advantage of life’s secret is this: People chiefly concentrate on the things they don’t desire rather the things they desire.

However, the law of attraction doesn’t work according to “don’ts”.

Should you kill much of the time through thinking about, “I don’t want to get low grades in the exam,” what you really say to the cosmos is “I desire to get bad grades in the exam since “don’ts” are neither visible nor heard.

Hence, in order for you to alter how you think and feel at the moment, what you say to the cosmos should be loaded with positivity, such as “I wish to get great grades in the exam.” or, “I want to have debtless life.” The clearer you put it when it comes to what you desire, the better – “I want to live debtless until this year ends.”

It is possible to use this very philosophy in greater phenomena around the globe. Rather than anti-war rallies, people should organize more pro-peace propaganda. Instead of fighting against drugs through campaigns, raising awareness on pro-sobriety must be the main emphasis. It is important to begin considering the thing we wish to have, not the thing we dislike.

Then what’s the principle behind the law of attraction’s working if it doesn’t operate in obedience to the “don’ts”? Really, the law of attraction works like laws in quantum physics.

Should we break the cosmos down to its tiniest and most basic level, all we’ll find is energy. Energy vibrates at particular frequencies, and if things vibrate at exactly the same frequency, they are attracted to one another through the natural attraction.

By the same logic, should you make alterations in what busies your mind, you will also alter the vibrations and frequencies of whatever you think, hence affecting the sort of things that will be attracted toward you. Thus, anything you’re killing much of the time considering, this will make up your main frequency and will decide on the thing you’ll receive from the cosmos.

Chapter 3 – Three steps exist in building the cosmos you want to live in.

In the same fashion as a TV transmission tower, what you think is always transmitting your desires to the cosmos. Thus, should you feel unhappy about what the cosmos gives you back, it is necessary to alter the frequency! In other words, we can make an analogy between thoughts and seeds. Your life will thrive more positively if you sow more positive thoughts.

The main idea is the same in each example: you are the one who builds your cosmos, and it is possible to begin creating the world in which you wish to live in through three steps:

For starters, you should question. Be transparent when it comes to your wishes and wants. Writing down in a particular structure the thing you want from the cosmos is the most solid way to be certain that the cosmos understand the thing you want. Utilize the present tense and ask with thankfulness, as though it already belongs to you, for example: “I feel grateful to possess [put your wish here].” For example, you can use an experience like this: “I feel grateful to possess a healthful mind and body.” Or what you want may include a product or a person – “I feel grateful to have a novel vehicle,” or, “I feel grateful to have a partner who sees me as an equal.” You can imagine it like ordering from a catalog of anything the cosmos has to offer.

Believing makes up the second step. For the cosmos to get the most powerful possible signal, you should have a strong faith and give out the emotion and spirit that comes out of your belief.

The last one is to receive. This involves releasing the proper frequency by thinking the emotion you will have when you get what your heart wants. It is possible to benefit from a mantra to assist to picture this feeling and say, “I’m receiving at the moment. At the moment I am taking every good of my life. Currently, I get [put your want here].”

A positive atmosphere is where it is possible to get ahead in whatever you desire and it is possible to build it through demanding, believing, and receiving.

Chapter 4 – An affluent, healthful, and relationship full of love needs visualization and a positive mentality.

You may feel extremely worried about negative thoughts that are likely to arise in striving to guarantee that positive thoughts predominate. There is no need to worry. Should you fret about negative thoughts, you will just aggravate them. What is important is to concentrate on the good and allow that negativity to go away in the most likely effortless way.

To illustrate, should you be desirous of becoming rich, this what should occupy your mind. Get something to write down this, “I feel grateful to make one hundred thousand dollars annually.”

You have to simulate the outcome in order to make you believe and get positive thoughts.

Whatever you want from the cosmos, imagining plays a vital role in assisting you to get what you want. Thus, should you desire to be rich, it is possible to try getting your bank statement and modifying your present balance with white-out to write on it the figures you want to see there.

Imagining it like this can assist you to have faith that you will get the thing you desire to get and that the cosmos will make it easier for you to reach it. It will lead your thoughts to the correct frequency, in the same fashion that repeating this will do, “I can afford it!” for another two fortnights after you encounter things you hope to purchase.

