The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks [Book Summary – Review]

If you’ve ever seen a diver in a cliff fall off a jagged rock, pierce the sea surface, and smile, then you have a fundamental opinion of what it feels like to take a big step forward – literally. You’ve presumably seen them and thought like; I’d never do that! Yet while human-beings get the most out of life by making alike leaps each day, those who surrender to fear continue to complain about being in the same routine every day.

It’s time to bring you under the control of your life and quit to make with forever excuses. And not including any death-defying plunge from a hundred-foot cliff is a marvelous thing. All you need to do is have a little bit of confidence and a desire to put a finish to bad habits.

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Chapter 1 – Although felicitousness is often resisted by humans, controlled breathing can assist us to overcome this fear.

No one has ever said that life will be simple, and sometimes you can feel like a truly endless quagmire of problems, but when you feel like that, ask yourself: Are you ready for a truly blissful life? Can you dream a whole day without anything to complain about?

Inside everyone, there is found their inner resistance to felicitousness, and this strange human property deserves close examination.

Although wasting a lot of time and energy on felicitousness, it cannot be particularly comfortable or capable of feeling well or being at peace by human-beings. Although the school teaches us a lot, among these teachings there are no high school classes on how to overcome achievement and happiness.

When you took the time to look inside and uncover why you resist happiness, the answer will most likely be about fear – fear of reaching your full potential. Because here’s the thing: when you’re the best you can be, that means there’s no more excuse for why you couldn’t make your dreams come true.

This is a fear that must be won if you desire achievement and felicitousness. It is a big leap into a life full of happiness that demands wonderful confidence.

So, let’s discover ways to overcome this fear and begin taking the correct kind of risks. Breathing is the first technique to deal with the fear barrier.

In the mid-1900s, Gestalt therapy was developed by psychiatrist Fritz Perls, realizing that fear is a breathless excitement. With a little concentrated breathing, this fear can be transformed into a positive and powerful excitement that can be used to make marvelous things occur.

Suppose that you are about to take the stage or give a speech for a show in front of audiences. The common reaction to a terrible situation like this is to get short of breath, which only reinforces fear. However, if you take a moment to breathe deeply, you can take control and turn fear into a powerful energy that allows you to take the stage and enchant your audience.

Chapter 2 – It is believed by many to deserve only restricted happiness, and when times are “too good” they will sabotage themselves.

There are possibly some dreams that you just hold to yourself because you consider they’re not practical or out of reach.

It is this general emotion they name the upper limit mentality, and it is the next obstacle to overcome.

It is the upper limit mentality that is like having a warning system that only tells us that we can reach an exact amount of happiness and that we cannot achieve more. With this mindset in place, it may be experienced by you during a period of achievement where everything is going well, but some of you will start to be uncomfortable with this streak. So, you are starting to create unnecessary obstacles and drama in your life to get everything “back to normal.”

A routine is a form of self-handicapping and issues tend to be created in living spaces separate from where we live. For instance, if your love life is going wonderful, it may be decided to make a risky investment by you that puts your financial life in crisis.

However, this doesn’t have to occur. In general, the cap problem only shows up if you lower your protection after a marvelous success.

Let’s take a customer of the writer called Lois. While she was in her fifties and had an accomplished job, her relationship department was not going well. By Lois, it was started to believe that love is not something “can do”. However, after several therapy sessions with the writer, what was decided to give it another shot by Lois was relationships.

Enough, a loving relationship entered her life. However, then, due to Lois being content with both her romantic and professional life, it was decided by her to protect her and stop her therapy sessions. Hence considering that she was having the breakthrough she was after; it was felt by her like she did not need more help. In just six months, her relationship came to the edge of falling apart.

Luckily, continuing the therapy was decided by Lois and she succeeded to save the relationship. Beginning to believe that she deserved both love and achievement was at that point and was willing to work hard on both parts of her life.

Chapter 3 – Your life gets better when you let go of unnecessary worries.

With more than our share of distractions these days, it’s maybe more significant than ever to give attention to where we’re going. And this is more than holding our eyes on the way while driving. While we keep going inwardly, what we require is that being aware of how often we get in our way.

Catching yourself when you begin to worry and then questioning the source of the worry is a marvelous way to comprehend that a cap mindset is trying to sabotage your progress.

