The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod [Book Summary]

If you wish to live a fulfilling and happy life the place to start is your morning habit. A lot of successful people, big managers, multimillionaires, and TV stars are early birds and most likely more completed before you even brewed your first coffee. However, it is not only about getting up early. Hal Elrod describes in his book In The Miracle Morning the significance of having a morning routine comprising of six basic activities that you can make use of to begin making the life you’ve always wished for.

In this book chapters, you will learn precisely which methods you can use to change your perspective and your daily routines for you to accomplish your dreams and goals.

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Chapter 1 – A lot of us live a mediocre life, although all of us have the potential to be successful.

The average American owes $10,000 of debt, average Americans are overweight, doesn’t like their work, has fewer than a single to refer to as a close friend, and is slightly depressed.

Clearly, the majority of the Americans are wandering through a life that falls far short of its potential.

According to the Social Security Administration, it states that if you choose hundred people at the start of their work-life and follow them up for 40 years, just one will have become rich, four of them will financially stable, five of them will have to keep on working, 36 wouldn’t be alive anymore, and 54 will rely on friends and family for financial help. These statistics certainly display an ugly image.

Say that none of these people had the intention to only “get by” all through their life, this entails a that a surprising 95% of them aren’t leading the life they desired for themselves.

However, being financially stable is connected to a sense of freedom, because don’t need to bother about paying your rents or being stuck in debt.

Also, various studies have revealed drugs prescription are being used than ever before; one in two marriages in America is crumbling; Americans have more personal debt than ever before; obesity is now an epidemic; also, heart disease and cancer are increasing. But, in spite of all of these, we’re able to live a happy and successful life; it’s likely for things to change for good.

A remarkable illustration of this is the author, Hal Elrod. Elrod really died for six minutes after a car accident. After spending numerous days in a coma, he woke up to doctors saying to him that he had permanent brain damage and might that he might not be able to walk ever again.

Still, he got better.

He accepted his situations, rather than wasting time desiring that they were different, and was able to make the life he wishes for and fulfill his potential.

Chapter 2 – Rearview Mirror Syndrome and Isolating Incidences hinder individuals from getting to their maximum potential.

Have you ever thought that the manner in which you reason about your life might really be the actual thing that is hindering you from reaching your potential?

Most of us have a tendency to make choices based on our history and by doing that really suffer from something called Rearview Mirror Syndrome (RMS).

If you have RMS, you assume that who you formerly were is who you are presently, and your decisions and choices are based on the restrictions of your former experience. Therefore, when you meet new opportunities, you usually reject them because you’ve never felt them before.

For instance, a person who can’t devote to their partner as a result of former failed relationships most likely suffers from RMS.

Apart from RMS, a different reason we don’t get to our potential relies on our habit of Isolating Incidents.

This signified that we treat circumstances in our life as if they’re detached from every other thing– which is different from reality.

For instance, maybe you reason that it’s totally okay to skip your exercise today because you can still do it tomorrow. However, instead of your choice just affecting this instant in time, you’re really affecting the person you’re turning into.

T. Harv Eker, an author, and a businessman stresses the importance of this habit in his book titles Secrets of the Millionaire Mind when he mentions, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Therefore, if you look at events in isolation, you end up becoming kinder on yourself, and the incidences that you consider as just exceptions will turn to a norm. Due to that, your capacity to attain your dreams is hindered and you succeed just to the level which your excuses let you.

If you wish to build the life that you want, you have to alter the way you reason about it. Thinking too much about the past and making excuses will just prevent your success.

Chapter 3 – To begin the day properly, quit hitting the snooze button and adjust how you ponder on sleep.

Perhaps you’re convinced that you have to transform your life. However, where do you begin? Here is a first fast question – did you hit the snooze button this morning?

A lot of us would be guilty of this. Therefore, what’s the issue? Well, hitting the snooze button hinders us from waking up with a sense of purpose. Every time you get to that button, you are subconsciously telling yourself that you don’t wish to rise to your life, your experiences and the day ahead.

