Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole by Anthony Scaramucci [Book Summary – Review]

Let’s start with a normal level of reality: managing a company isn’t simple. 50% of companies in total be unsuccessful during the initial year of their running. In the 5th year, 80% of them would be collapsed, and following 10 years, only 4% of those would be still alive and operating.

Therefore, when you run a company or want to become an entrepreneur in the future, that is possibly the moment to leave your pink glasses. However, do not be hopeless. When you want to acknowledge the difficulty of operating a firm and to accept the difficult moments, the wrong media, and the lengthy times you put on that – you may own everything it requires to be successful.

The writer, Scaramucci, obviously did not turn out to be an instant business achiever. He became unsuccessful a lot of times, and the firm he established, SkyBridge, nearly collapsed. However, eventually, it did not – since he grasped the way to pass over every rabbit hole of being unsuccessful throughout his way. Anyone may do this too.

Throughout the following parts, we will read about

  • the reason for SkyBridge to determine holding a conference in the mid of an economic crisis;
  • the reason you must not hand out your personnel deodorant and soap; and
  • The way you may switch the “no” word into an “on” word.

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Chapter 1 – Courageous actions may bring great dividends.

In March 2009, the American economy was shuffling. Financial specialists of Wall Street had panicked, the S&P Five-hundred collapsed, and finance organizations were abandoning significant conferences everywhere.

Each of these was horrific for the writer. He was anxious regarding this diminishment would collapse his firm, SkyBridge Capital. However, someday, Victor Oviedo, Scaramucci’s corporate partner, suggested something: What would happen when SkyBridge holds a risk fund conference around Vegas?

Initially, the writer assumed this was a joke. “You’re kidding, Vic?”, he thought. However, soon, he started to consider the idea to be great. Is there a greater way to let others think that your company and you are adaptable, entrepreneurial, and inventive than holding an occasion similar to this, at the moment other companies cannot act like that?

The writer and Oviedo called this conference “Alternatives Conference” of their company SkyBridge, or SALT, the date of the conference was on May. The writer explained this idea to the 5 other corporate partners 2 months previously to the conference date. The partners did not get excited. However, since he was the founder of the company, the writer possessed the last word. The company was going to do the conference.

Extraordinarily, Scaramucci and the team completed the organizing and building of the activity in lower than 2 months. They were successful in drawing the attention of famous keynoters and making academics, investors, media specialists, asset managers, and nonprofit leaders come to their conference.

From any aspect, SALT turned out to be a big achievement. In a great economic crisis, SkyBridge held a training conference that filled participants with aspirations for what’s next. This conference was evidence to everyone that SkyBridge is not going out of the market.

However, that was more than this. The event drew great attention to SkyBridge which made the writer have a role in the film Wall Street II by Oliver Stone. In this way, Stone agreed to take a look at the script of the writer’s initial writing – and to pen a preface as well.

That presents that scary conditions may be defeated. They only need striking and novel acts. Within a year, Scaramucci’s company went from an almost-collapsed firm to holding an accomplished event and written on the greatest news web. They might have simply gone down inside a rabbit hole economic crisis created and become collapsed. However, rather, they saved their firm by taking advantage of the circumstances.

Chapter 2 – At the time you encounter failure, you should adjust yourself.

With the achievements they earned with the previous SALTs, SkyBridge began considering holding overseas conferences.

In their trips to Asia, Scaramucci and Oviedo discovered possibly the most perfect place: Singapore. This little Southeastern Asian nation possessed a flourishing entrepreneurial environment and a flourishing privatized banking sector. Furthermore, the government of Singapore would like to support SALT, plus, help SkyBridge to plan the event.

SkyBridge hold the Asia parts of those conferences around Singapore both in 2012-2013. Those events were great achievements, and all looked to go well for 2014 too. However, shortly before their 2014 conference, SkyBridge recognized that there was a huge mistake.

Arrangements of the 2014 conference in Asia collapsed at the time Oviedo was called by the government of Singapore. The government asked whether SkyBridge could delay the event. Why? Deepavali. The Southeastern Asia’s holiday coincided with the date in mid of their event, October, 22th. The company could not consider Deepavali at the time they were scheduling the conference the first time.

