You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero [Book Summary – Review]

Take a moment to answer the following questions: Why are you in your present position? How did you pick your college major? Why don’t you concentrate all your energy on your activities of choice? 

You presumably responded to the first question, “The profession pays sufficient income.” To the second: “My family told me to start a career in X.” And to the third: “All the time, hobbies? That will be egotistical! ”

Such comments illustrate what’s flawed with many of our life decisions. We do as we are told to do by someone, or what we believe we are “required” to do. Underneath it all, what you want never joins the equation. 

That’s got to adjust. 

You need to get to live for yourself and do what you love to do! Although it might seem unlikely now you’ll be well on your way to being a badass by the end of this review. 

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Chapter 1 – Poor feelings about yourself hold you down from actually being the badass you are.

If you feel like you are an unfound talent stuck in the daily struggle of a dead-end job, then you have to ask yourself, “What’s keeping me back?”  It’s probably you or more accurately, your pessimistic opinions about yourself. 

The reality is this what we think about ourselves is focused primarily on the perceptions we have been spammed with since we were very young. In your subconscious mind, these thoughts are stored. For example, your family may have told you that no one in the family has ever been good at getting fortunes in. The more you hear this message, the more possible it is that your subconscious will believe that you will not earn money, and so will you. 

Outcome? Even if you may want to do these things, you would stay away from activities that may lead to economic success, be it learning about investing options or seeking an MBA. That is your subconscious mind’s strength.

Take a different instance. Assume you’re hoping to meet and marry your true love, but your subconscious mind relates love with agony and misery because you grew up with two parents who were constantly arguing and harming each other physically. You, therefore, stay unwillingly single. 

The pessimistic thoughts that you feel about yourself and the world subconsciously have you locked in a kind of rest. The Big Snooze, let’s name it. The Big Snooze is like an overly controlling parent who never wants you to walk out of the house; she wants you to remain in the actual world with her, protected from the mysterious threats out there. Now with her thoughts, there’s nothing incorrect. But they’re focused solely on anxiety. 

Luckily, you are more than worthy of liberating yourself from the Big Snooze’s debilitating strength. How? It begins with a huge love pat on the back to give yourself. In the next part, let’s discuss how this happens.

Chapter 2 – You’ll have a happier life by enjoying yourself and not giving in to what people think of you. 

We have an innate sense of who we are when we are young and how to do stuff. Without standing back or worrying about what someone would think of us, we play and enjoy. Yet we avoid listening to this inner wisdom as we get older and start doing what people want us to do.

We sometimes end up in less-than-ideal positions because of this, working careers, and staying in marriages that make us feel crappy. 

Starting to love yourself is the first step to breaking out of this downward spiral. You should lavish yourself every day with affection and encouragement. Build mantras of your own, such as, “I’m gorgeous and smart,” “Nothing I can’t do,” or “The world is amazing and I am amazing.” Narrate these phrases in your mind anytime you have a free moment, whether when standing in line at the store or commuting to work. Best still, place them on Post-it notes around your home, so you’ll be notified regularly of how smart you are. 

This second, you should also avoid comparing yourself to others. Just think that Marilyn Monroe compared herself to Kate Moss and decided that she should go on a diet and sacrifice her lovely body. Or if Led Zeppelin’s members had likened themselves to Mozart and agreed that they should substitute a harpsichordist with their guitarist. That would’ve been devastating! So never try comparing anyone to yourself. Word. 

You’ll feel less scared of the things you want to do if you build a more loving friendship with yourself. You will now be on the way to conquering another universal adversary of joy: what other people think of you. 

Remember how much you let your decisions be determined by what people think of you. You dream, maybe, of becoming a writer. You’ll have to write a lot to do this! This, in essence, encourages you to spare time while keeping down a career that allows you to pay the bill. 

Today, coworkers might snicker at your “side job.” When you spend less time with them and more time composing your magnum opus, friends may fade away. These revisions may be harsh, but if you want to get published, you have to work past them.

You’ll have the courage to disregard the criticism of others as you tend to appreciate that you’re doing your own thing. 

Chapter 3 – All around you is an infinite pool of strength and you can dive into it. 