Consider the people who experience depression. For people with depression, mornings are usually the more difficult time of day. When you resist waking up, you minimize your likelihood of enjoying a fulfilling day.

On the other hand, if you wake up each morning having a purpose in mind, you’ll be on your path to leading a happy life.

Consider Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates. These popular people have a thing in common: waking up early!

If you see that you’re usually lazy in the morning, attempt altering the manner you think about sleep.

Think of this – have you ever woken up totally exhausted on a special day? Most likely not. If it’s the day of your wedding, birthday or the morning of Christmas, then regardless of if you got just a few short hours of sleep, you most likely woke up with full energy and expectation for the day ahead.

This reason is that the beliefs we have regarding our sleep play a significant part in how we feel when we wake up.

The issue with the majority of us is what Elrod discovered about himself – when you go to sleep reasoning “this is really a small sleep, I will feel tired tomorrow,” you’re ruining your morning before you even slept off.

When he said to himself that he would wake up feeling good in the morning, he felt restored with as small as four hours of sleep.

Chapter 4 – Adjust your morning habit to improve your Wake Up Motivation Level.

Therefore, how do you stop wasting your life in laziness and begin reaching your potential? One important step you can take is to adjust your morning habit by increasing your Wake Up Motivation Level.

This level can be represented on a scale of one to ten, where ten signifies that you’re excited to wake up and greet the day ahead, and one signifies that you would instead just go back into bed.

Luckily, using only a few simple methods can make you more cautious and provide you with more of a spark during your morning procedure.

Firstly, before going to bed, you should confirm to yourself that you’ll wake up the following morning feeling refreshed. If you can make yourself to anticipate to the following day someway, waking up will be much less of a routine for you!

After that, put your alarm clock on the other part of your room to your bed. This, definitely, signifies that you’ll require to really wake up from your bed when it rings in the morning for you to switch it off.

As soon as you get out of bed and have turned off your alarm, go to the bathroom and brush. By doing that, will provide you a feeling of freshness and assist you to feel a more awake first thing.

Next, head to the kitchen to drink a glass of water as fast as you can comfortably handle. This lets you rehydrate after a night of losing water from breathing. It’s significant to know that dehydration can really make you feel very exhausted.

By finishing these basic steps, you’ll wake up in the morning feeling brighter and ready for the essential practice of the Miracle Morning habit, which we’ll look at now.

Chapter 5 – Practicing purposeful silence in the morning will assist you to deal with stress.

It’s very likely that you, just like the majority of us, get worried. One strong method to minimize this is to utilize the first phase of the Miracle Morning routine. This entails making out some time for purposeful silence after getting up.

Meditation is an illustration of purposeful silence is meditation – a common way that a lot of people in high-pressure works utilize to fight stress.

For instance, the Huffington Post mentioned that Oprah Winfrey believed Transcendental Meditation®, specifically, assisted her “connect with that which is God.”

Many of the popular people like Sting, Jerry Seinfeld, and Russell Simmons mention that meditation is a significant aspect of their life.

Therefore, how can you add purposeful silence to your habit? You can attempt the Miracle Morning Meditation.

Before you begin though, take a break from your concerns and focus just on yourself. Look for a quiet, comfy place to sit, maybe a pillow or the couch, and sit with your leg crossed and upright.

After that, shut your eyes or look ahead to the floor in front of you. Bring your awareness to your breath, exhaling through your mouth and inhaling via your nose. Breathe gently and into your belly, not your chest. Then place a pace for your breath – breathe in and out for three seconds. Attempt to reject any feelings; however, if they come, just refocus on your breath.

Although this may be hard initially, it will progressively become much easier if you do it daily. Gradually, you’ll feel your stress levels minimize.

If you have tried those methods already and you think that it’s not your thing, you can as well look for other means to assist you to relax.

