The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon [Book Summary – Review]

By many of us, both personal and professional breakdowns in our lives can be experienced. Sometimes these crashes can feel so deep that you are curious if you can get rid of them. So, think taking the bus one morning and the bus driver giving you a set of rules to avoid your crash.

In this summary, you will comprehend the energy bus. Get in an allegorical bus that offers you novel ways to think positively, and you’ll discover yourself transforming both your individual and business life. In here, by you, ten rules to energize your vita will be discovered.

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Chapter 1 – The reason for miserableness is a deficiency of authority over your life.

By most human-beings, “positive energy” means wandering with a glued smile. However, positive energy is much deeper; it is the right situation of optimism and enthusiasm that enhances the lifestyle of trust, crush, and love.

Even if it sounds magnificent, how can you achieve this situation?

Let’s take George who is our fanciful guide man in this story. His life showed perfect; he had a home, a wife, two kids, a puppy, and a team to manage the NRG Company, which manufactures the light bulb. Still, George was unhappy. Each little thing seemed to be going false for him, and he was hopeless to discover meaning in his vita.

By many human beings, it is sensed like George their life is stuck in the passenger seat. After all, what is full of stress and improbable expectations, both individually and professionally is life.

One Monday morning, by George, it was realized that a puncture in his car. He was late for a meeting about the launch of the latest light bulb, and his team fell into chaos. Worse, he had a violent argument with his wife that morning. He just walked in for a day and was already sure this was going to be an awful week.

From there, things just appeared to go downhill; Because George’s car also had braking problems, he must take the bus to work for the next two weeks. But when he climbed the boat for the first time, Joy, the bus driver, and her full smile directly captivated him. She had met a lot of human-beings like George and knew precisely what he required.

It was learned by George from the other passenger, according to a study, that 9 am Monday is the most popular time for people to perpetrate suicide. It is when people sense that they cannot continue for another week of their lives. George was dangerously close to this point, and by Joy, it was known she had to intervene. So, she invited him on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure: a journey to a more joyful life on the Energy Bus.

Chapter 2 – By you, control of your life should be taken and concentrated on the vision you want.

By Joy, an incredible opportunity was presented to George, however, it wasn’t until his wife and manager told him he was ready to lose everything he was prepared to admit. Once he learned it, she perpetrated to learn Joy’s ten rules for a novel life. Becoming the driver of your bus and taking control again was the initial rule.

His trip started like this.

As George was climbing the bus another day at the office, George was told by Joy that human-beings were often unhappy because they had no say in their lives. George quickly comprehended what she meant. After all, he felt stuck between conflicting expectations like his manager and his wife. Not only that, but his vita was filled with events that were completely beyond his control, like his car breaking down.

By Joy, it was told that via the energy bus philosophy that to switch your life, you require to take back control, decide whom you desire to be and how you will be. However, before doing this, you must know where you are going.

This is where the second rule comes into play: with vision and concentration, you can drive the bus in any aspect you desire.

To illustrate this, George was asked by Joy to write a vision for his individual life, one for his work and one for his family. It was decided by George that he desired to be delighted again; he desired to have a positive impact on his children and his wife to be happy. His fundamental target in the business was to have a thriving product launch with his group.

Achieving these targets now was the just thing left. George was told about the law of attraction by Joy to assist.

According to this concept, whole thoughts are magnetic, meaning the things you consider will start appearing in your life. Let’s consider Olympic athletes, they use the law of attraction by visualizing their best performance before starting a competition. This usually results in gold decoration. Understanding this powerful potential, by George, spending ten minutes a day thinking about his targets was decided.

Chapter 3 – By changing the energy from negative to positive, by you, how you perceive events can be selected.

By everyone, it is known that concentrating on the positive can be difficult, but working on your attitude and vision of the world can change everything. It is completely your perception of the events that are under your control.

Let’s just take the formula E + P = O. It says Events + Perception / Positive Energy = Result. In different words, there are many things over which you do not have control, but what you command is how you perceive these issues. So, you can get better results by selecting to have positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

This is fundamental as positive energy will hold your bus moving. The third rule is that positive energy is the fuel of your trip. But how can you fill that fuel tank?

Sometimes it demands approximating things from a distinct perspective. If you have a lot of work to do, it can assist you to feel thankful that you have a duty in the first place, knowing that many people strive to find a job.