Do you think God is there? Most people also believe in some sort of greater force or energy, even though they’re not spiritual. Whether you name it, God, spirit, the Power, gut, imagination, the zone, doesn’t make a difference. What is essential is that you accept the presence of unlimited power or energy, which is above you and binds us all. 

Let’s name it Source Energy as of now. Everywhere near you, this force permeates the entire world and everything in it. It does not vibrate anywhere at the same frequency, though. At a certain frequency, you are vibrating and all the things you desire in life are still vibrating at a certain frequency. And those objects that at the same frequency vibrate draw each other. 

This is called the law of attraction as well. Therefore, we vibrate at a low level while we feel jealous, anxious, or negative, therefore generating more of this bad energy. But here’s the great news: You can attract things you desire in life by understanding how to increase the frequency at which you vibrate. 

This is why it is so vital to learning to dive into the limitless Source of Energy. You probably won’t be able to enhance the power enough to attract the items you desire without it. So, make tapping into it your highest priority from now on. 

If this all sounds confusing, there is an easy and powerful way to fill your life with Source Energy: meditation. 

Meditation, that is, lying still and letting go of thinking, is both easy and incredibly challenging at the same time, as someone who has experienced it understands. Meditation, in addition to soothing the body and relieving tension, helps one understand just how messy our minds are with insignificant emotions. Sit back for just a few moments to meditate and you can find that much of those thoughts are just as intense and positive as two children battling over a toy. However, by cultivating a meditation routine, you can learn to tidy up your brain slowly and encourage the energy supply to flow into you. 

Here’s a short meditation introduction:

Sit down, with your legs folded and your hands on your lap, in a stool, or on some pillows on the ground. 

When you breathe and then exhale, shut your eyes, and concentrate on your breath. In some particular way, there’s no need to breathe. Only watch the in and out air. 

Kindly let it go when an idea emerges and turn your mind back on your breath. 

It’s that easy actually. The main thing, every day, is to keep doing it. Soon, you will find that in your life, you have far more energy.

Chapter 4 – For a healthier, wealthier life, accept being a beginner, develop an appreciation, and practice how to forgive. 

Your time is short on this planet, so make the most of it! Every day provides an opportunity to appreciate and rejoice in the path of life, but in the daily grind of the contemporary age, it is all too easy to overlook this. 

There are three items that you can do to bring a little more meaning to each day. 

Shift your mindset towards demanding duties first. Instead of treating topics like a professional, come at them with a desire to learn like a total novice. People with a love for learning do not experience pressure to show their talents, which suggests that they do not struggle with the fear of failing, either. Errors are no longer terrifying for beginners, but are a pleasant part of the developmental experience. 

Let’s assume you’re an ice skater by profession. Every fall can feel like a loss if you see yourself as a leader, like a hit to your self-esteem. So if you see yourself as a lifetime student instead with a positive mentality, you’ll face new challenges, as well as the confidence to take chances, which in turn will make you learn more. 

Second, attempt to show thanks and witness it every day. Appreciation is not about offering hollow thanks to being kind; it’s a positive state of being. You keep all the positive stuff about life in the forefront of your mind while being thankful. And you can help people remain happy, too by expressing and spreading thanks. 

Here is an easy way for the appreciation to be practiced. Note down ten things you’re thankful for before you head into bed at night. It may be anything. Perhaps you’re thankful for the lovely plants in your yard. Perhaps you are glad that after a weekend holiday, your parents-in-law left your home. 

Having the chance to be thankful during the day will guarantee that the energy frequency stays high. 

Ultimately, by learning to forgive both others and yourself, you will change each day. When anyone hurts you or betrays you, before you forgive them, the occurrence will begin to bother you. 

In life, forgiveness helps you to move on. The same refers to everything that you might have done previously that you resent now. So if you did the best you could to make things right, then it’s time to forgive yourself. You’ll be best able to liberate yourself from suicidal feelings and sleepless nights by embracing yourself and your errors. 

Chapter 5 – Your ideas are strong, so put them to work for you! 

We’re overly-focused on behaving in our modern world. On the other side, reading it through and having time to analyze our emotions are practices that we don’t do much. We can, though. 

Ideas are strong since our realities are formed and take us to where we want to go in life. 

To begin with, you need to find out what you want, and just keep open to how you can get there. 