This could entail taking some time to think about your life and the things you’re thankful for, or you may discover that praying works well for you, if you’re really motivated.

Chapter 6 – Make use of affirmation and visualization in the morning to begin making your perfect life.

How do we change from a mediocre life to a life that we like and that really satisfies us?

One method is to consider our self-talk. Human brains are subconsciously programmed by the manner we talk to ourselves; however, it’s likely to change this by making use of positive affirmations.

We all have regular streams of thoughts in our heads which are grounded in our former experiences and this can work for or against us, based on how we make use of them.

To change few of your thoughts into positive affirmations, you can use these steps: articulate and jot down how you wish for your life to be in every aspect, clarify your intentions by asking yourself the reason you desire what you desire and then question yourself what you’re devoted to doing to achieve that, or even just to reach the next phase.

After you have formed your affirmation, make sure you read it out loud to yourself no less than once in a day.

Another significant tool to have within your reach to attain success is one that a lot of professional athletes make use of; which are, visualization or mental practice.

You as well can make use of this method to visualize your perfect life, your dreams, and goals.

For instance, if you wish to write a book, visualize yourself feeling motivated and happily writing page after page at your desk.

Your affirmations can assist you to visualize the responses when you ask yourself questions like these, “What do I really want?” “Why do I want what I want?” and “What am I devoted to doing for me to achieve it?”

Affirmation and visualization are strong tools. Visualizing the life you dream of and affirming to yourself the work you’re ready to do to achieve that will alter the way of thinking you have on your day-to-day routine.

Chapter 7 – Morning workouts will make your body healthy and aid your success.

We usually see that we’re really too busy to work out. It looks as if our lives are really filled with activities that we usually feel completely exhausted in the evenings. Therefore, why not attempt beginning the day with some work out to get it done first thing?

Exercise is extremely significant in making our bodies healthy; therefore, it’s a good idea to create time for exercise in our lives.

Just really a few of us attempt to exercise during the day, although all of us know the advantages of exercise, such as the minimized risk of disease, and just feeling good since you’re fit.

The thing is, we are also aware that our days will get busy: last-minute appointments get scheduled and significant tasks can appear. Therefore, we usually just fall on the couch at the end of the day, really tied to go for a run or exercise.

Although we are aware that exercise is significant, we often ignore it. Still, creating time for it as part of our morning can actually help our success.

For example, when Eben Pagan a self-made multimillionaire was asked during an interview what the number one way to success was, the entrepreneur responded by saying: “Begin each morning off with a personal success routine.” Then he stressed the importance of morning workout as part of this routine, describing how exercise makes his heart rate up, his blood pumping and his lungs filled with oxygen.

One method you can exercise in the mornings is to use a yoga DVD. The author creates time for 20 minutes of yoga daily by using an instructional DVD. This assists him to concentrate, wakes him up and lets him sustain high levels of energy all through his day.

Chapter 8 – In the morning, read and write to concentrate on personal development.

As soon as you’ve worked out, it’s time to concentrate on your personal development as the next phase of your Miracle Morning. Reading and writing are two important things that can assist you to think about your successes and progress toward what you want from life.

All of us can get a small time to read, and reading books on personal growth in the morning is one fast way of acquiring understanding from others who have experienced success.

There are books out there on different types of goals like increasing your incomes,  enhancing your relationships or forming a business.

A good reading target to strive for is a minimum of ten pages every day. This entails about ten to 20 minutes of reading every day, depending on how fast you read. Remarkably, this tallies to roughly 3,650 pages per year, which entails you’ll be reading about 18 books in a year.

Also, re-reading, highlighting or circling valuable information makes it very easy for you to remember what is of most significance to you.

The next thing is writing. What is the reason why this should be beneficial to us? Well, writing for only about five to ten minutes each morning will increase your personal development.

Writing down your feelings, thoughts, and understandings, especially, can be extremely useful.

