The Big Lie by Dinesh D’Souza (Book Summary)

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Have you ever been a victim of any form of the big lie? For example, have you ever been accused of doing a wrong thing by a person and it turns out that the person accusing you is the one that is guilty? Perhaps, it could be your chaotic partner who sees it at your fault for all the chaos that happens in your shared apartment.

According to Dinesh D’Souza who is a political pundit, this is the type of thinking that conservatives, Republicans and right-wing voters must face daily. However, it’s even much bigger than this. As a matter of fact, D’Souza claims that the leftist accusation that Trump and his supporters are fascists is one of those big lies because it’s actually the people on the Left that are the fascists!

In these book chapters, you will see D’Souza’s correct version of history as he exposes Democrats as the true Nazis, the real fascists, and the real racists. From breaching the national traditions to strange ways of eugenics, you will see all the things that the American Left like Democrats, progressives, socialists, and Marxists has in common with Nazis and fascists.

1 – People on the Left spread the big lie that President Trump and the Republicans are racists and Nazis.

Our story starts with Sigmund Freud who is the founder of psychoanalysis. Earlier in his career, he was aware of a phenomenon and he called it transference.

For example, this is what occurs when a criminal blames his wrongdoings on his victims. This isn’t only falsifying the truth; it is changing the truth on its head. To put this plainly, it is a big lie.

D’Souza believes that big lies play an important role in today’s politics; the worst big lie is the idea, spread by the Left that racism and Nazism are naturally from the right-wing. Even American Republicans and conservatives are beginning to believe this.

The Left view racism and Nazism as notions of the Right, with Democrats and progressives being the historical forces of freedom, equality, and civil rights.

However, the author thinks otherwise. The author thinks that the American Left were the supporters of slavery and the execution of Native Americans. They supported racial separation and they even opposed the Civil Rights Movement.

Also, the author believes that the American Left is spreading a big lie by accusing President Trump and the Republican Party of racism and fascism.

Also, in his view, he believed that academia, Hollywood and the media are assisting in spreading this lie.

Chris Hedges who is the left-wing author said that Trump’s presidency was the “dress rehearsal for fascism.” Furthermore, Ashley Judd the Hollywood actor stated that “Hitler is in these streets” in reaction to Trump’s election.

Also, the charge of fascism has been kicked down by Democrats. Martin O’Malley who is the Democratic presidential candidate that accused Trump of bringing “fascist appeal right into the White House.”

To D’Souza the author, the American Left is just playing fascism and Nazi cards. It’s an exaggerated and sensational way to condemn conservatism.

The author wants to prove that both racism and Nazism have nothing to do with Republicans or conservatives. For him, as these book chapters attempt to explain, the progressive political Left are the actual fascists.

2 – President Trump is neither a fascist, Nazi nor a racist.

Where do the words right-wing and left-wing coin from? They actually go way back to the 1789 French Revolution, where revolutionary partisans sat on the left side of the National Assembly. On the other side, the French “right-wing” assembled to the king’s defense, therefore they became known as conservatives.

The author believes that in America being a conservative signifies protecting the principles of the American Revolution. This means economic freedom in the form of capitalism, political freedom, democracy, and freedom of speech and religion.

On the other hand, the Left does not believe in the free-market system and they desire greater federal power.

Therefore, what about fascism, then? The term originates from the Italian word fasci.  In the twentieth century, these were groups of political protesters in Italy. Hence, Fascism means the notion that groups are stronger than individuals. In short, the author claims that Fascism is equal to collectivism.

Now that we know the author’s definitions, it appears that President Trump isn’t a fascist, a Nazi or a racist.

It is certain that Trump has been endorsed by white supremacists such as Richard Spencer. However, does this make Trump a racist? But, Trump didn’t endorse Spencer’s policies. Because racists support Trump’s policies on a matter such as immigration, it doesn’t mean Trump is a racist.

Also, Trump has been accused of authoritarianism in the mode of fascist dictators such as Mussolini or Hitler.

Also, Progressives like stating that Trump is a fascist because fascism and Nazism were nationalist movements. They like relating this type of nationalism to the patriotism of the American Right.

