Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss [Book Summary – Review]

Think as if you could personally talk with the best achievers of their respective areas. What would be the things you would obtain from the talks? You would possibly obtain a lot of information with the right inquiries. This is precisely what Tim Ferriss acquired by speaking with a lot of specialists on his podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show.

In the following, we will learn about the insights obtained from these experts in health, prosperity, and intelligence. All the occupations from extreme athletes and animators to entrepreneurs and comedians are included, and each one of them has some insight that could be implemented in nearly everything.

In this book review, you will learn about

  • the advantages of a 30 to 60-second ice-cold shower;
  • how having an awful occupation can be the best means to get a good one; and
  • how Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are made creative comedians by their sexless lives.

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Chapter 1 – Extreme athletes provide the greatest health advice.

Do you know about obstacle course racing? This is a new athletic quest where competitors run through a path filled with various obstacles like walls, puddles, barbed wire, and even fire.

Even though it is comparatively new, there are some main stars of this sport – the most achieved being Amelia Boone.

She has obtained first place in 30 obstacle competitions and competed in the World’s Toughest Mudder race – a non-stop race that lasts 24 hours – in 2012. Boone successfully overcame nearly 300 obstacles by completing the 90-mile course. As you might guess, she has excellent tricks for recovering from exhausting tasks.

Ahead of each race and practice, she mixes powder of beetroot with hydrolyzed gelatin – a tasteless food, extracted from animals. This easy protein nutrient recreates her ligaments.

A further trick from Amelia is frequently rolling the feet over a golf ball. Doing this alerts the hamstrings – which are some of the most significant muscle groups for complete posture and power.

Now let’s look at a different athlete, Wim Hof. His ambition for withstanding excessive cold made him deserve a moniker: “The Iceman”. He has surpassed more than 20 world records in frozen regions, involving a 7500-meter Mount Everest climb in 2007 with just shorts and shoes.

To get ready for these kinds of unbelievable endurance achievements, Hof takes an ice bath. However, staying in the cold is not something new. It has been utilized for increasing well-being. For example, surfing triumphant Laird Hamilton and the personal development expert Tony Robbins both used cold exposure to boost immunity, support weight loss, and combat depression.

Having said that, Hof enhances the level of cold exposure. For example, one day he swam in a lake covered with ice. His retina was frozen after this show. Fortunately, the damage in his eyes was not permanent.

Inherently, these types of extreme performances might not be the greatest point in the beginning. Therefore, for a smoother start, end your everyday shower with a 30- to 60- second cold shower.

Chapter 2 – There is no defined path for personal well-being.

You might have observed that we are likely to think of easy responses to health inquiries. For example, the majority of people consider that because high cholesterol is something bad, low cholesterol is something good.

Nevertheless, it is not that easy. Justin Mager, a physician and a personal well-being mentor of Olympic athletes, company executives, and even health specialists such as the builder of the San Francisco CrossFit, Kelly Starret, has been trying to oppose such thoughts for ages.

He has discovered that, in some situations, high cholesterol can in reality support people in constructing lean body mass and clear muscles in a short time. That means, health remedies do not have a defined path. Although a white-collar employee should follow a low-cholesterol menu, an athlete could benefit from a high-cholesterol menu.

This is the reason that defining things as healthy should be done with experiments and not tight scales. Nowadays, this is compulsory because a lot of contemporary health tips are on the reclusive end of the scale: “no sugar, no alcohol, no meat”.

A psychedelics specialist James Fadiman suggests an alike experimental way. He recommends trying out things. 

A great example can be demonstrated from the author’s friend called “Slim Ferriss”, who took microdoses from psychedelic drugs. He discovered that these medications made his health and empathy better and increased his consciousness.

This cure involves a two-week microdose of ibogaine hydrochloride, a psychoactive matter obtained from some blooming herbs such as long-living rainforest bushes named Tabernanthe iboga.

Along with these weekly microdoses, he goes through a retreat every 6 months in which he absorbs a larger amount of ayahuasca, a psychoactive plant used by the native inhabitants of the Amazon. This botanical stimulates some kind of moral illumination. Individuals who have used it said that it clarifies the interconnections between everything in the universe.