It is such a basic act of gratitude that will release endorphins and make you sense better before you realize it. It was decided by George to try this app for himself by wandering around the office for ten minutes, with everything he should be thankful for.

By him, it was comprehended that he had a healthy, loving family, house, and work – far more than most people. He sensed a newfound feeling of energy after this walk and was able to return to work prepared to face all the difficulties of the day.

You can watch George’s instance. Make these small pieces of exercise a part of your daily routine and give yourself occasions to recharge and refresh as you do.

Chapter 4 – Inform people about your vision and invite them to follow you on your trip.

Whether you are at work with co-workers or with your partner at home, the things that often depend on teamwork are happiness and achievement. After all, a happy family life and a victorious working environment can only be accomplished when everyone does their part.

So, when George started to understand his vision in life, he began to worry; if he was the single person who approached his business with passion and energy, he would hardly have been able to make an achievement finished-good launch or develop his marriage. Fortunately, Joy was ready with rule number four: say others about your vision and invite them to join you.

It’s basic: the more people you take the bus, the more positive energy it takes to speed your journey, and the more achievement your outcomes are going to be.

An easy-to-use website was mentioned by Joy that could help George explain his plans to other travelers to make this a reality. Its name is and using it, by George, bus tickets can be printed out to give to his spouse and each person on his team at the job.

However, when passengers don’t comprehend where they are going first, the ticket doesn’t do well. Although George was excited by the opinion, he knew it was significant to individually give every possible passenger a ticket by talking to Joy, but only after discussing the upcoming trip. This is because if people don’t know where you’re going, they won’t be as eager to get on the plane.

With this information, every associate of his team was met personally by George and invited to share his opinion. In these meetings, he announced his expectations for the launch and wanted everyone to stick to the vision.

He was waited by his workers to review their talk over the entire weekend and allow him to know if they would come for the trip on Monday. By George, the possibility of adding new travel buddies was felt. However, he was also worried about what might frustrate him. To bypass this, his vision requires having adequate power to inspire others, and that’s something that will be learned all about in the next section by you.

Chapter 5 – The people you shouldn’t spend your energy on are people who don’t share your vision; eliminate negative people as much as possible.

When George reunited with his team, hearing that a crew associate José was not wanting for seats made George shocked. George was astounded because José was one of his best workers. This surprising improvement made George question his vision; how could he achieve if others didn’t desire to assist him?

It’s less significant than George thinks. If by human-beings, taking the bus isn’t desired, you shouldn’t try to persuade them.

Consider a Gallup poll that discovered that there are about 22 million employees in the United States alone who have a negative attitude towards work. People who are in charge of a yearly loss of about $300 billion in productivity are these workers. Usually, the thing that can trigger self-doubt and prevent you from achieving your targets is being surrounded by people with such negative attitudes.

So, by Joy, rule number five was told to George to overcome his situation: save your energy and don’t try to persuade human-beings who are not prepared to board the ship. Don’t forget, if they’re full of negativity, they’ll just slow you down.

If negative people get on the bus, it’s very important to eliminate them as soon as possible. You may discern passengers complaining along the way. By you, these human-beings can be thought of as vampires that absorb your positivity and vision.

So, getting the Energy Vampires out of your bus is the sixth rule. In other words, if there are negative people in your team, get them seated, and talk. Try to identify where their negative attitudes are coming from and how you can work together. If they don’t want to change it, you have to allow them to go.

Or discover ways to increase your positive energy when you can’t get free of troubled people, like your boss or supervisor. If possible, you will overweigh the negativity they bring into your life.

Chapter 6 – Your feelings can be felt by other humans and they are inspired by your enthusiasm.

Have you ever met someone who is jocosely passionate about new albums or movies? Have you discerned that seeing such an energetic individual expressing his passion fills you with excitement and happiness?

This is just a natural reaction. All in all, the human body can feel the sensations of others. Take a study from the Heart Math Institute, an American research and educational institution that specializes in the way the heart affects welfare. In their research, it was discovered that the heart can convey emotions through its electromagnetic field. Not only that, but such an area can also be perceived from a distance of up to three meters!