However, American nationalism is different because it uses traditional symbols such as the American flag. This is totally different from the Italian fascists and the Nazis, both of which broke with national traditions. Mussolini ridiculed the Italian flag, whereas Hitler created the Nazi swastika flag.

3 – Fascism developed from socialism; hence it was created by the Left.

The Italian Prime Minister named Benito Mussolini founded the first fascist regime in 1922. Even now, when we talk about fascism we relate it with Mussolini and Hitler. We consider fascism to be on the right of the political field.

D’Souza claims that this is all a big lie. For him, the first fascists were the Marxists.

Nevertheless, Mussolini had faultless socialist histories. He was born into a family of socialist and also by the time he turned twenty-one, he was very aware of the beliefs of Marx and Engels. He wrote for Il Proletario which is a socialist weekly that was published in New York. In 1912, he became members of the board of directors of the Italian Socialist Party. Mussolini wasn’t only a socialist. He was the leader of the Italian socialist movement.

Hitler was also a socialist, too. Due to him being a socialist, he named the movement the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

Hitler and Mussolini didn’t change from socialism to fascism. They were continually going to go that way since fascism and socialism have similar roots

As a matter of fact, the emergence of fascism was a reaction to Marxism’s inability to materialize well. It was predicted by Karl Marx that, as capitalism developed, the working class would certainly rebel against the bourgeois class.

Nevertheless, even as capitalism happened in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in Europe, Marx’s prediction failed to happen. Instead of what he predicted to happen, the living conditions of the working classes became better. The proletariat and the bourgeoisie were really on good terms.

The theoretical foundation of Marxism was shaken to its core. However, Mussolini was able to quickly realize that; during World War I the working classes had more of an identity based on nationality than in class. Hence, he created fascism as a new and practical form of socialism.

According to the author, this is very simple: fascism is a legacy of the Left.

4 – The Democrats are accountable for black slavery as well as the displacing of Native Americans; also, they even inspired the Holocaust.

America’s unrestricted “Jewish” capitalism was hated by Hitler. However, he liked one thing which is American racism.  Also, Hitler’s policy for the purchase of new land for the German race that is known as Lebensraum was inspired by the Democratic Party.

The Democrat Andrew Jackson was the president that was in power between the years 1829 and 1837 considered the Native Americans as alien dwellers of the land that was meant to belong to the white settlers. The Democrats wanted a way out to their Indian issue.

The purpose of Jackson’s Indian Removal Act of 1830 was to displace the Native Americans. They threatened them with genocide. Peter Burnett, The Democratic Governor of California, openly announced for a “war of extermination.”

Hitler witnessed how the American government had displaced North America’s native dwellers. Hence, D’Souza claims that Hitler was inspired by the actions of the Democrats; also his approaches were applied to Eastern Europeans, Russians and mainly among the Jews.

The author affirms that Nazi concentration camps are the legacy of the Democratic Party. Nevertheless, slavery was formed by the Democratic American South, while the Republican Party had been established as an anti-slavery party before the Civil War. The author states that in 1860, no Republican had a slave.

The Democratic plantations and the Nazi concentration camps were very alike according to D’Souza. Both systems were founded on a belief of inferiority. The Nazis viewed the Jews as Untermenschen and this means “subhumans”; while slave owners viewed blacks as animals.

Also, the author believes that the work plans for black slaves and Jewish prisoners were alike. Both labored in groups from morning till night.

Genocide? Concentration camps? These are all the dark secrets of the Democratic Party.

5 – The Nazi Nuremberg Laws were encouraged by the Democrats; also anti-capitalism is basically anti-Semitic.

In 1934, the Nazi Ministry of Justice created the Nuremberg Laws in order to oppress German Jews. Heinrich Krieger, who was a young lawyer, was their main source. Krieger researched the US race law at the University of Arkansas. Also, it was Krieger who saw how Democratic segregation laws could be used to oppress the Jews.

The Nazis realized so fast that US segregation and miscegenation laws could be reformed for their own intentions.

The US segregation laws prohibited interracial marriage, and they separated accommodation as well as drinking fountains. The Nazis mainly liked how the US laws formed two classes of citizens which are the first and the second class.

