The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra [Book Summary – Review]

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Nobody. Almost all of us pursue success, even though it hasn’t a universal definition. However, in all circumstances, there are some certain points you should pay particular attention to. We’re not issuing getting high scores or having wonderfully completed job interviews. The basics that form the success are much profound and spiritual than this, and these could be classified into seven spiritual laws.

These seven laws are highly connected with your personality and your ways of communicating with other people. They concern about existing at present and here without having no problem with the change, therefore the flow of the energy on the planet. This book will lead you on a journey to discover these seven spiritual laws of success, which will support you to realize your dreams.

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Chapter 1 – Find out your true nature and dismiss the ego.

Have you ever had the occasion to enjoy the absolute silence in nature all alone? If your answer is “yes”, then you may have known how the feeling of being tranquil and connected with the planet is.

In these calm moments, you can discover the deepness of yourself and realize your potential to achieve your life goals.

Being bonded with the environment and the people surrounding it makes us understand that we’re not isolated units that have nothing to do with other elements of the world. You can notice that there’s an entangled flow of energy in the world, and this connectedness makes everything bonded to each other.

Also, this is not limited only to our world. This flow of energy is an unlimited supplier of power for each angle of the universe.

If you feel this highly connected nature of the universe and realize that your existence is an indispensable part of a complicated stream of energy, you can find out the potential you’re your unbounded true self.

By using the real potential of yourself, you can accomplish all you desire, it can be anything- fortune, success, or divine growth, etc.

However, connecting to your true self becomes possible only when you discharge the ego.

So long as your ego becomes the label of your character, you’ll continue to assume yourself isolated from the other parts of the universe, as a single brain put into a body, kept and restricted. As a result of this constrained perspective, you will remain fearful, extremely preoccupied with survival, and concentrated on outer things like social status and your prestige in people’s eyes.

Unless your ego leaves the authority, you can’t catch the connection with your true self, so you lose that unbounded stream of potential energy as well.

Happy to say, there is a way that always at your service to help you to find your true self, which is called silent meditation. 

To implement this method, peacefully pay attention to your breathing and watch your thoughts without any assessment. Step by step, you will find serenity and as your mind and body get motionless, let yourself to rejoin your true self.

Chapter 2 – Accept your existing situation and observe vulnerability. 

People waste very much time and energy to contemplate the settings that surround them. For example, someone might worry about being lonely. However, when this same man begins a relationship, new worries are added to his previous ones: Is being in a relationship bad for his freedom? Does he truly love that girl?

Fortunately, there is one way to solve this permanent worrying. You can embrace your current conditions, even though they’re not desirable.

For example, imagine how having a bothering roommate would be; let’s say she never cleans up her mess and still complaining when the room isn’t tidy. This is a delicate challenge that might lead you to consider finding another place. But it’s a tough decision that needs money and time, so how can you get over this problem?

Well, the solution is not to fight the problem, instead of embracing it just the way it is and fearlessly facing it would be wise. In each trouble, there’s a virtue you can learn. In a similar vein, the people who got over the difficulties have much to teach you.

So, the thing that you’re about to learn might be surviving despite all the challenges or the art of remaining indifferent towards the attitudes of others. In one condition you can profit from the challenges: by embracing the current situation.

If you want to carry this state of reception much further, now you should embrace defencelessness.

Embracing defenselessness means not to need or long for approvals of other people, or in another saying not to care about whether they share your opinion or not. 

For example, you might have witnessed one of the discussions between vegetarians and omnivores. This diet-related dispute can easily transform into a complete quarrel on the ethical aspects of poultry husbandry.

Besides being a total waste of energy, that discussion will end up where both parties become more fanatical about their first standpoint than before.

However, accepting defencelessness wipes out the desire to convince others of your opinion. So, it becomes possible to initiate a true conversation that is exchanging ideas without fury and stubbornness.

In the mentioned vegetarian-omnivore dispute, defencelessness would work like that both parties could explain their arguments on their dietary preferences without judging the other party, therefore without causing any hostility or create a need for defense.

Chapter 3 – To make your dreams come true, you should isolate yourself from them and believe in the universe.