Certainly, it is barely suggestable for someone to have psychoactive medicaments, specifically without expert help. Instead, for some, it is the non-formulaic thinking of well-being that is beneficial. We have talked about well-being, now let’s talk about prosperity.

Chapter 3 – Having a very challenging job would provide you with the sight and the incentive you need to achieve success.

The majority of people think that if someone works hard, that person will be successful. However, there is also nothing similar to a challenging job that would make you desire success.

Look at the example of Chris Sacca, an achieved investor in the San Francisco Bay Area whose mother and father taught him a significant lesson at his young ages. The Sacca children had their summers in two parts.

In the first part, they did internships with a powerful relative. For example, while they are 12 years old, Chris Sacca was grouped with his godbrother, whose father was a lobbyist in Washington DC. In that summer, Chris joined meetings with members of congress and saw how to persuade them to approve a bill.

In the second part of the summer, the Sacca kids went to work on a less elite job. A job Chris had was the maintenance of septic tanks. He cleaned off excrement, carried dirty buckets, with the boss around.

This type of incidence is necessary since if one knows that they want a life similar to that of an authoritative than a septic-tank cleaner, they can begin following the right way in the correct path.

These starting steps are frequently half the way – and they are generally not simple. Therefore, remember the suggestion of the achieved author Seth Godin. He thinks that for success, one needs to follow favorable occurrences.

People waste a lot of time focusing on negative things, from a non-achieved promotion or a lost relationship to even things that are as simple as forgetting to take an umbrella in rainy weather. The issue here is that focusing too much on the losses will make you pessimistic and destroyed.

Therefore, it is more preferred to concentrate on every time you were thriving, bold, or beneficial. When you can see your favorable influence, this will enable and motivate you to accomplish even better things.

Chapter 4 – Accomplishment is reached when one forms long-term systems, instead of short-term aims.

The comic book Dilbert is about the story of an innocent office employee who, in plenty of dimensions, is an excellent antihero. However, you should not understand that he is an unsuccessful person. If you ask Scott Adams, the comic’s inventor, antiheroes can be successful since achievement is not about attaining aims, it is related to constructing systems.

What is concentrating on systems?

First, it is about working on projects that look destined to fail – but just for people who do not have sight of the big picture. For example, if you have an ambition for taking photographs, you might begin a photography project that examines decaying leaves.

There is a possibility that the photographs will not be successful; they may not be taken to an exhibition, a gallery inaugural, or the walls of a rich gatherer’s house. When you look from far away, such a conclusion may look like an unsuccess. However, you are developing a new dexterity that will be extremely beneficial for example when you are wanted to take pictures for a webpage.

The thing is that people are likely to concentrate on short-term aims, such as forming and advertising a new great product. When these types of aims cannot be reached in the available time, people are likely to quit, think that they are not born for entrepreneurship, and turn back to their ordinary occupations in office.

This is a big mistake. Rather, concentrate on a capability or relationship that you would like to advance in time and do not consider any determined aims. Look at Scott, the inventor of Dilbert. He began blogging although it required a lot more effort for little extra money.

However, he was aware that it worth it since he had a system. The aim of blogging was not well defined, however, with exercise, he developed from an enthusiastic author to a capable one that exists online. The system had to pay off, and it worked. Scott turned out to be a best-selling writer, but for this, he needed to wait for a long time.

Chapter 5 – Disregarding peer pressure and going under big ventures are both crucial to accomplishment.

Have you ever annoyed one of your friends by looking at everybody else around you? If you are likely to be captured by such traps, you might not own what is required for success and prosperity.

In reality, for achievement, you should form a barrier to peer pressure. Look at the Olympic snowboard victorious, Shaun White. At the age of 15, his mother and father financed him to go to Japan for participating in the global snowboarding competition. (The other rivals were at higher ages and were financed by sponsors).

On the previous day of the competition, every other athlete went out to party. On the competition day, the hungover rivals determined that they will not care about the competition; rather, they would go just for show and divide the money among each other.

If White would not have another thing in his mind, that might occur. In defiance of sarcastic higher-aged athletes, he denied approving the agreement. In conclusion, he came first in the race and obtained the $50,000 reward, becoming one of the most merchantable athletes of today in the US.

White’s courageous action exemplifies that entrepreneurial achievement looks at taking risks as well. We can show as an example Peter Diamandis, the inventor of the XPRIZE Foundation, a prize that drives people to create original methods for investigating space.