The Democrats were the ones that passed and enforced segregation laws in the South of America. Hence, the author claims that the Democrats inspired the Nuremberg Laws that deprived German citizenship to Jews. Also, the Democrats forbade the Jews from marrying or having sexual intercourse with “citizens of German or kindred blood.”

Also, D’Souza believes that the origins of anti-Semitism are from the anti-capitalist and leftist movements. He also states that Nazi anti-Semitism and the anti-capitalist ideology of which he calls the Democratic Left in America both originated from the same origin.

Hitler’s anti-Semitism is the product of anti-capitalism: he saw capitalism and entrepreneurship as the outcome of Jewish immorality. According to D’Souza, he said Marx also believed that capitalism was a Jewish phenomenon and socialism would free society from Jewish capitalism.

Also, just like the American Left of today, Hitler distinguished between two types of capitalism which are productive capitalism and finance capitalism. Hitler related finance capitalism with the “swindling” Jew. D’Souza claims that the Left’s denouncement of capitalists as greedy “profiteers” is like anti-Semitic.

6 – Just like the Nazis, American progressives support eugenics.

No one else represents the terrors of the Nazis other than the physician at the Auschwitz extermination camp, Josef Mengele. He did a lot of horrible experiments on the children that were there; from performing electroshock treatments to removal of eyeballs.

Mengele was driven by eugenics which is the belief that the genetic abilities of the human race could only be enhanced by stopping people with less genetically desirable characteristics from reproducing.

Also, American had its own Mengele; his name is Kermit Gosnell. Beginning in 1979, Gosnell had an abortion clinic named Women’s Medical Society which was located in West Philadelphia. In that clinic, Gosnell did late-term abortions. Also, if a child was born alive, he killed the child with a process he called “ensuring fetal demise.” Gosnell’s abortion procedure was to drug the infants; afterward, he would put scissors into their neck.

Progressives today argue that they have no relationship with Gosnell. However, D’Souza considers Gosnell’s activities and the “pro-choice” rhetoric of the American Left as the same thing. According to him, Nazi eugenics, Gosnell and progressive causes are all related.

Also, during the early twentieth century, American progressives forced particular people to get sterilized, just like what the Nazi eugenicists later did. A law was enacted in Indiana in 1907, the law forced sterilization upon “confirmed criminals, idiots, imbeciles and rapists.” Also, Twenty-six other states passed this similar law. For the next 30 years, about 65,000 people were sterilized against their will.

However, it would be wrong to say that eugenicists believe has been wiped out since in the United States. The author argues that Planned Parenthood which an organization that offers reproductive health care, is related to the eugenics movement.  Margaret Sanger, who is the founder of the organization defended sterilization and she asked that prospective parents get permits “to protect society against the propagation and increase of the unfit.”

Thus, D’Souza views the American Left guilty in the ideology of eugenics since they support Planned Parenthood and they also promote birth control.

7 – The first American führer was Franklin D. Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson was a proto-fascist.

One hero of the American Left is Franklin D. Roosevelt. According to their description, he should be praised since he revived the American economy after the Great Depression and he also conquered Nazi Germany.

However, according to the author, FDR was the first American führer. He was also the one who put the American Left on its fascist route.

You can be wondering, can FDR be a fascist if he defeated Hitler? Firstly, the author argues that FDR did not defeat Hitler. The Soviet Union is the actual cause of the Nazis lost. FDR’s US forces only assisted in facilitating their surrender.

Also, the author considers the FDR’s New Deal policies fascist because they supported state-run capitalism, which is just like the Nazis and Italian fascists.

Policies such as the National Recovery Act (NRA) destroyed the American free-market because they intended that the government could fix production targets, wages, prices and working hours across all industries.

The policies were known as the “middle ground” among socialism and capitalism; however, the author thinks that it was the American work ethic and its entrepreneurial abilities that saved the country.

Furthermore, Mussolini and Hitler considered FDR as a co dictator. Völkischer Beobachter which is the Nazi newspaper also applauded the New Deal for being fascist in nature.

However, the author argues that FDR had gained his trick from President Woodrow Wilson who was the American proto-fascist. Also, FDR has worked as a Navy secretary between the years 1913 to 1921 in the Wilson administration, hence he preceded fascism well.