In other words, by people around us, it can be perceived and reacted to how we feel. So, by human beings, it can be understood that someone is mealy-mouthed. However, it also means that when people are enthusiastic about something, they share that enthusiasm and those positive sensations with others.

Therefore, it is very important to energize the entire bus, but when you do, it is also significant to do it with genuine enthusiasm. This is where the seventh rule comes into play: what will get more people to attend you and motivate them throughout the journey is enthusiasm. The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek word “Entheos”, involving “inspired” or “full of the divine.”

So long as you flurry about your job and the duties you do, everyone around you is going to sense the same. This is the type of positive energy you require to fuel your long-distance journey.

There is even a name given by Joy: your CEO or Chief Energy Officer. Those who take on this role instill strong positive energy that inspires and drives team associates, workers, and even clients.

Chapter 7 – Present your passengers to sense worth via giving them your time and identifiability.

You’ve potentially realized that you’re working harder when others notice your efforts and care about you. Although it appears open, it points to a more deeply human requirement for admiration.

In different words, by loving your team associate, you can make them feel good while at the same time motivating them to do their best and follow you wherever you go. So, loving the passengers on your bus is the eighth rule.

Hereabouts are how to do it.

Initially, ensure to take your time and listen. Don’t forget, love and relationships require some time to flourish and blossom. So, only as you require to spend time with your spouse to build your relationship, you should also spend time with your workers. Regular personal meetings are necessary; they provide an occasion to get to know your team individually.

In these meetings, you should hear precisely what the other individual is saying and show empathy for their experiences. By your workers, it should be known that you care about both their requirements and opinions.

From there, the significant thing is to get to know your employees as individuals and show them how much you appreciate their work. This is unwise because people desire to be seen as individuals, not robots. That’s why show your employees that they are more than just a gear in a machine.

For example, by you, an electronic birthday message should not be sent. Instead, write true birthday cards for every person on your team.

Lastly, make sure you are familiar with the individual achievements of each worker you lead. Let’s take George and his employee José, who doesn’t desire to take the bus. José never felt precious, and although he regularly worked late, George never understood this. Adding insult to injury when Jose asked for an increase, George said he would consider this but never brought it up again.

However, that was old George. The first thing that was done by the new George after discovering the eighth rule was to thank José for all his excellent work and promise him an increase. As a consequence, José was delighted to join George on the energy bus.

Chapter 8 – It is an aim and joy that will take you to novel peaks.

By applying all the rules you’ve learned so far, by George, it was successful in putting his marriage back in order and spending more time with his children than ever before. Nevertheless, as the product launch is coming, by George, it was wondered how he could influence another shot of energy into his team.

To do this, he had to comprehend that this purpose makes his job simpler. An excellent instance is a story about President Johnson and a janitor at NASA. By the president, the space program was visited when he enthusiastically met an officer who cleans the floors. The man was told by the president that he was likely the best porter he had ever met, and the doorman answered, “Sir, I’m not a doorman. I took a man to the moon.”

It shows that rule number nine is to allow you to be guided by a higher goal, as you can simply put across everyday duties with a higher goal.

By George, his team was made to see themselves as the creators of light, not just light bulbs – the type of people who could illuminate the first book a kid read. After making this decision, they happily worked at night with George. Quickly, the entire team united behind their common task.

However, most significantly, goals and fun can make stellar performances probable. By another traveler of George’s morning commute, George was told about a study including two crews, every tasked with designing a novel plane. One was told that they were selected to design the best aircraft ever, while the other was told to only design the components and did not provide any information about the mission behind the project.

Not surprisingly, the on-duty team had a better time and worked harder, fulfilling their work in half the time.

This instance points to the tenth rule that was the last one: you should have fun on your journey. After all, achieving success while having fun is much easier than relieving stress.

The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy by Jon Gordon Book Review.

From job stress to the demands of family life and the overall challenge of paying bills, maintaining your home, and keeping everything together, the modern world is a place full of competing pressures. However, a solution is found: it is a positive energy that can assist you to take back control and discover real happiness.

Find out from your mishaps.

Getting your bus to its target can be a daunting task. To get where you desire to go, you require to be able to handle all the mishaps and difficulties along the way. To do this, make it a habit to ask yourself what you can find out from such challenges. What occasions do they offer you and your team? By efficiently thinking through all obstacles, the path to your vision will be smoother.

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