As Good Book Summary, we aim to increase book reading rates by free access book summaries. 

I publish one book summary every day and I share the most critical topics in the books with our readers. In this way, we think that site visitors will be able to obtain key information in a short time. We recommend buying books if readers want to learn more deeply.


I started this project after a reading challenge in 2018. Within a year I set a goal to read 365 books. Then, I’ve decided that I have to write them down in order for these books to affect my life positively. Later, I wanted to share my writings with other people and contribute to their personal development. As of 2019, I aim to reach 250 book summaries. At the end of 2020, my goal is 600 book summaries. I plan to publish one book summary every day.


I would also like to publish each book summary in pdf and epub format so that it can be accessed on portable devices such as smartphones and kindle while there is no internet connection. I’m also adding a 5-minute audiobook sample for each book.