Sticking to these steps will assist you to think positively in the same fashion that the belief that you are worthy of great things, particularly in your relationships, will do. Keep in mind to treat yourself and others in the same way you would want to be treated. Once you understand how to love and respect yourself, you’ll find somebody to love that the cosmos sends for you.

In contrast with other desires, love solely is present as a feeling, thus, it is solely possible to imagine that feeling inside yourself. In any case, the more you busy your mind with loving thoughts and radiate positive vibes, the more possibly the same great feelings will return to you.

Chapter 5 – Positive thinking has the capacity to cause weight loss and wholesome health.

Do you think our emotions do not affect our health and weight gain? Think once more.

In the writer’s opinion, if one wants to lose weight, the important thing is to begin thinking “thin thoughts” rather than “fat thoughts”.

Lots of diets fall far short of achieving their goal since their motive is concentrated on negative things, like, “I don’t want to be fat,” hence stressing you into believing that food controls your body. You shouldn’t live your life stressing, and especially not about each little calorie you take in. Rather, it is important to become aware that food isn’t in charge of your body – you are. Should you desire to be part of those who consume anything they want and continue to preserve their weight, you have to let go of stress and begin thinking as they do.

So as to reach your perfect body, the initial thing to do is to want it. After this, you have to have confidence and faith that you’ll achieve that perfect body. Once you do that, it’ll be possible to receive and begin feeling great about yourself and relish the moment.

Aside from weight loss, a wholesome body that has the capacity to look after itself is the product of your feelings. Numerous sicknesses are caused by stress, the reason for which is negative thinking. Thus, by transforming how you think, you’ll significantly enhance your health.

In the opinion of the writer, if someone full faith that their body can heal itself, that conviction turns into a reality, showing the scientifically-proven placebo effect.

One other scientific reality of the human psyche is that the body is constantly wiping out old cells and substituting them with novel ones; triannually, you basically possess a novel body. Keep in mind this truth and accept that the sole thing causing sickness is that you just still have it in your thoughts.

Chapter 6 – Elude resistance and realize that you’re in charge and will live congruously with the cosmos.

Picture this: there’s a power in the cosmos that was in charge of forming the globe in which humans live. It has existed from time immemorial and will continue to do so. A similar expression is usually employed to address God or energy, however, deciding on a definite name for this power doesn’t matter as much as acknowledging its existence – and comprehending your bind with it.

The secret to life is to see yourself as being together with the cosmos, that you constitute an energy field working within a greater energy field, in which the objective is to be congruous and not in a race.

One of the foremost issues that humans confront is believing that there isn’t sufficient positivity to satisfy everyone. The fact is, though, energy abounds. Don’t be afraid or think as if you have to rival with other people to receive what you desire. Moreover, all of us live in the same bounded universe, thus, to be rivalrous with others means, in the grand scheme of things, to be rivalrous with yourself.

Besides worry and rivalry, a different cause for negative thoughts is resistance. As the psychoanalyst, Carl Jung mentioned, “ What you resist persists.” Thus don’t get the feeling that it is necessary for you to fight for the thing you desire. When it starts to seem like a duty, that’s when you understand you’re on the wrong path and frequency. If you’re doing what you should be doing, contrarily, it will come effortlessly and naturally and won’t feel like a duty at all since you’re going after your happiness. The secret is this.

Keep in mind, you’ve got full charge of your ideas, and in this way, you’ve got absolute power over everything that gets in your way. No one else can build your cosmos for you.

At times you may feel as though your history is taking charge of your future, whether by means of regrets over an erroneous decision you reached or trauma from a bothersome thing you went through in life. However, should you stick to the secret and concentrate just on the thing you desire, the hold of the past will eventually unloose, and you’ll see that you are the one who is in charge of your destiny.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Book Review

You can discover the secret to life in the universal law of attraction. Should you give positive thoughts and feelings to the cosmos, it will present you things that are good for you consequently. While positive thoughts draw joy, bad thoughts draw bad conditions and give rise to present concerns and negativity. However, it is possible for you to benefit from this since the sole thing to do to own a life replete with delight and wealth is to concentrate on positive thinking.

Always have a gratitude rock on yourself.

To maintain your positive thoughts and have them concentrated on gratefulness – among the most potent feelings you’ll possess– you should find a little rock you like and have it by your side every time. At whatever point you touch the rock, tell yourself something that you are thankful for. This will assist you in making sure that your thoughts stay mainly positive and you will be faced with pleasant things.

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