You may want to become a novelist, but it’s uncertain about the path to being a successful writer. You could look at literary success models and explore how they accomplished their goals and gain inspiration for your journey and learn how this phase works. You’ll begin to feel more relaxed calling yourself an author as you feel your way and start to make improvements. 

And that takes us to the next direction that you can make your ideas work for you just think about yourself as the individual you would like to be.

Bad feelings won’t be able to push you back by behaving as though the thing you desire is already a fact. Fake it, in other terms, before you make it! 

Don’t dwell on your shaky hands or nervous voice if you dream of being a great speaker but are terrified of confronting an audience. Rather, imagine yourself making funny, insightful remarks, and you will introduce yourself more positively quickly. This is termed a virtuous cycle, the more talks you deliver, the more your faith will rise and the more your verbal communication will increase. 

Spend some time contemplating your targets with as much detail as you can to help improve your cognitive capacity. 

Let’s get back to our example of an author. From novelists to essayists to true-crime authors, there are all kinds of good authors. The direction towards your target would become easier by specifying which kind of writer you would like to be.

Chapter 6 – Address procrastination, excuses, and reluctance, and nothing can keep you from doing what you want.

When it comes to reaching your targets, thinking is a strong weapon, but it must be paired with actual progress. And you need to first conquer the burden of procrastination and reluctance to act positively.

We let the anxiety of defeat deter us from carrying through with decisions while we procrastinate. You would look for some excuse not to try it if you find you are not eligible to do a certain job. You can only be kept back by feelings such as “My work is not good enough” or “It will never compensate for the price”. 

You need to persuade yourself of your intent to resolve these excuses. This could be a warning that you need to reevaluate your priorities if your determination is poor. 

Taking action allows you to resolve reluctance as well. It’s not convenient here! Sometimes, because we are frightened of being something we do not want, we postpone. Let’s presume you dream of being a stage performer, someone who has a great personality and retains the interest of complimenting crowds. 

But when you truly ponder this objective, you pause. You have never liked extroverts, after all, and it appears to you that most stage performers are often subjected to adverse decisions. Can being an actor render you the kind of person you hate the most? Short reply, no. You need to learn to conquer your reluctance.

Avoid criticizing others to do this. Then spend time asking yourself uncomfortable questions, such as, “Do I want to become a performer?” and “Is it going to make me pleased? ” 

If you say yes to these concerns, then it’s time to understand what they are from your uncertainty and procrastination. No excuses now! 

Chapter 7 – Concentrate all facets of your life on your target, from friendships to behaviors to cash. 

So you wanted to change the course of your life to strive for the aim of your dream. But how far are you going to go? Brilliant individuals far too often don’t live their goals because they give up too quickly. 

Know that loss is a part of life and that disappointment is faced by all of us. For starters, for his high school basketball team, basketball legend Michael Jordan did not qualify, and famed movie director Steven Spielberg was denied three times from film school! 

Although failure is part of everyone’s path, when chasing your goals, leaving is something you can never do. Benefit from your failures, instead, and strive to drive until you build the life you’ve always desired. 

You need to be accountable in all facets of your life to conquer the urge to give up. It’s time to make some meaningful adjustments whether your attitudes, environment, or group of friends make it difficult for you to accomplish your targets. 

In reality, one of the easiest ways to remain on track is to create a new atmosphere and lifestyle based on your life goal. 

Encircle yourself with people who have common interests if you are an amateur athlete. In ways that will help you interact with your objectives, start and finish your day. Discover new organizations, sites, and communities that as you push forward will supply you with more resources. 

It is worth focusing on how you think about capital, too. Although it is good to be careful about investing and consuming, it is reasonable to opt to spend lots of money from time to time if this will enrich your existence. To live in harmony with your priorities, use your capital! 

Finally, through strong desires, persuasive wishes, and real-world behavior, a new life will arise. Put aside what others think about you and grant yourself the right to live your dreams!

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero Book Review

To be the badass you’ve always desired to be, improve by making adjustments to your life and mindset, to recognize the things in your life that keep you back, and then tackle these barriers. Enable no one to discourage you from doing what you do! Sure enough, you’ll be enjoying the life you’ve always thought of.

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