He determined that the reward should have amounted to a minimum of $10 million and with the assistance of his peers he obtained $5 million but could not find the remainder. When encountered with a similar problem, the majority would quit. However, Diamandis decided on risk-taking. He invested this amount by arranging a big fundraising event.

Taking risk gave fruits. Supporters were relieved with the great event and contributions started to flow in. Thanks to the risk, the prize was existent at the time the first award was granted in 2004.

Now you have an idea of how to acquire some financing. However, what does money do without intellect? We will discuss it in the following.

Chapter 6 – Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are funny intellects with formulas of creativity.

If you assume that intellect means meditating for hours and complete respect, then you do not know about Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. They are examples of human intellect that is acquired by witticism and mischievous attitude. Regardless of the puritanical foundations of the American community, Rogen and Goldberg were successful in developing films that treat sexuality with disrespect and joy.

Their effort on the matter started in 2007 with the film Superbad. This comedy film is about two bizarre young people who are hopeless to lose their virginity and have very little intelligence remained to put for something else.

The most recent film from this duo named Sausage Party was released in 2016. It represents cartoon grocery food items such as hot dogs, tacos, with sexual sarcasm.

What can Rogen and Goldberg tell us about their experience?

They can explain the three simple ingredients of life and inventiveness:

Firstly, go with things you know. For these teen artist duo, this was about handling the desperate want for more sex. The urge to satisfy this want created Superbad, their first successful movie.

The second tip comes from their supervisor, Judd Apatow. He directed them to go contrary to the standard male generalization of non-emotionality. The most significant thing in life and inventiveness is to utilize your emotions because this allows you to speak and participate with others greater.

Moviemakers who use this recipe make certain that every person in their film has at least one emotional scar to go with.

Lastly, Rogen and Goldberg thought the usage of marijuana made the creativity inside them come out. They were too knowledgeable about the weed that they consumed different species for different conditions. For example, for inventing and writing, they used the species named Jack Herer.

Chapter 7 – Being inventive necessitates you to live your life and embrace anxiety and disturbance.

Did you experience an increase in your skill to do business right after a vacation? This happens widely and it is not only about taking a break and rest. It is also about encountering new and motivating things.

Therefore, to be inventive, you should live your life. Look at the comedian Whitney Cummings, who penned the impactful TV series, 2 Broke Girls. For ages, she combatted self-suspicion, low self-respect, and postponement. She was so disturbed by these issues that she believed that she could only be funny by joking about herself.

Ultimately, she discovered that she required more time for herself to live, which was meaningful because as a work addict, she just was not living her life. Before this transformation, her comedy was in a self-repeating loop. But with the transformation, both she and her comedy prospered, carrying her fun to another level.

Therefore, live your life, this is the main thing. However, life is not only about cheer and fun. That is the reason it is vital to embrace anxiety and disturbance in every probable way.

For a greater understanding, look at the sociologist and public talker Brené Brown. She tells that dividing people into two categories as bold heroes and fearful ones is completely wrong. The majority of people are fearful and bold at the same time. According to her, true bravery is sensing and resisting fright.

In other words, it is vital to look at anxiety and disturbance in the eye if the topic is race, homophobia, or global warming. Solutions to these problems cannot be found in comfort, we need to listen to different people with different foundations and take different views into account.

According to Brown, that was a great individual success to demonstrate her struggle with a TED talk at which she talked about her collapse and following spiritual revival. This speech spread to 31 million people, and Brown did not find it simple. Therefore, question yourself every day if you have stepped out of your comfort zone. Uneasiness is a certain cue of advancement.

Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers by Timothy Ferriss Book Review

There is no defined way to achieve and, although the path is distinct for everyone, you can still obtain motivation and learn from others who passed their ways before you do. Their tales of achievement will enhance your perspective, make you find your correct path, and push you not to give up whatever happens.

You should not be scared of bad ideas.

If you would like to actualize a dream and try to find out how to do it, do not constrain your ideas that you produce. By instantly cutting off bad ideas, you cannot find the exit. Rather, note down each idea that came to your mind, even the most savage and meaningless ones. When you turn back and read, you will possibly recognize that you have found some precious things.

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