Imagine you’d been thinking to buy a Ferrari for a long time, and finally, you’ve saved enough money and bought it. Now, you’re sure that a happy life is waiting for you. But the reality is something different, such enthusiasm towards a car will only bring much more suffers.

Being that attached to material things increase the disbelieve of the universe, and after all, this causes unease.

Unlike the usual belief, wasting a whole life by wishing for more material goods and prosperity will inevitably end up with a discouraging awareness: material things cannot completely guarantee your safety.

Don’t forget that all of your savings can just suddenly disappear. You might lose them in an unexpected economic crisis for example, as was the case in the 2008 financial crisis when many people lost their estates and money.

There is only one way to truly reach security- that is discovering your true self.

If you manage to find your true self, you’ll feel free even from the fear of death. As your physical and mental existence dissolve, your true self will stay in the field of energy which is the source of all novelty in the universe.

Although it might seem illogical, you’ll also realize in the end that your wishes come true only when you disengage yourself from them.

For example, unmarried people might be obsessed with the idea of finding a partner. They take their chances on every occasion, whether on the internet, at parties, or in the meetings of friends and co-workers.  

Paradoxically, their great chance is usually offered when they find themselves tired, discouraged, and run out of hopes after all these endless endeavors. At the moment when they give up, unexpectedly the right person shows up on their routes.

You’ll live the same surprise when you keep your desire away from yourself and join the field of energy, the fountain of the universe, which has enough capability to make even the most unreachable desires of yours come to life.

Chapter 4 – Offer to others the things you would like to be offered and let your money move around the world.

You may be praised by the materialists when you manage to collect a notable amount of money. But instead of amassing the goods, you’ve better follow the path reaching to success by allowing your money to circulate in the world

Amassing money breaks the usual functioning of nature, which is based on the balance between giving and taking.

The word “currency”, which has a Latin origin, etymologically means “to circulate or flow”. This indicates that since the ancient civilizations, money has been considered something that must be circulated for the benefit of the people. This is the explanation of why investing is more profitable than accumulating money. 

For instance, let’s say you earn your life with a minimum wage while saving the majority of your salary in a bank account. By doing such, the amount in your account will increase month by month, however, this saving won’t be enough to make you rich.

But if you use your earnings for your education by taking useful classes instead of putting your money in the bank, you could establish your business and become its CEO. So, you’ll see at the end, the money you invest in your education will return you, and this time you’ll be far more ahead of your previous position. 

Moreover, you can implement this spiritual law of taking and giving to other domains too. It works on love, relationships, support, and all other types of social interaction.

If you let your capital flow in the world by giving others what you would wish to receive, you’ll be adequately paid back. Love will flourish within society when people begin to give more love and share it with others more.

But of course, this law is applicable only when everybody is ready to give as much as receive.

For instance, people usually look for a beloved who will love and take good care of them. However, many of them ignore the reality that being in a relationship also requires giving love and look after someone else.

In a world where everybody only wants to be loved and cared for without sacrificing nothing, we would remain lonesome and miserable.

Chapter 5 – Make mindful and pondered decisions to maximize your benefits in life.

Everybody might recognize the marketing slogan “Just do it! Live in the moment.” It tries to impose the idea of “seizing the opportunity”

However, we don’t get the maximum profit from life by just doing something, instead, we live a full life when we manage to consider the most beneficial option when making a choice.

So, being conscious when making your decision is exactly something like that.

After all, decision-making is an inevitable part of our lives, so much that we sometimes find ourselves decisions even not being aware of it.

For instance, you usually leave the shopping mall with bags full of junk food, but you don’t do it consciously, so you’re not aware of the possible impact of your choices on your health and nature as well. Regrettably, that we’re inclined to that insensible behavior automatically, as our basic instinct forces us to accumulate cheap food.

All in all, to make satisfying decisions, calm down and carefully assess how your actions would affect you and the other people

What are the possible solutions to get rid of buying junk food? Firstly, think of your budget, and then considering your limitation decide on which food would be more favorable for health and finally, in all steps, do your best to minimize the negative effects of your choices to the other members of the planet and nature.

That is the simple formula for making good decisions at all times: take the option that will provide others with the most happiness and benefit.

Sometimes, we might assume that the choice is clear.