The next time when you feel worried, ask yourself: Is this a problem I have control over? Most of the time, it’s meaningless to worry about something we can’t control.

In case you have control over the problem, do not overestimate the anxiety. Rather, move action and put that anxiety aside!

As you start questioning your concerns, it will be quickly discovered by you that most of them are not about actual problems.

For instance, the writer has always had a billionaire clientele stressed about little things such as money and the price of toilet paper. Something inside the man would not permit him to enjoy the money, even if he lived a lavish lifestyle. Rather, what was a constant source of worry and misery were billions of dollars. This is a textbook instance of an upper limit syndrome.

Whatever achievement we discover in life will not change the deeper issues that may lie low within us and remain unresolved.

The billionaire in question was overcoming problems from his parents, who routinely argued with each other for money, even though his family was extremely wealthy. Consequently, not only did he feel that he did not deserve the riches he inherited, but he was constantly criticizing his wife’s expenses and exerting unhealthy pressure on their relationships.

In one session it was wanted from the billionaire to avoid criticizing his wife for a week to observe what would happen. He seemed ten years younger when the next week’s session began. Only his marriage was not better off; he was also making significant progress towards accepting his fortune.

Chapter 4 – It’s the underlying success in Zone of Genius, therefore, discover what you are passionate to do.

Do you remember when was the last time you dived into something and didn’t understand how time passed because you were so “in the zone”? No matter how long ago, you probably want to spend more time enjoying this state of flow.

For this to occur and your marvelous breakthrough to be truly accomplished, it must be dedicated, by you, yourself to working in your Field of Genius, recognized as the job for which you are excellently suited.

Though finding a job like this can be daunting, then you have no excuse not to be your best at work. To assist you to overcome this fear, a useful confirmation that you can repeat to earn extra inspiration and strength is: “I am determined to dedicate all my purpose and energy to my Zone of Genius to which I can provide the most to the globe. “

You can repeat this confirmation loudly and confidently, as if you were announcing your intentions to the universe, after gently repeating it to yourself. As doing this, it can be soon found by you the things that have fallen for you, as if by magic.

While you’re unsure of what you desire to do in life, stick with your Zone of Genius and make sure you discover clarity. You can be stuck between medicine, psychiatry, and engineering. Sure, if you catch out to your work, you will discern which subject puts you in that simple state of flow. And when you spend more time in this area, you are getting closer to the real work you need to do.

When you find what you are passionate to do the most, it will be discovered by you how simple it is to hold busy with your job – so much that it doesn’t feel like work anymore! This is the Land of Genius.

It is mostly in the Region, while it is made by the writer meaningful and transformative ideas about life and makes them accessible to all. For others, it may be discovering ways to make meetings more fun or practice piano and turn it into a career.  What seems endless is the possibilities.

Chapter 5 – The purpose of using the mantra of achievement and Enlightened No is to keep on the correct path.

Nobody likes the feeling of being imprisoned. It is much better to stay free and begin climbing the never-ending ladder of achievement.

Once you learn your Zone of Genius, it’s more alike to what life is similar. And it helps you to have a mantra for achievement, to hold you moving forward and rising.

What is a basic form of meditation is repeating a mantra. While you say again and again the words, you will start to concentrate your attention, energy, and your whole mind and body on what you are telling – as well as visualizing the message and purpose. It can be thought by you of a matchless software program similar to the mantra you download to the hard drive of your mind.

If getting serious and reaching the best potential results are wished by you, what can be done by you is meditating for a few hours every day. However, even though you take only 30 minutes in the morning and evening, you will notice positive results.

You probably wonder what specifically is this accomplishment mantra to assist me to recognize my dreams. Only take a deep breath and repeat: “While each day I expand with abundance, achievement, and love, also inspire those around me to do the same.”

Once you have learned by heart this mantra, it can be gone by you a step faraway by applying Enlightened No, a handy method to escape things that are incompatible with your Zone of Genius.

For instance, consider a co-worker approaching you with an investment occasion. For a price that fits your budget, it can be earned by you $50,000 with a novel product that has the potential to provide many benefits. Let’s say the product is a new biofeedback machine to assist human-beings with paralysis.

The Enlightened No is a way to concentrate by asking yourself the question: Is this occasion compatible with my Genius Field? If your area is neuroscience then yes, only if you do Zone music, you should gently reject it.