The writer and his team grasped that they should not take the risk of displeasing the citizens or the government of Singapore by continuing with the same date. Therefore, the team decided to cancel the event right away. They changed the plans and held a substitute symposium: the Global Symposium of SkyBridge.

This event would be held in Japan and it would be a warmer activity for possible investors for networking with famous risk fund directors and professionals. More than 100 organizational investors attended the event. There was a chance to speak with people who would give a speech in Singapore as well such as Ben Bernanke, the previous Chair of the Federal Reserve.

 In the end, the company could save their relations with the citizens and government of Singapore and the money they have put on to the conference in Singapore. Acknowledging that they had a mistake, Scaramucci and Oviedo demonstrated real leadership. Afterward, they started to consider ways for improving their failures and developing new strategies.

All over your professional life, you will encounter failures and mistakes. You should not work to disregard or enclose those. Rather, admit your mistakes – and possess your reaction, switching mistakes into achievements.

Chapter 3 – Being an entrepreneur requires always concentrating on the correct aspects.

Many anticipated entrepreneurs possess a bright idea regarding the thing it is to begin a new business or be an investor. These people had the dreams to get the most expensive cars, biggest houses, or private planes.

The writer was in this trap as well as a teenager. Around 1986, in his last year at the college, he wanted to go to Italy for a trip for 3 weeks. For funding the trip, he decided to use the Hood company that lets people rent trucks to sell ice cream and buy some as inventory.

He aimed to get a lot of money from ice creams from the Marathon in Boston around that time. Before the day of the marathon, he sold a good amount of ice cream – and he was already thinking about the beaches of Italy. However, some things were not as he thought.

During the marathon, it was a vibrant 38°F, unexpectedly. Even worse, the weather was rainy. With that weather, the writer could not sell ice creams. Eventually, he had 1000 USD less than he had at the beginning, he was at a loss.

There was a frequent mistake. His concentration was just the outcome – the trip to Italy – instead of the operation to sell ice creams. Consequently, he could not concentrate on the little things he needed to do and became unsuccessful to have a plan B for unexpected situations – which, certainly, occurred.

After some years, the writer encountered a businessperson who was excessively concentrated on the incorrect aspects. This person’s office place was adorned with imported marbles from Italy, complex oak carvings, and fine art. However, the writer rightly saw the future that this man would get out of the business. The reason? While he was overspending for decorating his office to seem amazing, he was letting the core of his business fly away.

One can see that pouring a lot on extravagant products was a mistake. Therefore, what is the thing you put your money on? Is there the best investment to let you get the highest possibility of being successful? One word: individuals. If you do not have the correct individuals, you have a low possibility to boost your firm.

Let’s discover how this team would be.

Chapter 4 – Get advantages from your team with Delegation, Empowerment, and developing Accountability.

While constructing a team, you may be inclined to look for a handful of genius people However, that has been a mistake. Those genius people would frequently like to go with distinct paths and this might consume your time while making a chaotic environment.

That may essentially be further influential to construct a team including intelligent and modest individuals that work great in a team environment. Select people who own team spirit and do not think about who is credited when there is a huge achievement. At the time you discovered those people, make certain that you are providing them with anything they require to thrive.

The writer has been a great fan of being near to his team and letting them work near to them. They were so near to each other that the writer would give all of the team members deodorant and soap. That had been the model of swamp tank for communicating openly around the same environment, and that assists in developing collaboration.

Besides this swamp tank, Scaramucci utilizes the management technique of DEA. D for Delegation, E for Empowerment, and A for Accountability. We will look at their meanings.

Delegation is acknowledging that you cannot possess all decisions of your firm. When you would like to grow up your company, you own no other selection but delegate your responsibilities – although you think the things you delegate are the most significant projects and initiatives.

Following acknowledging the necessity for delegation, you should empower the team members and partners, as the second step. Provide them with the autonomy and resources they require to achieve things. Make certain that everybody senses the support and be comfortable while criticizing. In this way, they would understand you consider them and they would be further inclined to provide great work.

After empowerment follows accountability. Because you provide your team members and partners the opportunity to decide by themselves, you would also require making them accountable. Being a leader, however, you need to acknowledge the condemn for big mistakes of the company. If the team is putting in their candid effort, that’s greater than denunciation.