Let’s imagine that someone asked you to join his birthday party and you feel so inconvenient to attend it for some reason. You should be aware of the reality that in such a situation the thing you consider is only your requirements. So, instead, try to make empathy with your friend who would feel very pleasant for being accompanied by his friends on his very special day.

And in some other cases, the choice may appear more indirect.

Let’s say someone insults you. There is two option you have: You can either feel hurt by the insult or you can remain strong and don’t get emotional because of it. If you take the second way, you will both save yourself from getting through distasteful emotions and approach the offender just like you would prefer to be dealt with.

Chapter 6 – Your wishes will shine on the planet when you start to see positive intentions.

Did you feel worried after reading the previous chapter which suggests embracing your current situation? You might be unhappy and feel bothered about accepting things just the way they are.  Okay, don’t worry! Hopefully, your thoughts are capable to transform the things that surround you.

It is possible to elevate the value of life by familiarizing your way of thinking with positive intentions.

This positive attitude that forms these thoughts is essential for that endless field of energy which is the key reason for all the developments in the world. Thus, by lancing a desire or intention to this flow of energy, you create an impact on the universe that surrounds you.

Imagine you’re longing for buying a new beautiful home, however, your thoughts are already restrained by the negativity; it means that this innocent wish entails your complaints about your existing place and hopeless thinking that you’ll never be able to buy such a house.

By doing this, you convey only negative energy to the world; so expectedly, this won’t make you a favor with a positive one.

Hence, first of all, learn to be grateful for your current place and imagine the desirable changes that would happen in your life. The universe will collect your positive thoughts and let them come to the life on your behalf.

However, it requires paying particular attention during the process to make these wishes come true.

For instance, if you’re not happy with your business, you possibly have negative thoughts about being worthless or not being adequate. You need to constantly careful all day long to remark these negative terms and change them with positive thoughts.

When you find yourself regretting being not competent at your work, block these thoughts, and intentionally remember your achievements to come with the beneficial thing you’ve completed so far. No matter how simple it is, it could be writing a good email, you can make yourself strict this success and become positive.

Chapter 7 – Find out your ultimate life goal by assisting people and letting the universe collaborate with you.

Each of us wants to show up someday. However, stars have their special places in the sky, just like that each human needs to find his/her true place on the planet. In addition to this, there is also another way- which is lending a hand to others on the search for their places. So, in the end, we’ll see people establishing a meaningful existence. 

Thus, stop demanding from the universe to do favors for you, instead, think about what you can do for it.

For example, say, you’ve always wished would become an artist. It’s an admirable occupation and you’re amazed by art that gives people hopes and inspiration, so it makes them more cheerful and cleverer.

However, in reality, artistic talent is given to some people, and if you’re one of them, your destiny might drag you into sadness or depression, the sense of regret that judge you for contributing nothing to society.

Do not lose hope! Stop focusing on those dreams, instead, face your truth and find out the capacity in you, which can contribute something on behalf of the others. For example, creativity makes you a good artist, whereas compassion is a quality that helps you to become a good doctor or nurse.

Fortunately, there’s no deadline to discover your life’s purpose and rejoin the infinite flow of the energy that the universe offers.

Maybe you’re asking yourself whether your present job is the best means to contribute to the world and the benefit of its people. If it is the case, don’t worry, there’s a simple method to understand it.

If you’re in the right profession, you should feel like you have almost infinite supplies of energy to perform your works.

It happens when you collaborate with the universal plan that was written as your destiny from the very beginning. The universe gives you a hand and supplies you with the needed energy, this is the explanation of how some people can work for hours without getting tired, while others start complaining just after working two hours.

So, what are your opinions on it? Do you feel like you’re at the right place?

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Dreams by Deepak Chopra Book Review

Humans are not isolated, vulnerable creatures that were abandoned in a wild environment. Each of us is a part of an endless source of energy that supplies the needed energy to all elements of the universe and also manages them. Once you realize that, you can get profit from this endless flow to reach your life goals.

Give to each person you encounter on your life route.

If you attend an invitation, fetch some flowers with you or some other presents which show appreciation. It doesn’t have to something material. You can provide others with a respectful greeting offered compassionately.

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