That way, you won’t be distracted and involved in something that distracts you from your aims.

Chapter 6 – You can specialize time by stopping complaining and not allowing problems to improve.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, history was written by Albert Einstein with the theory of relativity, which explains how time and space are interrelated. Sure, it isn’t needed by you to understand all the details of Einstein’s laws to use them and be specialized in time.

That’s right, instead of being at the mercy of time, taking control is achieved by you. And it all begins with taking responsibility and accepting that you are responsible.

Do you recall the advice on worrying and allowing go of things that are beyond your control? In essence, what is about being honest with yourself and your duties and controlling features of your life that may be your avoidance history is this advice.

Things that might have started as minor problems will get worse when you run away from your responsibilities. While time progresses, stress on these problems will just rise. The trick is to turn all this around.

Let’s say your kid has a drinking problem. You can neglect this by thinking they will quit this habit. However, the longer you escape dealing with the problem, the bigger it will be. Your kid will not just be in pain for longer, but you will have to spend more time dealing with this issue in the future. The moment you take control and start dealing with the issues is the moment when the problem will start to shrink and you will instantly give yourself more time in the future.

Applying a complaint diet is another way to take control of your time.

Consider it: How much time is lost each day complaining about this, that, and the other? To understand the true dimension, spend a week watching your co-workers’ conversations and realizing how much of them revolve around complaining – whether it is a customer, a colleague, or insomnia.

As long as hearing your coworkers complain, it is shown to them by you and explain that it didn’t fix anything. What is much more constructive is to take responsibility for the issue and fix it.

But don’t forget to be awake while complaining about yourself.  That, should be banned right away is to say you don’t have sufficient time to do something, is a classic complaint. Not only do you have time, but you also save time when you do this now instead of delaying it. In general terms, the longer we delay things, the more time it takes.

Chapter 7 – What is often conducted by relationship issues is an achievement, particularly when couples escape duties.

When you notice yourself in a loving relationship, you can consider yourself, “This is too good to be accurate!” However, it will be pretended by some human-beings to be too good to be true and begin to doubt the worth of their relationship and turn it upside down.

Whether you are accomplished in other fields of your life or not, relationship difficulties are still common. In statistics, it is explained that financial felicitousness can put a huge strain on love.

About 20 years ago, it was managed by researchers John Cuber and Peggy Harroff with influential research explaining how unhappy 80 percent of highly accomplished individuals are in their relationships. Even if love was no longer there, living together was what happened by many couples, while others never truly fell in love in the first place and thought their partnership was more of a business deal than a romantic one. Some relationships could be represented as perpetually at odds with the rest.

Although this study is ten years old, there is little reason to believe that much has changed. By highly thriving human-beings, it is still felt they have to select between work and love, and business often wins. However, there is faith for those who desire to work for a balanced life.

Escaping projecting your problems on others is an important way to enhance relationships.

It happens when you escape responsibility when the projection takes place and when you accuse others of your problems. For instance, by a woman, her unhappiness can be attributed to her husband’s passivity. However, a closer look might show that she really likes to be the dominant personality in her relationships and always results in passive men.

On the other side, it can be complained by a man that his authoritarian wife is restricting him from expressing himself. However, if he were honest about this projection, he would finally comprehend it difficult to accept the duty to take control of his own life.

For a relationship to thrive, it is required by each spouse to take complete responsibility for their lives and not accuse the other of their weaknesses.

After all, what is too short for these little arguments is life. We must concentrate on encouraging each other to do what we love and improve as much as we can.

The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level by Gay Hendricks Book Review

It is lived by most individuals thinking that just a limited amount of felicitousness and achievement is permitted. This is not correct. When a big step is taken to realize your full potential, it will be discovered by you that there are no limits and a source of unlimited happiness and achievement for every individual who desires to overcome their fears.

Throw out the human-beings who stand before your achievement.

Many times, it is believed by adults that a particular property is a natural part of their personality. For instance, if you were shy at school, you can keep going to carry that shyness into adulthood. But don’t forget, you are the person who is 100 percent responsible for who you select to be. If that’s what you desire and require for achievement, you can throw that shy personality aside and let yourself be extroverted, charismatic, and extroverted.

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