When you apply the management method of DEA successfully, you would construct a morality culture around your company. Wall Street owns fame of unethicality and being a brutal environment. However, this conventional template is not always required to be followed. You should move with integrity and honesty, and team members would go with you.

Chapter 5 – You should not have a life having a big chip on the shoulder.

At the time the writer started his career, he possessed a big chip on the shoulder. Scaramucci had been an Italian child of Long Island, and his entrance into the professional life was not with a lot of abilities or connections. Therefore, at the time he was dismissed from his initial occupation at Sachs, his differences were the reason, he thought. However, he was not the correct one for that occupation and did not have the demanded technical abilities.

Evaluating his deficiencies was damaging for the writer. However, he needed to pay the big school debts, and there was just no time for pitying and victimizing himself. Therefore, he got individual responsibility in that situation and determined to be in the moment instead of in his previous moments. You need to do exactly this.

Victimhood, loathing yourself, and pitying yourself are all deactivating. These may stop you from jumping to take responsibility and advance yourself. Furthermore, these may motivate you to take revenge for imaginary or real insults. This would let you stain your fame or network of possible corporate partners. Listen from the writer, the person who owned some stained intercourses with the manager while he was working in Lehman Brothers.

At the time he quit his job in Lehman Brothers, the writer determined to make a small prank. He phoned his previous manager and explained to him that he had an exciting plan and might need the help of his manager. The man believingly asked what he could do. The writer told the manager that he was establishing a sumo wrestling stage on the 6th floor therefore his boss and himself could fight. They might even divide the proceeds, the writer told.

Expectedly, the writer’s previous manager did not think that was funny. The writer had allowed his inner weaknesses to win over and might have endangered professional intercourse with his manager. Luckily, these 2 people could soften everything after some years, at the time the previous manager came to one of Scaramucci’s SALT events. Nevertheless, Scaramucci might have refrained from lots of awkwardness if he could control his inner thoughts and let those thoughts make him down initially.

Chapter 6 – Benefit from media exposure.

Can you stay invulnerable while people are criticising you? You may consider you can take unfavorable critiques. However, everybody cares about the things others think – to some degree, at least. This is normal! However, considering your business, allowing people’s thoughts to impact you may damage you instantly.

The biggest entrepreneurs of our time, such as Huffington, Bezos, and Musk, all have big degrees of unfavorable media mentions and criticisms. However, these people’s entrepreneurial sights let them want to go against what others think and go for what they are dreaming of – although the majority of the people are criticizing.

Therefore, if you are considering developing your company, be cautious: you will take a lot of public attention. However, you may benefit from that when you are ready for such things.

Unfavorable media coverage may be a big disruption. However, you may educate yourself in disregarding those. Begin by only swiping off an individual assault or part of critiques in a day. At the time you understand the way to deal with critiques, that will not be effective anymore, and the press would be disheartened to assault you.

This is not wholly disregarding the identity you have. Mistakes such as having a lot of alcohol during your firm’s vacation party or commenting inappropriately would be chaotic. This is specifically correct today, at this age and era, in which everybody can record everything with a mobile phone and publish it on the Internet.

This is the way you save yourself contrary to bad media coverage individually. However, what if you could completely transform media behaves your business? For that, you would require a nice Public Relations strategy.

Public Relations strategies are divided into 2 pieces: one is controlled and two is uncontrolled. The first piece could be controlled and would come from ads. Ads have been the way you let consumers sense in a specific way regarding your firm or good and service.

The second piece has been the uncontrolled piece of the Public Relations strategy. That’s the way the press selects to describe your firm. To make this aspect better, your firm and you should construct relations with the media. When you go on open dialogues with press people, they would have more tendency to find you likable and would like to listen to the tale from your view.

For help in this procedure, you should own individuals that are great around the public and explain your firm’s tale correctly. Furthermore, direct resources for advancing customer relations and service strategies. Press would certainly take these into account.

Chapter 7 – To be a great seller, you should be good at constructing relationships.

No matter if you are a seller or not, you would practically unavoidably need to sell things in your professional life. That might be a fund, a fresh corporate journey, or a conventional good such as dish detergent. Therefore, possibly you cannot refrain from selling forever. However, you may transform how you frame it.