D’Souza asserts that Wilson assisted in reviving the Ku Klux Klan. Wilson organized a screening of the infamous film The Birth of a Nation by David W. Griffith’s, which portrays the Klan as the rescuer of the South. Wilson recognized that the message from the film was “terribly true” and, afterward, new Klan chapters were set up in Oregon, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

8 – The American Left practices its prejudice and power through academia, the media, and Hollywood.

Presently, the Left keeps claiming that they won’t stop fighting until they get Trump to leave the White House. The progressives won’t give up. Hence, where do they get this power from?

D’Souza thinks that the American Left is in charge of the three powerful institutions namely academia, the media, and Hollywood.

The political Left has a stronghold on all the humanities and social-sciences departments across America, not only those in Ivy League schools like Yale and Harvard. As a matter of fact, the Oregon Association of Scholars has revealed that universities have removed conservative professors and they even reject to hire them.

Also, Conservatives have been thoroughly deprived of a voice in the media too. TV and cable networks such as CNN and HBO and newspapers like the New York Times and the Washington Post are all left-leaning.

The author visualizes a conveyer belt of leftist propaganda lies. They start in academia, and they are spread by the media, then they are further extended by Hollywood sitcoms and motion pictures.

Hence, D’Souza is horrified by the notion that a communist such as Che Guevara or a “street hoodlum” such as Trayvon Martin can be part of scapegoats or celebrities to the Left.

Also, the author views the Left as intolerant of all the opposing viewpoints.

The Left’s intolerance originates from the notions of Herbert Marcuse who was the progressive intellectual and anti-capitalist, who escaped from the Nazi regime in 1933. Marcuse created the term repressive tolerance. This term is mostly summed up by the chant “no toleration of the intolerant.” Marcuse particularly called for a little or no tolerance against right-wing supporters, and toleration of those from the left.

 According to the author, this shows that patriots, Republicans, conservatives, capitalists, as well as Christians are not tolerated. However, he also claims that organizations like Black Lives Matter and anti-fascist groups are tolerated when they shouldn’t be.

9 – Conservatives need to win the fascism of the American Left.

The outside military force defeated the European fascism in World War II. However, it really would have been possible to prevent Hitler and Mussolini from inside, without the need for a war.

The political opposition in Germany made the mistake of trying to “welcome” Hitler. The author believes the American conservatives and the Republican Party should try their best not to do this appeasement strategy again and so allow the fascism inherent in the Left. He believes there are a few methods in which conservatives can fight the fascist Left.

First, it’s important to let everyone know that the people on the American Left are the real fascists.

Secondly, it is important for America to have a Republican Party that can unite the conservative movement. There’s no chance for accommodating the fascist Left.

Then, the author wants the government to disappear. Obamacare must leave. The Dodd-Frank Act, which restrains banking and investment needs to be canceled. Also, only those who are struggling should receive welfare like food supplies. As a matter of fact, the author believes that the Obama administration intentionally exaggerated the number of welfare receivers just to make sure that they became dependent on the government.

Afterward, the Republicans should enact comprehensive tax reforms, for instance, corporate tax should be reduced, and a lot of government functions should be privatized as possible.

In order to make sure that conservative policies are put in place, the Supreme Court should be full of conservative judges. This simply means that, in order to counter Democratic judges, it is necessary to have ideologically-intelligent Republican conservatives.

To actually seal the deal, the Republican Party requires the votes of blue-collar workers as well as other minorities who voted Democratic in the past in order to win.

Finally, when protests by groups such as Antifa or Black Lives Matter which the author sees as fascist become violent and lead to rebellions or domestic terrorism, the police should not be scared of interfering and enforce the law.

It’s only such a radical, strong agenda related to an ideologically uncompromising judiciary and strong law enforcement that lasting conservative supremacy at the ballot box and overcome the terror of the progressive Left.

The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left by Dinesh D’Souza Book Review

The American Left has spread a huge lie, attempting to make us believe that people on the Right are Nazis, fascists, and racists. This is the opposite of the truth. The American Left has a lot in common with Nazism and fascism than it would ever acknowledge. Also, the German Nazis even learned from the American Democratic Left. It is high time American conservatives fight back and reveal this big lie.

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