For instance, Elrod discovered that he was very happier and felt more thankful for his life since his writing let him concentrate on the things he had already accomplished, and the goals he wished to attain in the future.

He accomplished this by dividing a page into two columns titled Lessons Learned and New Commitments.

This assisted him to stop making the same errors and devoted him to the transformation he wished to make in his life.

By writing daily, you can evaluate what you have learned, get clarity on your issues and accomplishments, and admit your growth along the line.

Chapter 9 – Tailor your Miracle Morning to make it suitable for your own certain desires.

Now that you’ve known of the six-morning habits that can bring you fulfillment and success in your life, it is significant to learn how to modify them to suit your desires.

You can take more or less time, according to what works best for you. If you wish, you can make use of 60 minutes in the morning to get yourself ready for the day and split the hour in various ways. For example, you could use ten minutes to do each activity or you could exercise for 30 minutes and commit five minutes to the remaining activities if you believe you’d gain more from the workout.

Only a few minutes is better than not doing anything. Therefore, if you are worried about the thought of including any other thing to your plan, just take six minutes and split them like this:

First one minute– sit in silence; the second minute– recite your affirmations; the third minute– visualize your day going well;  the fourth minute-write down things you are grateful for and what you wish to accomplish during the day; the fifth minute– read two pages of a book; and the final minute– do some push-ups and crunches.

To include more freedom to your new habit, the time and place of your Miracle Morning can as well be flexible. For instance, the author travels so much and usually does his Miracle Morning on the fly, taking together with him some yoga lessons and a book and journal. By doing that, he can sit down at any place to meditate or pray, recite his affirmations and visualize his goals.

Say you work night shifts, you could as well do your Miracle Morning when you wake later during the day. The only significant thing is that you have some certain, committed time for self-growth.

Chapter 10 – Make your Miracle Morning a new routine by getting an accountability partner and devoting yourself to a 30-day challenge.

Just like any healthy routine, the Miracle Morning works well when you devote to it and do it often.

One efficient method to do this is to look for an accountability partner to assist you to abide by your devotion.

All of us have had those days when we had the plan to go to the gym; however, we didn’t end up going since we really didn’t feel like it. But, if we had a friend at the gym waiting for us, we would be really inspired to go to the gym.

We’re more adherent when other people hold us responsible for our actions. Therefore, look for an accountability partner who wants to do the Miracle Morning with you. By doing that, both of you can call each other to ensure you‘re on track. If looking for a person is tricky, you could as well become part of an online community.

We understand that it needs about 30 days to develop a routine; therefore, you `have to be prepared to dedicate commit to the 30 Day Miracle Morning Transformation Challenge.

The Transformation Challenge can be split into three stages. The first ten days can be hard and really difficult to tolerate; the following ten days become much easy; however, they still feel strange and rather disagreeable. But, during the final ten days, your new routine will become part of you and you will begin to like it.

For instance, at first, the author hated running; however, he dedicated himself to running daily for a complete 30 days.

He wanted to quit during the first ten days. Every day, he battled with his inner voice, who said to him it was OK if he wanted to give up. However, he didn’t. During days 11 to 20, he didn’t despise running anymore, and it began feeling more regular to him. Eventually, as the final phase rolled around, he felt that it had nearly become pleasurable!

The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life: Before 8 AM by Hal Elrod Book Review

The key to a successful, fulfilling life depends on our morning routine. Elrod inspires us to take six steps each morning to begin living the life you dream of; silence, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and writing. Finishing these basic activities first thing each morning sets the tone for an effective, successful day ahead and, by doing that, has a severely positive effect on our whole life.

Be excited about tomorrow!

Before you go to bed, ponder on what you could anticipate the following morning. Are you meeting up with a beloved friend? Are you basically anticipating a tasty breakfast? Looking for reasons to be happy about the following day will make it very easy to wake up in the mornings.

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