A lot of individuals consider selling a type of contention. They think salespersons work to apart individuals from the money in their pocket. However, selling should not be like this. Rather, you may sell ethically and reliably. Everything you require is constructing relationships.

To become a good seller, you should learn about your customers. When you can, you could produce goods that satisfy their wants, aims, and needs, instead of just for getting profits from products. When an individual is not suitable for your services or goods, you should not be thrusting. Otherwise, people would not like you.

When somebody turns down your presentation, you may select among two selections. You might, for sure, run away, and just acknowledge the buyer’s unwillingness to buy. However, a greater choice is working for turning “no”s into “on”s. This is discovering means to shape yourself as a resource for the buyer. Understand the things customers would like, and assist them in solving issues although they may not be beneficial for you at first hand. You may also wish referrals from those people – these people are not the correct ones for the product or service you have, however, they may direct others that are right fits for you.

Similar to being afraid of selling since people do not like getting rejections, a lot of people fear negotiations since they think this is an irritating condition. They consider negotiations like battlegrounds in which just the most resolute could win. However, when you continue with this viewpoint, you would possibly find yourself depressed – and worse off.

Rather, you may work on trying the approach of Kashing. He, having a $30 billion net worth, has been a wealthy person of Asia – and this isn’t a coincidence. Being good in negotiations, his perspective has always been allowing people in front of him to get an advantage well from all of his deals. In this way, these people would like to turn back and continue their business relations with him. You should always be there to construct value for people – and see the way your business takes advantage of that.

Chapter 8 – You should not fear stepping out in public.

A lot of beginner professionals find networking and public speaking nerve-racking and discomforting. The writer, even, accepts that under his public, open image, he is pretty shy.

The expectation may be scary, however, it is significant to utilize all networking chances in front of you. Do not consider it like you should have the best dresses compared to others for creating an influence. Rather, only jump into it. Recall that in events for networking, others tend to be disturbed like you as well. When you just go and meet others by introducing yourself, they would appreciate your action.

It can be disturbing to network with others. However, possibly more frightening is speaking in front of crowds. This is a point we can learn from Amelia, the daughter of the writer.

At the age of only 12, Amelia got an exclusive gift from her dad. That was the chance to sing a song in the US “God Bless” show in public having fifty thousand people in Shea Stadium, the previous place of Met NY. She was thrilled when she heard that – however, she suddenly felt the fear. What would happen if she would hush or sing a wrong note in public?

Disregarding her anxiety, she went ahead straight. Without stopping, she got ready for that show, taking a lot of time training in front of the mirror and others. Amelia trained by making herself used to the sound mechanism of the stadium. She continuously practiced while walking home.

As the fruit of her practices, she made great at the show. Her dad was proud of her. Her dad inquired Amelia if she was anxious while she was on the stage. Amelia answered yes initially. However, when she started, her anxiety passed. Amelia described that like this: “When is all said and done, daddy, I understand that I am sufficient.”.

She meant singing for certain. However, this recommendation should be listened to by executives as well. When you do not think you are sufficient, your possibility of achievement is 0. Therefore, you need to be hardworking to keep your positivity and go with the belief that you will be successful. In that way, rather than stumbling into the failure rabbit hole – you can jump over those holes.

Hopping Over the Rabbit Hole: How Entrepreneurs Turn Failure into Success by Antony Scaramucci Book Review

Being an entrepreneur, there is more possibility for you to bankrupt than become very successful. However, you may follow a lot of paths to boost your possibilities of developing a signature for you. Those are adjusting yourself according to bad circumstances, undertaking individual responsibility for how you behave, constructing a good team, and stimulating your abilities in constructing relationships. Most significantly, believe intensely that you can achieve it.

Utilize contemporary techniques for marketing.

Branson, Virgin Airlines’ owner, did not draw attention to his firm by renting billboards or putting banner advertisements. No – Branson went all over the globe with an airship and made bungee-jumping from the Casino Palms Hotel. Those astonishing moves drew a lot of attention to his brand which in the end turned out a famous airline in the US. Therefore, you should not fear going against the conventions. Decide the characteristics that make your brand and you strong compared to rivals, and continue with those.

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